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Nicole Lucy-Jones

Email: nicole@absolutemamma.com

Telephone: 07709800024

Mobile: 07709800024

Website: www.absolutemamma.com

Address: Chelmsford

Hey, I’m Nicole and I’m founder of Absolute Mamma. 
I’m a birth doula, NLP (neuro-linguistic) Practitioner and Nutrition Advisor. 

I totally understand that from the moment you fall pregnant this overwhelming sense of responsibility washes over you. You’re flooded with hormones and bodily changes you’ve perhaps never experienced before. In going through this you can only imagine what birth is going to be like, maybe relying upon your close friends and family for THEIR experience. 

Now this can be helpful, but can also be so very unhelpful at the same time. This is YOUR experience, your journey. 

Together with your birth partner I’ll guide you through hypnobirthing, in a safe space for you to explore and be the parents you want to be - starting with how you wish to bring your baby into the world. 

The aim is for you to leave feeling supported, empowered and looking forward to the birth of your baby. 

Let’s make for the most positive birthing experience possible. 

Absolute love, 

Nicole xx 

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