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Address: Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

Hi! I’m Emma. Mother of three, former Midwife, now practicing as a Doula and Hypnobirthing Instructor.
In 2011, after completing my family, I was still drawn to everything birth and as I was no longer practicing as a midwife, I trained with Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers as a Doula.
I feel so very privileged to be in a profession that allows me to be involved in such a sacred part of life!
Birth is my passion! 
I was fortunate to learn Hypnobirthing with my third pregnancy and I wish I had known about it 20 years ago!
Hypnobirthing has shown me that whatever the outcome of birth you can feel totally positive! It teaches skills for life not just for birth!
I believe it is slowly transforming birth as we know it! I am dedicated to preparing people for the best possible birth experience using the amazing programme by The Little Birth Company.
I am offering 1:1 and group classes. I also offer an express workshop, a positive caesarean workshop and I also teach weekly pregnancy relaxation classes.
I teach in my home or travel to yours!
If you would like to hear more about what is on offer follow me on the links below! Looking forward to hearing from you!
Emma x

Testimonials about Emma Cornish

20.01.2020 Amy Major

We really cannot thank you enough for the support of your wonderful course. I truly feel that you equipped us with so much knowledge and choices in the run up to Claudia's arrival. We could not have predicted CTG monitoring, stirrups and a midwife shouting PUSH in my ear, but it was in so many ways very positive. You were so easy to talk to and made us feel so welcome in your lovely home. Thank you for everything and wishing you all the best for your business and your lovely family.

05.01.2020 Mrs V Neighbour

Why I chose hypnobirthing
I have always had a deep-rooted fear of pregnancy and childbirth, no doubt fostered through some of the negative stories I had been exposed to as a child and in the years since. I also manage a phobia of vomiting; my sister suffered from dreadful morning sickness, so I was really concerned I would be the same (I wasn’t - I wasted so much time worrying about something that didn’t happen!). The theory of hypnobirthing resonated with me; much of it seems similar to how you might approach a sporting event. I have run one marathon (never again!) and I used visualisation, positive mantras (“just keep running, just keep running” :) ) and breathing exercises to stay calm at the start of the run. I was also keen to learn as much as possible about the physiology of birth; I’m definitely one of those people that wants to know exactly what’s happening - forewarned is forearmed! I hate to not be in control (refer you back to the vomiting phobia!) and felt that hypnobithing could help me remain calm and focussed. In truth, part of me felt that anything that could help was worth a shot…! We chose Emma partly because she had been a midwife previously, so she was able to give us the detailed insight we were looking for. 
How hypnobirthing helped me
Emma and the Little Birth Company gave me the confidence and tools to approach birth positively. We had hoped to be able to have our baby at the Cotswold Birth Centre, party because I had dreaded the drive to the JR (it can take us over an hour and a half if the traffic is bad). This hope unravelled fairly rapidly at 41 weeks, when I was told I would need to be induced because I had indicators of pre-eclampsia. Emma had encouraged us to plan for this, so even as every one of my preferences (midwife-led unit, pool birth, no induction…) fell by the wayside, I was able to remain calm and focus on the elements that my husband and I could control. Using the techniques we had been taught, my husband and I were able to have a truly positive birth experience - despite it not looking anything like the birth I had hoped for. 

One of the biggest benefits of the Little Birth Company was that my husband felt actively involved in the preparation and process of birth. So much of pregnancy is mama-focussed (rightly so!), that partners can feel sidelined. Attending this course with my husband was something where we were both equally involved; his thoughts and fears were just as important as mine. We approached birth as a team and I think this was one of the main reasons it was such a positive experience for us both.

Emma was so much more than a hypnobirthing instructor; she genuinely cared and even spent 45 minutes on the phone chatting through our induction options the evening before I was admitted. I cannot recommend her enough; she became an integral part of our birth preparation and we are so glad that we found her.

11.12.2019 Mrs B Walton

Emma looked after me throughout my pregnancy and was a fantastic support.
Emma has a serene and calm approach amongst a wealth of knowledge and experience. In brilliant hands with Emma and can’t recommend her highly enough!

10.12.2019 Mrs R Liu

The biggest fear for me with pregnancy was definitely the labour aspect . I have heard horror stories/ negative comments so I was keen to try and address my fears.

I had several people recommend Emma Cornish’s hypnobirthing course which led me to undertake the full course with her. I felt the course was extremely useful in helping to change my mindset with labour and taught me techiques I could use to help me cope during the time. In addition, I thought the relaxation classes on a Monday worked well alongside the course to reinforce the positive mindset and keep me feeling chilled.

I actually ended up having an emergency c section, however I was still able to use all the techniques taught to me to help keep me calm and making the experience a positive one!

Emma is brilliant, so calm and kind, I felt very comfortable around her. I am so very glad to have done the course and can honestly say by the end of the course I was not afraid of labour. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone with doubts about labour/birth!

04.12.2019 Mrs N Saul

I was recommended Emma's class by a friend of mine and can honestly say it was the best thing I did in my pregnancy.
This was my first baby and I had no idea what to expect. Emma welcomed my partner and I in to her home and taught us everything we needed to know about hypnobirthing, pregnancy and labour. I went from being a nervous wreck to a positive empowered woman and I was excited to give birth! My labour didn't go as planned but that didn't stop me from feeling in control and positive from start to finish, even through a few tears.
I spent a whole 9 sessions with Emma with the hypnobirthing class, followed by the breathing and relaxation classes. I was adamant I would give birth in Emma's front room as I felt so comfortable and supported by her. I'm sad I no longer can attend her classes but we are going to be over very soon for lots of little baby cuddles! xxx

28.11.2019 Mrs K Lockyer

I had the most wonderful experience with Emma and her relaxation classes whilst I was pregnant. They really soothed, relaxed and created a feeling of positivity. The classes were small and set in the warmth of Emma’s house. All this gave me confidence to birth my second baby. with a quick labour at Cotswold Birth Centre I was able to birth my baby my way with consistent positive mantras going through my mind. I would recommend these classes especially with Emma who has been supportive the entire way through. An added bonus is the hot drinks and biscuits whilst we have a chit chat at the end of each session. This is a class I already miss now I’ve had my little one. Thank you so much Emma Cornish it was wonderful and something I’ll always remember. Xx

10.11.2019 Mr L Fisher

My wife and I can’t recommend Emma enough to any expecting parents. We had plenty of ups and downs in our pregnancy, with many choices apparently ‘taken away’ from us but Emma’s coaching prepared us beyond anything we could have imagined. Thank you so much for being part of our journey Emma - Anna and I both love you loads! Say hello to Audrey Angela Fisher born 10/10/19, weighing 7lbs and 3oz xx


22.09.2019 Mrs N Bannister

I was recommended to Emma by our midwife at the Cotswold Birth Centre.
My husband and I weren’t sure what to expect but a Emma came highly recommended so we thought we would give it a go...
We are so glad we did. Emma gave us a new perspective and some excellent techniques for the “main event”.
I ended up having my 1st baby in the comfort of my own home (unplanned) and only a 5 hours labour and I truly believe this is down to the fact that I was able to relax myself enough using the hypnobirthing techniques Emma has taught us.
My husband and I highly recommend Emma.
(She also provides posh coffee and cookies!)


05.09.2019 Mrs E McGurk

I had heard about Hypnobirthing from a few friends but I had no idea how it would affect my outlook on pregnancy and labour. Emma was truly amazing throughout our journey. She was so kind and supportive and even though my labour was complicated (due to waters breaking early) I was able to keep calm and make rational decisions about what we wanted to happen. Protecting my space was a big focus during our sessions and Emma really helped us to work out what we wanted to have during labour and help us create a brilliant birth plan. If there is one thing I would now recommend to friends who are expecting it would be to go and see Emma and book into her amazing course.

Mrs E Jones 

06.03.2019 Mrs A Querelle

Emma was amazing at the birth if my 3rd child. I had 2 births that had needed intervention and was determined for that not to happen again. Emma listened and planned with me before hand and thanks to her I had the birth that I wanted. She was amazing and calm during labour and it was a great experience, I only wish she had been there for all 3 of them.

11.02.2019 Mrs Y Harrison

Emma played a hugely import role during the birth of my first son. Despite a difficult birth, Emma’s presence was undeniably reassuring. She has a wealth of knowledge, took amazing care of me, explained what was happening to my body and gave me the support I needed. In short, Emma is one in a million!


09.02.2019 Miss L Hathaway

Emma, helped my partner and I all throughout our pregnancy. She gave me invaluable advice and was the most supportive woman ever. I would highly recommend Emma to share a part in your pregnancy x

03.02.2019 Mrs P Payne

Emma was my doula for my second child, who is now 7. She was incredible! Calm, reassuring, patient, encouraging. I highly recommend her services. My son still has a special connection with her, he’s always been told that she was a special lady who helped mummy when he arrived and that she was there at the very start of his life. they share a lovely bond. Thank you so much Emma!

01.02.2019 Mrs L Twomey

Emma helped my son into the world 14 years ago, she was calm, cheerful and so encouraging. Her in depth knowledge was very reassuring, she had answers for all my questions and stopped my husband flapping! I would highly recommend her to anyone. Laura Twomey

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