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Remote training that works around Mama Duties!


“I’ve just finished my Hypnobirthing Instructor Training with Melissa & Wendy at The Little Birth Company. Both are so lovely and so supportive on our journey to become Instructors. I’ll be forever gratful that the training could be do remotely at our own pace in our time as I have a little girl at home and could work around my Mama duties!

Thank you both so much for such an empowering training that’s really brought home the message of community within our Instructor group, rather than competition. Women supporting women and so much support. Thank you both so much x”

Becci Hadzi

Lucie Young Instructor The Little Birth Company
Jodie Gladish The Little Birth Company

Two amazing births to LBC Instructor…


“I feel so lucky to have discovered The Little Birth Company, Not only have I had two amazing births using the tools and techniques of The LBC Hypnobirthing Programme, I have also become an LBC Instructor.

The ongoing support from Wendy and Melissa is second to none, and the sense of community with the other instructors is fantastic. It’s a wonderful community to be part of.”

Lotty Robbins

More than just a training course…


“The Little Birth Company offers so much more than training. You also get support and feel part of a community. In addition to the instructor training you also get the opportunity to expand your skills and enhance your business.”

Chelsea Beckford-Procyk

Chelsea - Cultural Competence & Anti-Racism Peer Educator
Kirsty Adam Kando The Little Birth Company Instructor

on going support has actually been phenomenal..


“I found the LBC training very comprehensive with clear presentation, easy to use, fabulous resources and all delivered in a fun and inspiring way. Wendy and Melissa make a wonderful team and really have a wealth of knowledge between them. They both have their different areas of expertise that compliment each other very well. The instructors area on the website is very user friendly and has everything we need to get going with our teaching. All the resources have been very well used and I particularly like how the presentations are flexible so if you think a couple need more information on a particular subject area you can easily add in a slide to the presentation with useful information catered to their needs.

The on going support has actually been phenomenal, all the instructors have been super supportive and the LBC team is always there to answer any questions whether big or small about anything at all.”

Kirsty Adam-Kando

Their expertise shines through..


“Wow! I truly enjoyed this training. You could feel the passion both Melissa and Wendy share. Their expertise shines through and empowered and educated me at the same time. Both are very generous teachers and I especially appreciated how they encouraged us to put our own spin on the information when presenting it, in finding that is very helpful in getting to a place where I feel confident about what I’m sharing. I felt held in a way I haven’t in other trainings and I truly appreciate it.

Top notch. I not only feel the support from my instructor community, but it’s amazing to feel the personal support from Melissa and Wendy. They are stars! Dawn and Hannah have also been great, in my few interactions with them. I feel very lucky to joined this community, although I know it was also down to my prior research too :)”

Sara Friend

Sara Friend Instructor - the Little Birth Company
Hayley Allen The Little Birth Company Instructor

Informative and friendly..


“it was relaxed, informative and friendly. It’s fab. There is always someone willing to offer advice or support.”

Hayley Allen

The instructor community is phenomenal..


“I decided to become a hypnobirthing instructor straight after I had my first baby in March of this year, following an extremely positive “hypnobirth”. After some research, I really liked the sound of the LBC and their ethos, and after a chat with Melissa, absolutely knew that this was for me. The training sessions were a bit intimidating at first, as everyone there except me seemed to have some sort of involvement in the birth world. However, I was made to feel comfortable quite quickly. The training itself was extremely informative and thorough, the delivery was great and interactive, the atmosphere was relaxed and informal. I especially liked the fact that the number of participants were small enough to get to know individually and build relationships with. It also meant that everyone was able to participate and give input. We were taught not only how to deliver the programme but also about the practicalities of running a business. Melissa and Wendy are so approachable and have a genuine interest in helping all the instructors succeed and as one of the participants mentioned at the training, it is so exciting to be part of the LBC at the start of something that will one day be quite big!

The ongoing support is incredible. We all have access to Wendy and Melissa despite their busy schedules. The culture they encourage in the instructor community is phenomenal and all the instructors support each other with love and respect.”

Mihiri de Silva

Mihiri de Silva Instructor
Helen Johnson  Instructor The Little Birth Company

Easy and logical course material..

“I really enjoyed training with Wendy and Melissa. The course content was easy to understand and work through, and they were full of encouragement and support before, during and after completion of the Hypnobirthing Trainer course. Looking forward to completing some more training with them soon.”

Doreen Munroe

Great that it was detailed..


“I think it’s great that it was detailed and you went through the lesson with us. It helps to feel prepared when staying out and having the resources makes that possible. The videos are helpful and having Hannah there paying about Instagram is so beneficial as so much is done online now… And I’m a novice! I do need more help though I think, with getting clients and followers on social media to boost likelihood of clients and am not sure how to go about that. I’ve emailed a local midwife but had no response so am struggling to get interest in the local area.”

Ammarah Suleman

Ammarah Suleman The Little Birth Company Trainee
Helen Johnson  Instructor The Little Birth Company

Refreshing, engaging, supportive..

“I loved it. It was refreshing, engaging, supportive. I’m not a great interactor in the group. Not by not wanting to just more of a read and reflect. I always find when I do everyone is supportive. Wendy and Melissa have always been brilliant at supporting everyone, in every way, whether understanding, being tactful! Or sharing and trying to meet our needs with new ideas or training.”

Helen Johnson

BEST DECISION I’ve ever made!


“I am so glad I chose to train with the LBC, I loved every minute of the training and the ongoing support has already been amazing and I’m only just stating out.

Thank you Wendy and Melissa, its the best decision I’ve ever made!”

Lauren Broadis

Ammarah Suleman The Little Birth Company Trainee
Kate Rixon



“Wendy and Melissa are super supportive, and it’s fantastic to have access to a great community. I really enjoy being an LBC Instructor!”

Katie Yorath

Proud to be now using these skills to help women..


“I trained as a hypnobirthing instructor with the LBC and am proud to be now using these skills to help women and partners prepare for their birth. The LBC team continue to provide ongoing support and advice and as a midwife I use these additional skills I have learnt not only in my own training but in my work life too. The LBC programme is comprehensive and can be tailored to meet individual needs and is recognized in the NHS trusts. This helped me to decide to train with them and I am so glad that I did..”

Gaynor Morrison

Gaynor Morrison
Klara Hallenius

Hypnobirthing has become the perfect compliment to my work..


“In depth training with instructors that really care. I had no prior experience with hypnobirthing before starting my training to become an instructor. Everything I could possibly need to know was covered. Wendy,Melissa and Dawn have all been quick to respond when I’ve needed guidance. So glad I took this step. Hypnobirthing has become the perfect compliment to my work as a doula!”

Klara Hallenius

The LBC don’t pitch midwives as the ‘enemy’….


“I chose to train as a hypnobirthing instructor with The Little Birth Company because they were recommended to me by a fellow midwife. I love that The LBC don’t pitch midwives as the ‘enemy’ in the birth room. The course was the perfect balance of hypnosis, birth physiology, and of course discussion.

Wendy and Melissa make a great tea with so much valuable knowledge, especially with business support where I was completely clueless before joining this community. I would strongly recommend The LBC for midwives looking fo a supportive and kind community of instructors, fantastic business support (practical and emotional!), and for really lovely, inclusive, positive, and realistic content. Thanks for everything.”

Faye Natalie Riley-Joyce

Hannah Gerken - social media lead at The Little Birth Company
Claire Grant

Having the support of other professional birth workers has been incredible..


“The instructor training was very informative and the ongoing support so far has been very helpful. The opportunity to carry on learning and having the support of other professional birth workers has been incredible. Wendy and Melissa work together really well to deliver a good overall course for budding hypnobirthing instructors.”

Claire Grant

I felt completely confident..


“I’m so glad I chose the LBC to train as a Hypnobirthing instructor, the course was well delivered and so thorough, I felt completely confident when I came to teaching my case study. The ongoing support after that they offer is amazing, it’s a fantastic community and I’m so pleased that I’m in the Little Birth Company tribe. So supportive and full of encouragement and positivity. Thank you. Bex xx”

Bex Wehrli

Bex Wehrli
Claire Grant

The support and community you have access to truly sets the LBc apart..


 “I am so so grateful to have found The Little Birth Company! Wendy and Melissa were brilliant during the course: clear, knowledgeable, flexible and fun.

And the support and community you have access to after the course truly sets the LBC apart. Starting a new business can be quite intimidating but those ladies have got your back, the whole community of instructors is brilliant and all the tools you need to succeed are set up and available for you at any point.

100% the best decision I made for my business!”

Elena Paparello

The training was so comprehensive.


“I’m delighted I chose to train with The Little Birth Company. Even though training was online, my cohort quickly got to know each other and it felt so comfortable. Wendy and Melissa are so welcoming and put us at ease from our first call. The training was so comprehensive. Not only did we learn about the courses but also the business side too.

I felt completely ready to get going when I had completed my training. The ongoing support from Wendy and Melissa and all The LBC instructors has been fantastic. There is always someone to answer your question or just give you some encouragement.”

Linzi Glen

Bex Wehrli
Claire Grant

The course is amazing!


“Couldn’t recommend The Little Birth Company enough. Wendy and Melissa are a pleasure to deal with; so professional, friendly and helpful. The course is amazing. Have thoroughly enjoyed my experience!”

Laura Cotter

five stars.


“The Hypnobirthing training provided by The Little Birth Company was so enjoyable, a really well put together course. The support from Wendy and Melissa was amazing, such friendly, approachable and knowledgeable ladies with a huge passion for what they do. I would highly recommend this training to anyone.”

Laura Van Niekerk

Bex Wehrli

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