Hypnobirthing Classes: Online or In Person?

Over the last few years there has been an increase in the ease of access to really great antenatal education and in particular to Hypnobirthing.

As a birth worker this is music to my ears! More women and birth partners informing themselves and getting prepared for birth.

But what I often get asked is should I do an online course or an in person course.

At The LBC we actually made the decision to close our online course.

Yes we want Hynobirthing to be accessible to all those that want it, yes we need it to be affordable but what we don't want to lose is the incredible benefit for a women and her birth partner in that support and connection that is made in a face to face course.

In my experience (and this is just my opinion) there a juts a few of the benefits of an in person course:

Many of our awesome innstructors, myself included more often than not stay in touch with couples following the course. It is not uncommon for the odd curve ball to be thrown during pregnancy and having your trusted and knowledgable instructor available to chat with you and offer signposting and support can be such a huge help.

I also know on a personal level that I find it so much easier to learn and engage in face to face learning rather than on an online course, of course we are all different, but for me nothing can replace face to face.

Wendy x 

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