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I’m Tracy the face & brains behind  Positive Birth Vibes Midwife & now known as “Bumps 2 babies & beyond” ☺️

I have an amazing partner called stuart who supports me with everything! So between us we have 3 businesses (2 mine, 1 his) & I also work for the NHS as a Midwife ??‍♀️??

I have 5 children of my own (older ones)

& have become legal guardian to a nearly 2 year old ?. So endless experience both as a mother and professionally.

When I had my children years ago I didn’t get any support from professionals or groups! I Had to learn as I went along with family support. I had terrible experiences with my births & that’s why I feel so passionate about supporting families through pregnancy, birth & in the early days at home now. I understand what it’s like to have no support, guidance or information. I also had many times where I felt sad, exhausted, desperate & alone.

I am determined to put my heart & soul into my businesses to support those who need it so they have a totally different experience than I had. Nowadays there are so many services, groups, online activities.

Research has hightlighted so much evidence on reducing Maternal & Child Mental Health by using mindfulness, exercise & being outside with nature ; much more.

I have worked for a local NHS trust for over 20 years now. I am currently a practising community midwife. Previous to becoming a midwife I was a maternity support worker.

I also practice as a ?

✔️Baby Massage Instructor

✔️Infant Feeding specialist

✔️Tongue Tie practitioner

✔️ Postnatal Practitioner

✔️ Hypnobirthing Instructor

✔️ Pregnancy Relaxation

✔️ Birth Doula ( not practising due to my current role as a midwife )

I wanted to pop on today to say thank you to all of you who follow my business. I can’t tell how much it fills my heart with love. I am so passionate about pregnancy, birth & the fourth trimester. I will put everything I can into this business to support all those pregnant women & new parents who need me.

Since I have been practising I’ve come to realise that there is so much more that parents need. It’s not just about the “professional structure care” !! It’s about support, guidance, connection, bonding & so so much more.

I just wanted to say “IM HERE” My inbox is always open! I am happy to chat on the phone, text ,whatsapp, messenger, zoom ! Whatever suits you!!

I want to build a growing community of love, support, non judgmental, nurture & connection.

There are lots of courses, workshops for you to choose from however if You need anything specific, 121, private! Then please message me. I am very flexible & can create to your needs ?

Much Love Tracy ?

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