What is Oxytocin?

“What is Oxytocin”, you say?
Oxytocin is one of your key birthing hormones that plays a vital role in regulating labour and birth.⠀
It’s often known as the “hormone of love” 💕 ⠀
It makes us feel allllll warm and fuzzy and triggers nurturing feelings and behaviours 🥰 ⠀
Oxytocin stimulates powerful surges/contractions that help to thin and open your cervix, allowing your baby to move down and out of the birth canal.⠀
However, oxytocin is a “shy” hormone and requires a specific environment for it to flow and do it’s job 
Low levels of oxytocin during labour and birth can cause complications by causing your surges to slow or stop  🛑 therefore making your labour loooonger. Low levels can also result in increased bleeding at the placental site following birth. Therefore, low levels will result in healthcare providers potentially responding with interventions. ⠀
So how can you promote your body’s production of this lovelyyyy hormone? 🥰
 Staying calm, comfortable and confident, avoiding disturbances, low lighting and reduced conversation, staying upright and using gravity to ease your baby’s journey and breastfeeding after birth 🤱 


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