The Birth Environment

When planning your birth - it is SO important to identify where you feel most relaxed to then consider which birthing venue will suit your needs best; home // birth centre // midwifery led unit // labour ward. 

Creating a calm and relaxed birthing environment will ensure your birthing hormones can flow and do their job. 

So how can you adapt your time environment to optimise the role your birthing hormones?


 Blackout Blinds
 Low, twinkly lighting - fairy lights!! 💡 
 LED tea light candles 🕯 
 Pillow and cosy blanket from home (if in hospital) - warm shoulders stimulate oxytocin release 🤗
 Quiet, limited talking, minimal disturbances 🤫
 Pictures/photos that make you smile nearby 😊 
 Listening/reading your Positive Birth Affirmations 🥰
 Listening to your Hypnobirthing tracks 😌
 Listening to your Birth Playlist 🎶 
 Massage 💆‍♀️ 
 Relaxing in warm pool/bath💧 
 Your favourite snacks and water/juice nearby 🤤

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