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I am Faye, a practising midwife with over 10 years’ experience and a mother of 2 children; based in South Manchester.

I believe that women and families have positive birth experiences when you understand how birth happens, what your body is doing, what your options are, when you feel listened to and when you feel in control.

Giving birth to my own babies were such exciting, positive, and empowering experiences because I had trust in my own body. I believe this can be achieved by everybody with the right guidance and support through your pregnancy.

Hypnobirthing classes allow you and your birth partner to learn all about birth. You will also learn practical techniques and tips to use during the birth to encourage relaxation and to help you remain calm, allowing birth to progress without fear or anxiety inhibiting the natural process. It is a lovely way to learn to relax deeply during your pregnancy, helping you to feel excited, confident and capable.

Working as a Delivery Suite Coordinator allows me to see how beneficial Hypnobirthing is to ALL women. Hypnobirthing is not exclusively for women with straightforward pregnancies and births and should be promoted to everybody, because it works! You can use the techniques during any type of birth – waterbirth, induced birth, caesarean birth, the earlier or the later stages of labour.

If you would like a chat to find out more about Hypnobirthing and what I can offer you then please get in touch, I look forward to chatting with you!


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