The Power of a Birth Plan

The Power of a Birth Plan, isn't the actual Plan.  It is the process of becoming educated about all your options.

This is so important to know! Many people believe that a birth plan is WORD .... that if birth doesn't happen as laid out in the birth plan then the woman has somehow 'failed' and the birth plan 'failed'.

The wonderful thing about a birth plan is in creating one you become infomred, you learn about choices and options and they are in fact ALL YOURS to make.

Nothing is set in stone, if you indicate in your birth plan that you would like to birth in water but change your mind during labour and decide to birth on a birthing stool or on all fours over a birthing ball then that's totally fine.

Imagine it a bit like a shopping list for the supermarket, you think in advance what you would like, maybe you have a look online to help you decide, you go to the shop and gues what you decide you want Granary instead of brown bread, or mabe they have run out of Strawberry Yogurt do you decide on Vanilla instead. 

Its all fine, you can change your mind and adapt at any point but the key is you knew the options, you made the decisions and you were supported in your choices.

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