Why You NEED To Breathe...

We are not taking the mickey. This is important!

29 October, 2019

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Can You Fail At Hypnobirthing?

I didn't do it right, it didn't work for me...are these things that you can say about hypnobirthing?

05 October, 2019


Vaginal Examinations - A Must Have?

You are 4cm dilated, how can a person dilate?!

25 September, 2019


Asking Questions in Maternity Care

Lets get over the hierarchy we have created...your thoughts are just as valid as your doctor's or midwife's!

18 September, 2019


10 Tips for a Positive Induction

We have done positive caesarean, but what about induction? Another word that worries a lot of people...

11 September, 2019


10 Tips for a Positive Caesarean

We are on C of our facebook A-Z of Birth Preferences, of course it is Caesarean!

04 September, 2019


The Birth Plan Saga: Our Take

There has been a lot floating around on social media recently about the purpose of birth plans, are they a good idea?

18 August, 2019


Hypnobirthing Isn't For Me...

Isn't it? Why do we hear so many people saying that it just isn't something they are interested in?

14 August, 2019


Epidurals: All You Need To Know

Epidurals are widely spoken about, but do you know what they involve?

07 August, 2019

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Using Social Media for a Positive Birth Experience

It is all we can think about nowadays, so how can we make the most of it, for birth?

24 July, 2019


Stages of Labour: The Placenta – what, when, where, how?

Labour doesn't stop as soon as your baby is born...what about the placenta?

17 July, 2019


Stages of Labour: The ‘Pushing’ Part? - What, When, Where, How?

When describing what the second stage of labour is, one of the easiest ways to keep it in someone’s memory is to tell them it is the part where the ‘pushing’ bit happens.

08 July, 2019

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Stages of Labour: The Active Phase – What, When, Where, How?

Last week, we spoke about the latent phase of labour. The sometimes long, early part, where you may not know if you are coming or going! Once you have progressed from this stage, you enter the active part, there is no going back now, your baby is ready to be born!

01 July, 2019

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Stages of Labour: The Latent Phase – What, When, Where, How?

Latent or early labour has the potential to be a stressful time, if you do not know what is going on. Fear not, we are going to answer all your burning questions about this stage of your labour. 

25 June, 2019


Eating in Labour: What’s on the Menu?

Historically, eating in labour was a no go. This originated in the 1940’s, when women were given anaesthetics such as Chloroform or ‘Twilight Sleep’ (causing unconsciousness and limited to no memory of birth).

18 June, 2019


The Pain of Labour

The most frequently used word to describe labour is probably pain. It comes up in every single hypnobirthing class that is taught, every media depiction of birth and is plastered all over the news.

10 June, 2019

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Hugs Before Drugs: Top Tips for Getting Labour Back on Track

Last week, we spoke about the most common reasons that labour slows down and rarely is it because something is physically ‘wrong’.

03 June, 2019


‘Failure to Progress’: 5 Reasons Labour Slows Down

One of the biggest reasons for intervention during childbirth is this awfully phrased ‘failure to progress’ or to put it more kindly, your labour has slowed down.

28 May, 2019


Are you giving hypnobirthing the attention it deserves? 

Are you giving hypnobirthing the attention it deserves? I must admit, when I first heard the word ‘hypnobirthing’ many things popped into my mind...

21 May, 2019


Induction? Nooooo don’t do it!

So this week in The Little Birth Company Community we have been talking about place of birth, home, MLU or…

05 December, 2018


Happy 9th Birthday Charlie

So 9yrs ago tomorrow at 11.47am the most incredible life changing moment happened, I became a Mummy. Giving birth to…

04 December, 2018


The Fear of Losing Control

So many of the awesome women we get to support in The LBC share this same concern, this same fear. LOSING CONTROL. I think as a generation of women who in general have so much more control over their lives, over relationships, work, a career, finances. what we do and when we do it

03 December, 2018


Blooming Marvellous

Ok so in my spare time, I have another passion, yep birth will always be my number 1, apart…

03 April, 2018


When your birth doesn’t go to plan.

So many times I have chatted to women after their birth and we have had a conversation about the birth...

24 March, 2018


Hypnobirthing! Just a bit to ‘Woo’?

Hypnobirthing! Maybe you have a friend or relative that raves about hypnobirthing and how it helped her to stay…

06 March, 2018