The Positive Caesarean Workshop for Parents

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Having a Caesarean Birth can be a hugely positive experience, there are so many choices that you can make to ensure that you feel a part of the experience.

You will  learn how you can plan for a gentle and positive caesarean birth in this 3hr Workshop.

This workshop is here to support a woman and her birth partner in planning for a positive elective caesarean birth. 

Whether you have already attended a Hypnobirthing course and you were planning to birth vaginally but your circumstances have now changed or you are electing to have a caesarean birth for personal choice or a medical reason this workshop is for you.

It may feel like you no longer have any options for your birth if you are planning an elective caesarean birth. We are here to tell you this just isn’t the case.

 There are still many things for you to consider and many steps you can take to prepare for a positive caesarean birth experience.

 During this workshop we will look at exactly what you can expect during the caesarean birth, how to prepare and how to support  recovery afterwards.

What will you learn:


Upcoming The Positive Caesarean Workshop for Parents classes

Image hypnobirthing with BabyBien - L.jpg of Class The Positive Caesarean Workshop @ BabyBien
The Positive Caesarean Workshop @ BabyBien

Carshalton, Friday 13th March, 9.30am-12.30pm

Friday, 13 March 2020

Starts 09:30

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The Positive Caesarean Workshop for Parents


Sunday, 19 April 2020

Starts 10:00


Instructor Kate  Allam

Kate Allam

Email: kate@babybien.co.uk

Telephone: 07715105729

Mobile: 07715105729

Website: www.babybien.co.uk

Address: Carshalton, Sutton, Wallington, Cheam, Epsom, Purley, Croydon & surrounding areas in Surrey & South London

Instructor Sarah  Collison

Sarah Collison

Email: sarah.happybirths@gmail.com

Telephone: 07740 349946

Mobile: 07740 349946

Website: www.happybirths.net

Address: Reading, Henley, Newbury, Windsor, Maidenhead, Oxford, Basingstoke, Berkshire, South Oxfordshire, North Hampshire