29 May, 2020

I wanted to share my recent experience of using hypno-birthing during my labour.

I was due on the 27th of February and booked in for an induction for that day due to being told I was having a large baby, I had an induction with my first and had a fairly traumatic time due to having pre eclampsia. I started hypnobirthing with my second at around 26 weeks and it just made complete sense to me, and made me wonder how different my first could have been had I of tried it before.

Luckily the ward was too busy for my induction on the 27th so I was sent home, and booked in for the 29th at 10am. I went home and to relax and get the oxytocin flowing. The next day I spent quality time with my partner and daughter. At 4am on the 29th I woke up to sudden tightenings I wasn’t sure what it was to start or with, so I went to the bathroom but they kept coming. Needless to say it was labour so we made our way up to the hospital with contracts every 4-5 minutes.

I was meet by midwives who were changing shifts and they decided to give me some time to get something to eat and then would come to examine my progress. The tightenings were getting stronger but I was able to listen to my scripts and breath through them. When they came into check my progress I was 8cm and with in the hour pushing my boy into the world. The midwives commented on how in the zone and in tune with my body and breathing I was.

I honestly can’t believe how different this was to my first labour, and want to thank kora and blossoming touch who gave me so much support in the lead up to my birth! I can’t recommend her and the little birth companies programme enough ???? so thank you!

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Kora Lavarello-Monahan