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Hello. I’m Kelly, HypnoBirthing and baby massage practitioner here at Beautiful Birth & Bonding.

In 2013 I trained as a HypnoBirthing practitioner with the HypnoBirthing Institute after having a truly life changing birth experience with my first child. Up until this point I had had a debilitating fear of what I thought natural child birth was going to be like. At 30 weeks pregnant and in a desperate state, I was told about HypnoBirthing through a friend and after some deliberation (and figuring I had nothing to loose), I booked onto a course. My husband was very skeptical about it and to be honest neither of us really knew what to expect. But by the end of the first class we were completely sold! The information we learned that night made so much sense and suddenly the prospect of a gentle birth seemed achievable. I strive to have that same ‘light bulb moment’ with all of the families that I work with. The rest of the course continued to teach us how birth can be achieved gently and easily through understanding what normal birth is and by dedicating ourselves to daily practice of all the different relaxation and breathing techniques. At 41+3 weeks my beautiful little baby was born calmly and gently with no trauma to either of us. But more importantly, something wonderful had happened to me! I had been changed forever. Giving birth, something that had seemed so terrifyingly scary before, had become my most treasured experience.

I am passionate to share this information with other families and help as many families as I can walk away from their birth experience elated rather than traumatised.

In 2015 I trained as an I.A.I.M infant massage instructor as this seemed like the natural next step in my desire to keep birth and infants ‘whole’ in this world they find themselves in.

I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your birthing journey.

Kelly xx

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