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I am Emily and I am based in a beautiful village just outside of Bath where I run my hypnobirthing courses, Nest of Nurture

The most wonderful thing about hypnobirthing is that it is hugely beneficial to all types of birth. No matter what your journey to birth is, learning these techniques, and the science behind it, can help you and your birth partner feel prepared, calm and confident throughout. I believe that any birth, no matter what occurs (or doesn’t!) along the way can be positive as long as a mother feels listened to and supported.

A fundamental principle of hypnobirthing is non-judgment and complete support of your choices and decisions. In today’s noisy world, some of us have lost the ability to listen to and trust our own intuition, or sometimes fear/doubt can make us question ourselves.  No-one knows your body and your baby like you do, and so whether this is your first birth or not, you are already an expert!

Hypnobirthing prepares you for what to expect throughout the birth process, showing you how to work with the physiology of your body and to enhance the birthing hormones.  It is my aim for you to finish the course feeling free from fear, confident in the knowledge of just how incredibly well prepared your body is for growing a baby and giving birth.

I would love to support you and your birth partner towards a confident birth where you both feel relaxed and empowered. You are welcome to contact me with any question at all or for further details.


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