Home Birth

6 Jun, 2021

All started Friday 1/11 was having surges on and off every hour or so but still able to sleep, eat and carry on as normal, midwife on 2/11 at home in the morning, offered me a sweep which I accepted as I was fed up ? not a lot happened after that and it was raining all day so didn’t want to go out for a walk… 11pm the rain stopped so me and the hubby decided to walk to the park and go on the swings to try and swing her out ? whilst there the hubby slipped over which gave me the biggest fits of giggles over an hour of laughing which changed things… surges now 30 minutes apart but still able to carry on… went to bed and got up at 8am… surges still 30 minutes apart but stronger, put on my tens machine and then realised that our kettle was broken ? trip to Tesco’s at 1.45 pm to buy a new one and things changed completely whilst in tescos every 10/15 minutes apart now but still only using tens and not needing the boost button.. got home and put some Elton John music on and danced in the kitchen, staying upright the whole time.. surges got more intense and I was having to use the boost button at 5.40pm everything changed and I was sweating through the surges phoned the hospital ( it took ages to get through) and my lovely midwife Emily turned up at 6.15pm… I found it very difficult to lay on my back for ve so it wasn’t done until 7.10pm to everyone’s (including mine) shock and surprise I was 8/9cm already just using a tens machine, my breathing and squeezing a comb…. I felt her move down and was told if I wanted to get in the pool it needed to be asap.. hubby tried to take my tens machine off and electrocuted himself which gave us all the fits of giggles again… got into the pool with gas and air at 7.18pm and our little Sophia was born at 7.33pm with just 2 surges……

It was the most amazing beautiful experience I have ever had, just listening to my body and being in control… the icing on the cake was our home security cameras caught the whole thing so I am able to watch it back (and cry every time ?)

For anyone thinking about home birth .. do it!!! That and hypno birthing.. it’s bittersweet because she’s our last but what an amazing high for me and the hubby who was incredible and agrees that it was the most involved he’s ever felt in a birth and the calmest experience he’s ever had ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Helen Johnson

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