21 Jun, 2019

Day 10 of no arrival.. feeling like it was never going to happen and would be induced on Easter Sunday so I had my mind set on that date!
Thursday evening watching game of thrones???? bouncing on my ball.. went to bed as normal.
I started waking a few times needing the toilet and felt the odd period pain but thought nothing of it. 2.45am my body woke me up so quick, forced me out of bed to get to the toilet, as I stepped in the bathroom the biggest gush ever!!! I was like what have I just wet myself!?! Turned the light on and it was my waters but the waters was a yellow/brown colour so I knew straight away baby poo’d in me. I stayed calm and was so bloody excited thinking my baby could be on the way! Woke calum and he was as calm as ever and rang the hospital they said to come in. I had a quick shower and got myself ready and we headed to the hospital with high hopes of coming home with our baby. Midwife and doctor checked over my waters, I got transferred to labour ward as the poo was at a high risk so straight to be monitored to check baby was okay.
Midwife told me the good news was I wouldn’t be leaving here without baby but then was told I was un able to have a water birth as they needed to monitor baby till he arrived. I started to worry and get upset not being able to have a water birth. 6am come round quicker than ever and I was put on the drip to speed labour up as baby was getting a little un happy. 7am come and contractions started coming fast and painful!! Calum was so calm and kept me relaxed and positive minded that we was going to do it. The midwife said to me ‘I’m going to honest with you the drip is a lot more painful so if you want any other drugs then do what you feel comfortable with’ to me I was actually happy she said it and didn’t fake it to me because it gave me time to set myself up and stay calm which I totally did and can say I rocked labour and would do it again!
Calum was counting me in and keeping me in the zone the whole time. I screamed out once and didn’t do it again as it took so much energy out of me!! Back in the zone and pushing started honestly I’ve never felt pain like it but I told myself I can do it and I will!!
Midwife was amazing the support and positive vibes she showed me really got me through it. We was getting to the stage where I was totally drained and his head kept going back in . Contractions were around 8 in 10 minutes and felt like I couldn’t keep up!!
Midwife told me we need to get baby out now as he was getting more stressed out I kept pushing and felt like nothing was happening.. she told me I know you can do it and said I’m going to give you 2 more pushes and if baby isint out I’m going to need to cut you I thought no way!! And in those 2 pushes our little bundle of joy arrived at 10.22am
Calum crying holding my face saying we’ve got a beautiful baby boy you did it I’m so proud of you has to be the best words I’ve ever heard. The midwife said to me my god how did you do that on just gas and air you super mum!!
I felt so proud of myself and it honestly has to be all the breathing techniques, relaxing scripts and everything you taught me Azeeta!!
I cried writing this because it was the best experience of my life!!
Mums to be really need to be told how good labour can be and it isn’t as daunting as it’s made out to be.

Rachel and Calum did my 3 hour workshop and Rachel did lots of women only sessions and drop ins to keep in the zone. Amazing story!

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Christine Azeeta Nielsen


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