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Hey there!

Huge congratulations on your pregnancy!

I’m an NCT Birth Doula, Antenatal Practitioner and HypnoBirthing instructor and I’m so happy that you have landed on my page! I have a real passion for birth and babies and can’t wait to share it with you.


My inspiration to join the birth world began when I became a mother and got stronger with each subsequent pregnancy. I felt powerful, vulnerable and scared all at the same time – a real mix of emotions!


I noticed the lack of support around for parents on this transitional journey and saw the need to bridge that gap.

What I needed most was for someone to hear all my concerns without judgement and not belittle them, but instead listen intently and help me to work through them.

I heard many stories of couples who were anxious about birth and longed to walk alongside and ease them into it all in a more relaxed state.


That brings me to now where I am in a position to offer you that support that is often missing. I can’t wait to work with you and help you feel more positive, confident and uplifted about your birth!


Let’s talk soon, 


Laura  x x x

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