Why do we use visualisations during breathing?

Practising breathing techniques during your pregnancy is so so important! 

So many women feel fear during birth, this is something we talk about alot in the Hypnobirthing course. With fear comes tension which results in pain, and so we have The Fear, Tension & Pain Cycle 🔄

If stuck in this cycle, your amazing birth hormones are not able to flow and do their job 
You are aiming to continue breathing through your contractions/surges at a natural, relaxing pace ....  releasing all tension and worries 💕

However when fear kicks in its pretty common to tense up and hold our breath, this can so easily then lead to increaded discomfort and yep pain!

So visualisations are a wonderful way of keeping focused on our breath, we focus on the visualisation the whole way through the surge, the visualisation guides us to keep breathing, to stay relaxed and calm.

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