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Address: Reading, Henley, Newbury, Windsor, Maidenhead, Oxford, Basingstoke, Berkshire, South Oxfordshire, North Hampshire

The LBC's first ever Instructor of The Month, January 2020

Hi, I’m Sarah, mama to Noah who is now 4 (how did my baby get so big?!). Like many of us I felt rather anxious and in-the-dark about birth when pregnant, but completing a hypnobirthing course changed all that - I felt so prepared and confident in my body’s natural abilities I actually couldn’t wait for labour to start.

I really believed in the idea that each contraction (or ‘surge’) was a great positive step to being one step closer to meeting my baby – bring it on I thought! I experienced the most wonderful water birth at home, with my partner and supportive midwives involved to just the right degree.

I wished I could do the classes and give birth all over again!

So I’m doing something even better – I’m thrilled to have trained with the Little Birth Company and I love to share all the amazing techniques and knowledge with you too. Noah enjoys me reading his birth story to him now.

My passion is to empower you with information about your choices and a toolkit of relaxation skills to ensure your own experience is just as positive and personal, regardless of the twists and turns your baby’s birthing may take.

We live in Reading (Berkshire), and enjoy muddy canal walks, baking or visiting our favourite café for vegan treats, and building Lego!

Testimonials about Sarah Collison

05.07.2020 Danielle Milbank

I would highly recommend Sarah’s coaching. She has a deep knowledge of everything surrounding birth, and her understanding of clients’ needs makes her sessions reassuring, personal and practical. What I learnt in her sessions was incredibly valuable when the time came!

30.05.2020 Emma Bettes

Before we attended Sarah’s hypnobirthing workshop, my husband and I were both petrified of the idea of labour and birth. When we left sarah’s hypnobirthing workshop, we felt calm, knowledgeable, empowered and most importantly we felt EXCITED! Didn’t know it was possible to feel excited about the prospect of a tiny human exiting me 😆 the birth itself didn’t end up following the birth plan we created. Lots of things changed and I ended up being induced, because baby was in distress, but having a birth partner who was equipped with hypnobirthing techniques was the biggest blessing and meant we still welcomed our little girl into the world naturally.

Sarah is the best hypnobirthing teacher.

She has such a heart for every single one of her clients. She becomes more of a friend than a teacher. With baby being born at the start of lockdown, I found it quite hard to stay calm at the end of pregnancy but Sarah regularly checked in on me (virtually of course) and gave me lots of tips on things I could do to help calm and relax my mind and forget about all the scary things going on in the news. Thanks Sarah!!!

Finally, we also attended the Baby Ready workshop and learnt all about the ‘fourth trimester’. As first time parents we were clueless but once again, Sarah gave us the tools we needed and helped us feel empowered. Since baby has been born, she has continued to check on us - understanding that these are difficult and different times.

She is fab and I would highly recommend all expectant parents get in touch with her today!

30.05.2020 Rachel Greenwood

We completed Sarah's complete hypnobirthing course in March to prepare for our second baby.

We have come away with a much better understanding of the physiology of birth/ labour and the course has transformed our perception of birth as a 'medical emergency' into a powerful natural process.

From this, we have gained the confidence to embrace all options for birth and to build a birth plan that is right for us.

Sarah has also followed up with lovely messages of support and fantastic resources. I cannot recommend this course enough, especially if you are feeling nervous about birth.

16.04.2020 Michael Cordova

We took part in the Baby Ready workshop and found it very useful, plenty of practical tips and great recommendations. She is very easy going and knowledgeable, highly recommend attending if you can.

16.04.2020 Caroline Basden

My husband and I recently attended Sarah's fantastic hypnobirthing course. As 3rd time parents but hypnobirthing novices we found the content very interesting and helpful.

We had our 1st session in Sarah's lovely home but the subsequent sessions on Zoom due to the Coronavirus lockdown- Sarah has been super flexible and done all she can to help us relax in these tough circumstances.

A big thank you to Sarah and I look forward to sharing my positive birth experience in a couple of months time!

15.04.2020 Elizabeth Aitkens

We highly recommend Sarah. This was so worthwhile, I did have my doubts but prepared it doesn't work overnight. The one to one really is worth it as you have that time and privacy.

We instantly felt a calmness and positivity with her which I loved. I have never talked openly about birth fear and certainly past fears which Sarah very gently smoothed over in our sessions.

We now feel ready to meet our girl, I just wish i could have Sarah in the delivery room but I certainly have my hypnobirthing tools at the ready.

Cannot thank you enough Sarah.

11.04.2020 Zoe Dudding

Sarah has given us tips, tricks and techniques to help us achieve a mindful birth wherever and whenever it takes place.

I feel equipped with new knowledge and skills to ensure that my birth is as calm as possible, and given the current pandemic and uncertainties surrounding it, this has felt more important than ever.

Thank you Sarah, we can’t wait to meet our baby boy - bring on the birth!!

09.04.2020 Zoe Paxton

After trying really hard to persuade my less than willing husband, I finally managed to convince him to attend a 1:1 hypnobirthing workshop with Sarah @ Happy Births Hypnobirthing Berkshire.

He is so glad we did. Sarah is so supportive, making sure you have everything you need to feel confident, calm and prepared for birth. We are pregnant with our first baby and I can honestly say I am very much looking forward to the birth with the tools we have learnt in the workshop. My husband feels really part of the process and knows exactly how he can help me during labour.

Sarah is always on hand to help with any questions. Her home set up is so welcoming, the perfect environment for this course.

Thank you Sarah

20.03.2020 Kaz Tulley

I came to Sarah's "Baby Ready" workshop feeling daunted and worried about certain aspects of what life with a newborn will be like - namely the lack of sleep! I left feeling much better and reassured that there is no right or wrong way to do things. The simple idea that properly relaxing can be just as beneficial as actually sleeping gave me confidence! I really enjoyed the session, it was full of useful tips and recommendations, and I particularly liked the relaxation part. I can see how building calm and relaxation into daily life is so important for life with a new baby. The pace of the class perfectly suited the group and I was really grateful of the opportunity to ask questions and take our time covering the topics that were most important to us. Sarah has created a really calm and relaxing atmosphere and is very reassuring about any concerns. Her easy-nature and knowledge made it a really enjoyable experience.

20.03.2020 Brian Green

Thank you Sarah for such a great session and for welcoming us into such a homely and comfortable setting. It was great spending the afternoon with you being able to talk frankly and openly abouut our concerns and worries. I honestly now feel relaxed and ready to have our baby!! We had already completed an NCT course, but that was a large group with little 1:1 support - whereas your session was much more intimate and being able to have these discussions in a smaller group certainly helped us to feel more informed and confident. Being able to deep-dive into certain topics without feeling like we are disrupting a schedule was brill. I really enjoyed the relaxation element! We're really grateful of the follow-up support too - it really shows that you care so much about your clients' experiences and happiness! I'll definitely reccommend this 'Baby Ready' session to friends and family, it was so beneficial.

18.01.2020 Niamh Hemensley Smith

This course with Sarah was a complete game-changer. Before meeting her I was honestly feeling scared. I thought birth could only be medically driven and I was totally unaware of my choices. 

But she made us feel so empowered and listened to, no question was too silly! I enjoyed each session and learned so much.

Now I feel prepared, aware that I can have a calm birth, and definitely feeling less inclined to opt for medical intervention. I have faith in my baby and my ability to do this.

The MP3s were so helpful in learning to quickly zone out and I loved learning the breathing techniques, I can’t wait to use these on the day!

Everything about Sarah as a teacher, and the venue, was all great :)

18.01.2020 Jamie Hemensley Smith

I couldn’t be more pleased that we did this course! I’ve gone from feeling unprepared, ill-informed, and totally concerned for the wellbeing of my wife and baby, to now feeling VERY informed, better prepared, and totally understanding of my role, the process, the tools and options available to us. We actually have lots more control over things that I realised – options to say yes or no. The sessions have really given us such a good opportunity to focus on preparing for birth as something we will be able to enjoy and embrace. The relaxations were great too.

18.01.2020 Bill

Sarah’s approach to teaching was so nice and not at all ‘preachy’ or judgemental. This made for much better discussion and atmosphere to learn and to explore ideas, our worries and hopes for the birth (and beyond!).

Beforehand I was feeling pretty clueless and that I was simply ‘a passenger along for the ride’ – whereas now I have a clear idea about my role and our choices. I am confident in ways to support my wife. It was great to learn about the different stages of labour and birth. T

he discussions in the group were so useful in realising that other’s share similar anxieties – and Sarah provided tools and techniques for unpicking and managing each one.

It was all really enjoyable, and I know we will welcome our baby in a much more calm and knowledgeable way now. The positivity in this room is infectious. We feel so confident now in how the body and baby work together in birth. We found the other course didn’t have such an individual approach- you have really taken the time to understand our personal anxieties and these have now all but disappeared.

I found the NCT class informative. But this course has been informative AND EMPOWERING. The focus there was on pain relief options. Here, we have discussed these alongside the wide ranging toolkit of non-medical coping techniques for labour and birth in the context of understanding the natural processes and what we can do to best support those.

The relaxation element of hypnobirthing is so important. We couldn’t imagine going into the birth journey without having done this in class and at home as our homework.

18.01.2020 Laura Bailey

Just wanted to say a massive thank you from Bill and I for the course - the classes were really great.

Sarah created such a wonderful, positive & relaxing environment where we felt so comfortable to ask questions.

The session was absolutely spot on for us - informative, reassuring, realistic and perfectly paced. The structure to the topics covered in day 1 and day 2 (we did a two day course) was very logical and manageable.

Very excited by our goody bags too, thank you Sarah!!

Before the course it’s true to say I was feeling really nervous, and that labour was something to ‘get through’. I did not feel knowledgeable at all.

I’ve since had a complete change in mindset!! I feel so informed now, and calm and positive about labour itself. Knowing that I have options has given me lots more confidence, and the faith I have in myself has grown massively.

It was so helpful that Sarah signposted extra reading and ways to access support so we can read up more on certain aspects if we’d like to.

The class setting is perfect, wonderfully relaxing.  I’d definitely recommend this hypnobirthing course to any pregnant friends – in fact I already have!

03.09.2019 Charlie Beard

Having finished the classes I now feel very relaxed and empowered about the natural process of labour and birth. Before the course I was feeling excited yet nervous.

The best aspects of the sessions were learning the relaxation techniques, seeing/hearing positive birth stories, gaining confidence to be able to question our midwives/doctors and some particular tools to help with this too.

The course venue was really relaxing, and I’ll definitely be recommending Happy Births to friends and colleagues in future.

03.09.2019 Dominique

Before the course I felt anxious about labour and birth - overwhelmed, and a bit lost, and knew I wanted to do something about this. Now having completed the course I feel calm, relaxed, intrigued and empowered.

Birth is natural and not only do I now know I CAN I do it, I WANT to do it! Birth is beautiful.

My favourite parts of the course were learning about the physiology of birth, and watching and discussing the positive birth videos. Sarah’s honesty and personal experiences made it a positive birth feel real and achievable.

During the classes I felt I could really relax and be honest. The lovely environment felt so calm, safe and homely. Sarah was lovely and we couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.

20.06.2019 Szabina and Mark

I was very scared of giving birth and learnt hypnobirthing as a way to try to feel more confident. It really worked - I had a more empowering birth experience than I thought was possible.Thanks to Sarah, who instantly makes you feel welcome, relaxed and at ease.

She’s such a great professional, who truly enjoys what she does, and continuously training and updating her knowledge to be the best she can be.

Thank you so much Sarah, I can’t speak highly enough of you and your service! x

01.06.2019 Jack Wallis

As a Dad-to-be, I was feeling a little worried about the process and my role. Now, having taken the course with Sarah, I now feel a lot calmer, knowing what to expect.

I now know how I can keep myself calm, and how to help keep Laura relaxed throughout the whole process.  

I really enjoyed the breathing techniques, and the detailed explanations about each part of labour, and what to do during each stage.

The classes are held in a very calming, comfortable location.

Sarah is a friendly and calm teacher; she was very helpful with explaining different experiences.

01.06.2019 Laura Wallis

Thanks Sarah for all your help and advice. The course was amazing, I feel so much more relaxed, positive and ready for giving birth than I thought was possible. We learnt so much, from the science behind it all, to the techniques to stay calm and have a more positive experience. We thoroughly recommend the course to anyone feeling anxious or apprehensive about giving birth.

Before taking the course with Sarah, I was feeling scared about labour and birth. Like I wouldn’t be able to cope and like it was not going to be smooth, and it was going to be stressful.

After the hypnobirthing classes, I am now feeling SO much better! Much calmer, and much more informed about what’s going to happen, and my choices. I really feel like I could have a nice, calm and positive experience.

My favourite part was learning the breathing techniques to stay relaxed. I also enjoyed all of the information and science. The course content was much more based in science than I expected and I really like this!

The venue was so nice and calm venue – with comfy cushions and fab cake! Sarah is a fab teacher! Very knowledgeable, calm and helpful. There was no judgement at all about anything I said (which was a worry I had before coming). I’ll definitely be recommending Sarah and Happy Births to pregnant friends, family and colleagues.

15.05.2019 Hayley Southern

We can’t thank Sarah enough for her wise words, knowledge and helpfulness which made us feel so at ease and comfortable ready for our baby’s birth. Sarah has provided a course full of different techniques, learning styles and loads of wonderful information. We have enjoyed every session.

Before starting the course, I felt a little nervous about giving birth. I was excited about meeting baby but knew full well that before getting to meet baby I would be going through an experience I’ve never known. I wasn’t sure of the ins and outs of birth, and only have ever heard horror stories, or have seen one born every minute (which looks painful).

Having finished the course, wow, I feel totally different. I feel now like I have a great understanding about what my body will be doing at each stage of labour. Sarah guided us through the breathing techniques. I’ve since been testing them out in day-to-day life, whenever a stressful moment pops up, and testing them out in my happy place. It has really opened my eyes to the power of breathing. I feel like I’ll be able to stay calm and really focus on breathing this baby out!

I feel very relaxed now and so excited for the day to come to meet baby but more importantly know I can give it my best, using all the tools from the course. It feels great to know that I have the best support from James, who now understands his role on the day to make it as smooth as can be.

Discussions we had after watching the various birth videos were so useful - to see and talk about different births happening in different places (but all very calm, relaxed and positive) really opened our minds to the idea that no matter what may arise on the day everything we have learnt in hypnobirthing can be put into practice.

15.05.2019 James Tyrell

Thank you very much for the hypnobirthing course. We feel so much more ready for our baby’s calm and positive birth thanks to you, and we have enjoyed every second of the classes.

01.05.2019 Galinie Zisimopoulou

My wonderful friend Sarah is such a calm, collected but at the same time confident mum who is using her personal experiences of hypnobirthing and parenthood in order to help future parents and couples as they are currently going through the amazing but yet mildly “terrifying” birthing journey!

Trusting her through your journey will be one of the best things you will do to help you relax around birth preparation and more. Any couples will be lucky to have her support, guidance and help throughout their pregnancy and birthing experience.

01.05.2019 Janie Abraham Reid

My husband and I were of course excited to be pregnant but very nervous about what to expect at the birth - it all seemed to be very medicalised, and hospital was not my favourite place! On the recommendation of a friend we booked a private course with Sarah and it was amazing!!

Hypnobirthing is much more common sense and science-based than I expected, and we both loved the weekly class time to focus on the baby and learn about what my body was doing and what it would be doing on the big day.

The guided relaxations were so peaceful, even my sometimes-anxious husband left each class walking on air and feeling very calm! And then it was great to build on this by listening to the same tracks together at home.

The class environment was such a safe space to discuss my birth wishes and options, and I gained so much more confidence in being able to articulate what I wanted. I am now planning a home birth, as now we understand that labour and birth happens best where you feel most relaxed and safe, and for me that place is the familiar, and so the first choice is our home. The Royal Berkshire Hospital team of homebirth midwives have been so encouraging.

We are so grateful to Sarah for giving us the boost to explore this option and are feeling so prepared and calm about everything now! The hypnobirthing course was the best money we have spent in pregnancy, hands down. Thank you Sarah.

01.05.2019 Gareth Reid

I really enjoyed these classes. Now I completely understand what is happening to my wife’s body, and have a good idea of what happens during labour.
I know tools and techniques to support my wife, we have practiced these lots so come our baby’s big day they will be familiar and relaxing.
Sarah was a great teacher and support to us, helping out with things via email between sessions and not minding my silly questions!

Sarah's Birth Stories


A very fast labour, but still with a sense of control and a lot of positivity - I felt invincible


24 August, 2020

Zoe and Sam5.jpg

Amazing pain-relief-free Frimley water birth for first time mama Zoe

For anyone worried about having a baby during Covid- yes it is uncertain times but we as women have all we need to birth our baby’s safely. Everyone should learn Hypnobirthing - it is fantastic and I don’t think I would have had such a positive experience without it.

13 June, 2020


Beautiful home birth for first time mum Zoe

Many more couples are considering a home birth at this time (of a global pandemic). Zoe and Jake’s story shows how calm, peaceful and super empowering this can be! “I have never felt so strong and quite honestly, so proud of myself. It was more than I could have ever wished for, a peaceful at-home birth, with no interventions and no pain relief.”

04 June, 2020


The most calm and in control birth for first time mum Laura

I was able to enjoy the most magical birth experience and I just wish every woman was as informed as I was so that they too can enjoy this incredible, empowering and natural experience for their births.

30 May, 2020

Emma Bettes2.jpg

When the journey to birth changes - Emma and Graham

"There is not one single thing on my birth plan that happened the way I had wanted it to – but having a birth partner who was equipped with multiple tools through hypnobirthing, meant that I can still look back at the birth of my baby and feel overwhelmed with love and joy."

09 April, 2020

Baby Huxley.jpg

"The birth I never even thought was possible" - Baby Huxley

Absolutely THRILLED for my awesome clients Niamh and Jamie, check this out for a positive birth!

20 March, 2020


Baby Matilda's birth - 'eventful' yet calm and in control

How inspiring is Laura and Jack’s story of their first baby’s birth? Things certainly didn’t go ‘to plan’ yet Laura was incredible at remaining calm and positive throughout some potentially concerning events. Jack was a star in reminding Laura of all the hypnobirthing techniques they’d learned. Well done you two, and welcome beautiful Matilda.

23 October, 2019


Hayley & James' super speedy and empowering birth

First time parents Hayley and James’ amazing account of their baby’s quick and empowering entrance into the world at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, but very almost in the car on the way there!

10 September, 2019

Sarah Noah bec.jpeg

Sarah's own birth story - baby Noah

Read all about why I fell in love with hypnobirthing and how it helped me have the natural healthy home birth I dreamed about!

26 January, 2019

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