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Claire Barraud

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Address: Haslemere, Guildford, Farnham, Alton, Cranleigh, Petersfield

My name is Claire and I have been a midwife for 17 years.

During those years I predominantly worked in the Midwife Led unit at the local hospital and loved being 'with woman'.

I was also a Doula and ran my own doula company for 3 years as well as training to do shiatsu in pregnancy.

I discovered HypnoBirthing when i was pregnant with my first daughter 13 years ago. At the time no one really knew anything about it, but I did the practice and went on to have the most amazing birth! When I say 'I had an amazing birth' people presume it was very natural and calm and in a pool.

My birth could not have been further from that (drugs, doctors, instrumental birth etc) but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! It was then I started to question what was Hypnobirthing's ethos at the time. It was very very pro 'natural, drug free' labour.

I COULDN'T have that kind of birth, my baby dictated otherwise, but I still had a very positive birth experience. I loved the techniques I learnt BUT NOT THE ETHOS OF HYPNOBIRTHING AT THAT TIME.

Thank goodness it has now changed! I have gone onto have 2 more Hypno babies, both completely different experiences, both incredible.

My focus for the last 6 years has been on antenatal education and promoting positive mental health in pregnancy. I trained to be a HypnoBirthing instructor over 4 years ago and now run a whole host of antenatal classes both through the NHS and privately.

My ethos is about POSITIVE birth, not natural/normal, and my specialist area's have become helping women who know they will be having a more complex birth experience (C section, Twins, Induction) utilise Hypnobirthing techniques that's relevant to their situation. I have also run Fear Release classes for over 6 years and now have a specialist interest in birth trauma, both prevention and treatment, and am currently undertaking my Birth Trauma Counselling training.

I am very excited to have finally found 'The Little Birth Company' as they share my ethos on birth. 'I don't care how or where you choose to give birth, but I do care about how supported and empowered you feel during it'.

Contact me now if you would like more information on my classes.

Claire x

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