How to fit in training to be a Hypnobirthing Teacher when life is already busy!

3 Jul, 2023

Maybe the fear of how you will balance studying to become a Hypnobirthing Teacher alongside all of your other commitments including family, maybe you have a day job or already run a business has been stopping you from following your dreams! Life can get busy and sometimes its hard to imagine how we can possible fit in anything else!

We get it! We (Wendy & Melissa) are both ‘busy’ mums, both expert in running businesses alongside all of the other commitments we have.

Thats why we have created a training course that is going to be manageable and fit in with your already busy life.

You are going to LOVE carving out pockets of time to immerse yourself in the learning. But it’s all done in a very manageable way, you’ll have the support of us, and the rest of your cohort.

Here are our Top Tips to balance your training and ensure you get the most out of it whilst spinning the rest of those plates!

1. Make a plan – 100%! It’s a bit like birth really, let’s plan for the best and know that the support is there if life gets in the way! Get yourself a notepad and plan out the learning. We will be sending you timely emails and communicating with you the help and support to keep you on track. Each week take a look at what pockets of time you have. We recommend a total of 2-3hrs learning a week, but trust me you are going to LOVE the learning plus you don’t have to do it all in one chunk. 10, 15, 20 minutes fit the learning into your life. Also cut yourself some slack if your best laid studying plans go out of the window one week, life happens. Just take a breath and get back to it.

2. Call in help – tell those around you what you are doinga nd call in their support whatever that might look like for you.

3. Fill your cup – Whatever this looks like to you and yep we know it’s easy to say. Take a walk, read a book, meet up woth a friend for a cuppa, sit in your garden, do a yoga class. Do what is right for you.

4. Be kind to yourself. The end.

5. Use us! This is what we do! Both of us have built mutiple successful businesses alongside and intertwined with all of the other elements of our lives. We love to support you to build a business that brings you freedom, joy and connection. We are here not just for the training, we are in it with you for the long game.

6. Celebrate yourself! Every damn day. Each bit of coursework completed, each new bit of learning, each step taken, each act of bravery stepping outside your comfort zone. We will be shouting the loudest for you 🙂

If you would love to chat to myself and Melissa about training with us, just reach out at or join our next Become an Instructor Call, dates are here.


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