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I decided to train in hypnobirthing with The Little Birth Company in the leadup to having my daughter. I have been supporting pregnant patients for the past 10 years in my acupuncture practice and I have always wanted to incorporate hypnobirthing into my skillset so and I decided to do my training in the lead up to my own pregnancy so I could put it to practice!

I gave birth to my daughter in July 2020 a few months into the pandemic and initially had many fears surrounding the pregnancy. I felt so fortunate to have been doing the hypnobirthing training alongside preparing for my own birth as it helped me tremendously prepare mentally and stay calm. I must say that my birth was by no means “perfect”, is there ever a perfect birth? There were a few twists and turns however I felt this was when the hypnobirthing really helped me at the most challenging points.

In my practice I have always been fascinated by the role emotions have to play in pregnancy and the importance of addressing an individual’s state of mind when approaching childbirth. Acupuncture has helped me support women in calming their system, taking them out of a fight or flight mode into a relaxed sense of calm. I feel this ties in perfectly with the hypnobirthing philosophy which utilises the power of the mind, incorporating tools and techniques to cope with childbirth.

In the training I offer to couples I will teach breathing techniques, visualisations and fear release techniques, along with building a mother and their birthing partners confidence to make informed choices, assisting them in a positive birth experience.

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