The Little Birth Company currently provides Hypnobirthing Instructor Training to midwives and allied professionals across maternity services within the NHS. We support a number of trusts on an ongoing basis to train their Midwives and if desired deliver hypnobirthing classes within their local communities. We offer bespoke training and programme delivery tailored to your service needs. We would be happy to have an informal chat to discuss how we can help you.

We offer both a  Introduction to Hypnobirthing Workshop priced at just £125 (Including VAT) per Midwife, based on a minimum of just 10 Midwives attending.  When you book for 10 Midiwives we will gift you one extra space for FREE. If your numbers are lower we are happy to chat and discuss alternative costings. 

We can also offer the full Hypnobirthing Teacher Training, costs available on enquiry.

Some Trusts that we work with offer the Hypnobirthing classes for free whilst other’s use it as an additional income for the unit. Once you have undertaken the training it is up to your Trust whether they actually offer Hypnobirthing Classes or if they simply but importantly want to ensure that the Midwives are trained to support Hypnobirthing families that access your service.

Proud winners of the Best Hypnobirthing Courses & Instructor Training Provider – UK by the Parent and Baby Awards 2021 & 2023 LUXlife



The Little Birth Company is delivered by founders Wendy Wood, a former NHS Midwife, and Melissa Maloney, a professional clinical Hypnotherapist.

Hypnobirthing supports any birth. The Little Birth Company programme focuses on preparing for a positive experience, wherever and however someone chooses to birth. Our course content encourages the building of positive relationships between pregnant families and caregivers, rather than building barriers.

We offer a comprehensive and inclusive programme that will equip your Maternity Services Team to both deliver a Complete Hypnobirthing and Birth Preparation Programme that supports all births and birthing people and also to ensure that the Midwives have a level of understanding that enables them to support pregnant families who have chosen Hypnobirthing to support their birth.

Our in-house training team will give you the confidence to deliver a course that considers cultural and LGBTQ+ diversity, with updated digital teaching materials that can be accessed remotely by your team and parents-to-be.





We have a range of options including bespoke packages and online remote learning to fit in with your service schedule. We would be very happy to chat about what would work for you.

The Training is delivered in simple steps:

1) Welcome Circle – Online Zoom (1hr30mins)

2) Self Study – Birth Hypnosis Foundations

3) Self Study – Training Videos

Self Study Coursework to be completed ahead of the Group Zoom Day.

4) Group Zoom Day (9.30am-4pm) – Becoming a Confident Teacher/Practice Day

If you would like to arrange a call with Wendy & Melissa to find out more then please contact us. 

“We received training with The Little Birth Company just prior to Covid restrictions. Our unit already provided other forms of hypnobirthing but we found that they were becoming out dated and were too restrictive in how they had to be delivered for the changing demographics of our service user’s needs. The service we have received from The Little Birth Company has been phenomenal from our first enquiry to the training day and following on from this with post training support and the support for the women that we are supporting. Both Wendy and Melissa who provided the training were warm and friendly and made the class relaxed. It was a very informative day and everyone left feeling confident and excited about being able to expand our hypnobirthing service within Ayrshire and Arran and being able to offer a service that would fit with the needs of the women and families of Ayrshire and Arran.

NHS Training day by The Little Birth Company

The new restrictions caused by Covid put a temporary halt to our progress with our hypnobirthing service. However we remained passionate about the need to supply this service and sought ways that this could be provided. In June 2020 we commenced providing online hypnobirthing classes within Ayrshire and Arran. As midwife hypnobirthers have increased in confidence in the use of the technology then the availability for the classes has increase and we have provided various length sessions based on needs that we would have been unable to provide with other forms of hypnobirthing. Out with this we are also able to provide 1:1 face to face sessions for women who are unable to attend on line. This flexibility has meant that we are able to provide hypnobirthing to a larger proportion of women. Previously we had a strict referral criteria for hypnobirthing however we have been able to relax this and in November 2020 we introduced “self-referral” for this service.

The feedback we have received from the women and families has been very positive and some women have preferred the class being online as it is easier to fit around family demands. “

Alexa Foster

Clinical Midwifery Manager Integrated Care and Perinatal Mental Health Lead – Ayrshire Maternity Unit


I wanted to thank you again for a fantastic training session last week! I had the honour of caring for a couple who were hypnobirthing yesterday and the course really helped me to support them.  I put the affirmations you sent up on the wall with twinkly lights, turned off the main lights and put a sign on the door saying “we are hypnobirthing, please keep the noice and interruptions to a minimum. Thank you”.

We even got the CTG reviewed from outside the room on the big screen in the handover room and doctors round was politely asked to be performed outside the room as all was normal. I stayed late to support through second stage and they had a beautiful delivery.

Thank you for giving me the tools and confidence to truly support this couple with thie birth wishes.

Keep doing what you are doing!


Midwife – The Royal Bershire Foundation Trust, Maternity Unit.


Thank you so much for facilitating the day, the staff really enjoyed the session.

The day was sensational. Wendy & Melissa were great at keeping us all engaged and bridging the gap between what we know and what is shared with women. It felt very open and we appreciated the way the facilitators were able to share the hypnobirthing techniques with us. Thank you also for the bag of goodies. We look forward to booking another course in the future.

Akeisha – Practice Development Midwife – Royal Berkshire NHS Trust, Maternity Unit