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Hello my name is Jo, a mother, grandmother and teacher,

My maternal grandmother was a ‘lay midwife’ and used to deliver babies in her local area in the 1930’s and 1940’s having given birth to 6 children of her own. I loved listening to her stories from using the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers as a crib, getting birthing mamas to sing during their labour to sending them off with a jar of honey from her own bees to cure all ills or sore bits!

My natural pathway was surely midwifery with such a role model but no, I chose teaching as my career and taught Physical Education for many years. I don’t regret this decision as I have a wealth of teaching experience to contribute.

My own births had their challenges and I was really very uneducated when it came to the actual labour bit! Friends and family of course had their tales to tell but we all know about those don’t we?! So fast forward quite a few years – my own children grew up and away and started to have their own children and I knew it was time for a change. I loved teaching yoga in my schools (my pupils would come in to the gym, see the mats and say “YAY it’s yoga” hence my business name YAYoga). I retrained, firstly, in baby yoga and ran classes for 5 years but mamas kept on asking me if I would teach Pregnancy Yoga. I got myself qualified and have been running classes ever since. It’s a joy to see the bumps (YAY bumps) to babIes (YAY babies), where I endeavour to provide a happy, safe space – a spiral of love, friendship and support for my participants.

However, I wanted to learn more so I could get more ‘savvy’ and empower mamas further, hence Hypnobirthing and The Little Birth Company felt just perfect! The training was excellent, giving me a huge insight into the process and physiology of birth, including those vital birthing hormones, the birthing environment and everything else a birthing mama needs to have a positive birth whatever the outcome!
My own daughter in law recently gave birth to her second baby at home and I would like to think I had a hand in persuading her that it was a possibility. My own daughter will hopefully benefit from my newly gained knowledge too!

So here I am, ready to go and can’t wait to continue my life’s journey of educating, empowering and nurturing with my YAY Hypnobirthing!

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