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Hi, I’m Lucy, the founder of Proud Birth. I have two eggs, Memphy and Koko and decided to retrain as a Hypnobirth instructor after the incredible VBAC (vaginal birth after Caesarean) of my daughter. I had convinced myself that giving birth was bigger than me, and something I wouldn’t be able to “cope” with, but did a hypnobirthing course to prepare for my second birth and had the most transformative and powerful experience. I wish I had known about it to prepare for my first baby, I think it would have made such a positive impact on my mindset as a new parent.

I want to support other birthing people and their partners to lose any fear attached to birth they might have, trust in their own ability, know what their choices are and for them to feel confident to make the right decisions for them should the need arise. Your birth is so important, it is a moment in your life you will remember forever, I want you to look back on it and feel proud of yourselves and your birth, no matter what journey it takes. Birth is birth, you can’t fail it, you’re amazing and I want you to be nothing but in awe of yourself when your baby arrives.

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