Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to join your training?

Yes! The only requirement we have for joining our training is that you are passionate about supporting birthing people.

Can I spread the cost of training?

Absolutely, we have a range of payment plans to make it affordable.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! Should you wish to cancel your booking for Fast Track/Training Courses/Premium Courses you may do so within 7 days, as long as you have not been given access to any element of the training/materials. If access has been given to any element/materials within the 7 days then no refund will be possible.

Refunds are at the discretion of The Little Birth Company and must be submitted and received in writing within 7 days of payment. 

Please ensure you are fully informed and committed before making your purchase. 

How long does it take to complete training?

The training is delivered over a 3-4 month period. Each training Cohort will work through the training together, starting off with the self-study elements which lead onto attending the online live trainings. 

How long does the coursework take?

Following on from the welcome circle you will begin to receive access to the training modules. These are released at different times to enable you to ensure that you stay on track and have manageable amounts of work throughout the training. We would recommend that you dedicate 3hrs minimum to the training each week.

We encourage you to complete the self study modules and coursework by the time we come together for the Full Training Day.

Of course we know life can get in the way and we support everybody to complete the training course.

What are the ongoing costs?

On receiving your qualification, if you wish to purchase hard copies of the Client Manual these are £12 each. However, you receive unlimited downloads of the digital manual (PDF) and client MP3’s. 

Following qualification you will be required to set up your Membership Subscription of £10 per month, this will give you ongoing access to all of the teaching materials, MP3s, Client Resources, Instructor Community and support to grow your business.

All prices include VAT.

What support will I get to help set up my business?
A key benefit of joining The Little Birth Company is the access to ongoing support and community. The business builder sessions will support you with the initial stages but ongoing support and guidance can be found in the Instructor Community and from The LBC Team.
Is this a full time business?
This is really down to you, everyone is different. Some instructors teach Hypnobirthing alongside other commitments such as family and a ‘day’ job. For some they may teach Hypnobirthing and continue training in other related professions and create a full time income.
Can I teach around my day job?
Yes absolutely. Many instructors teach on evenings and weekends so it can fit in well with a day job.
What if there are other teachers in my area?

This is a great opportunity for you to team up and spread the word about Hypnobirthing. 

Do I have to attend all of the webinars?

You are required to attend the 3 live webinars as detailed below. Failure to attend any of the sessions will mean that you will need to transfer to the next available training space permitting, there is a £150 fee to do so.


      • The Welcome Circle
      • The Full Training Day
      • The Graduation
Is the course RCM accredited?

As of 2021 RCM Accreditation has suspended all accrediations across the board. 

Is there flexibility in teaching The Little Birth Company Programme?
Yes! This is really important to us and one of the key reasons that we created The Little Birth Company. You are encouraged to teach the course in a way that suits you and your clients, over how ever many sessions feel good. If you are qualified and insured in other related disciplines then you are very welcome to incorporate that knowledge into your classes.
How much do people charge clients?
This really does vary across the country. We can offer advice but ultimately what you charge for your classes is totally your decision.
Can I record my own MP3’s?
You are very welcome to record the MP3s in your own voice, we can support you with this.
Can I use my own materials alongside yours?
We have created a wonderful selection of materials that we are always improving and updating. So when you qualify you have everything available to you so you can start teaching straight away.

However we are very supportive of you developing materials that reflect you and your course. We ask that you ensure you deliver the Hypnobirthing information and that you fully credit The Little Birth Company.

How long do I have to complete coursework?

You will work through the training alongside your cohort and will have completed everything by the Live Graduation. If you any reason you have been unable to complete everything by then we will support you to complete it soon after. 

Do I need insurance as a Hypnobirthing Instructor?

Yes you will need to arrange Public indemnity/liability insurance. The cost varies between £50 & £150 per year.

Can I have my own branding?
Absolutely! This is your business, it needs to reflect you. We would encourage you strongly to develop your own branding, website and socials. We can of course support you with the above and will go into more detail during the Business Builder sessions. We simply ask that you pop The Little Birth Company logo somewhere on your website.


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