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We are so pleased that you would like to know more about becoming a Hypnobirthing  Instructor with The Little Birth Company (The LBC). 

Wendy & Melissa have been in the birth world for many years  and have been teaching Hypnobirthing for 8yrs and 6yrs respectively in their own businesses.

We are so excited to have founded The Little Birth Company together, we complement each other perfectly with our experience, knowledge and skills and have the same passion for supporting women and their birth partners on their journey to birth and beyond. 

Wendy has run her own birth business since 2011 but has been in the birth world for 24yrs.  Initially as a Midwife, now working as a Hypnobirthing Instructor, Birth Coach & Doula.

‘I have taught several programmes over the last 8-9 years but constantly felt pulled and inspired to write a birthing programme that was flexible and adaptable to my clients.

It has been my absolute dream to bring together a group of Instructor’s who feel supported both in teaching Hypnobirthing but who are also armed with the support and knowledge to establish and run a successful business.

A family of Instructor’s with a common purpose, to educate, empower and support couples to have a positive birth.  Whilst we don’t preach about a ‘perfect’ birth, we do encourage a woman to know her power, that she is strong and capable both mentally and physically.  I believe in informing couples so that they know that the power is in their hands, with this in mind, I truly believe that whatever turn their birth takes it will result in a positive experience.’

Melissa trained as a Hypnobirthing Instructor in 2013 and completed training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2015. 

‘Like Wendy I have taught different Hypnobirthing programmes over the past 6 years. Each offered something different but for me the key was flexibility. I knew that I needed to adapt my teaching according to my clients needs and also to whatever was going on in my own life at that time. 

As a working Mum I need to be able to fit my teaching in around school runs and school holidays as well as a very supportive husband who works away some of the time.  

I found that training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist deeply expanded my understanding of Hypnobirthing. I am passionate about offering a programme that gives you this knowledge without totally boggling your mind!'

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Who might be interested in becoming a Hypnobirthing Instructor? 

  • Hypnotherapist
  • Student Midwife
  • Midwife
  • Doctor
  • Doula
  • Healthcare provider
  • Nurse/Nurse Practitioner
  • Childbirth educator
  • Hypnobirthing mum
  • Complimentary health practitioner
  • Antenatal yoga teacher
  • Acupuncturist
  • Reflexologist
  • Massage therapists
  • Anyone who has an interest in helping women have a calm & positive birth experience

Whatever your current experience and background we are simply looking for individuals with a passion for birth, for supporting women and for learning a wonderful programme that can empower and support women to have a positive birth.

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How does it work?

Our key focus has been to create a programme that is totally flexible.  We believe as professionals we are all capable, and best placed to decide the best way of sharing the information and supporting our clients.  The needs of the clients are paramount, not everyone has had the same previous experience and one client’s needs can be very different to another.

We wanted to create a course that would give Instructor’s the artistic licence to share the programme in their own unique way.

So you will have access to a teaching powerpoint, instructor manual,  client handouts and manual. However it is your choice how you deliver it, you will be free to adapt to your client’s needs. Of course ensuring that the basis of The LBC Hypnobirthing is shared and you can use the powerpoint/manual  to guide you but ultimately it is down to you. You can decide how to structure the course; there is no restriction on how many sessions you teach it over etc.

However, if you are adding content other than what we teach in The Little Birth Company you must ensure that you are trained and have the suitable insurance for that addition.

The Little Birth Company cannot be held responsible for any additional information that you include in your course.

You will be part of a closed FB community for Instructor’s where we can all learn and share together.  You will also be supported with regular trainings and Instructor “Meet Ups’ that will involve the odd glass of Prosecco and cake.  

You will feel part of a supportive family and will be welcomed to participate and become involved in its growth.

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The Training

The course consists of three modules:

  1. Online Birth Hypnosis Foundation (Hypnotherapists exempt)
  2. Online Birthing Foundation (Midwives and experienced Doulas exempt)
  3. The LBC Programme & Business Building (In Person)

There are two Foundation Online Modules, you will need to complete one or two of these depending on your previous experience.  You will be required to complete these before attending the two day in person training.

These two modules will ensure you have the knowledge required to deliver The Little Birth Company Programme.  We will then consolidate this knowledge and apply it to the programme during our two days together.

Each foundation module is provided online to be completed at home. There is an emphasis on self study and seeking out the information.

The two day 'In Person' Module: TLBC Programme & Business Building

The course includes:

In Person Training - 9.30am to 5pm

Day 1 - TLBC Programme

Day 2 - TLBC Programme & Business Building



 Hypnosis for Birth Foundation Module Cost - £125 

 Birthing Foundation Module Cost - £150

 The LBC Programme 2 day Training Cost - £650

** Payment plans are available, by 4 x affordable equal monthly installments + a £50 non-refundable administration fee.  We are happy to set this up, please ask on your initial enquiry **

10% Discount for Student Midwives.

Post Course Requirement

After the 2 days training you will need to complete the coursework and questions.

You will also need to complete 2 case studies with feedback.

You will have 6 months to complete this work, however we always recommend you move forward with it asap to keep the momentum going.

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You will receive 6 months mentoring from Melissa and Wendy to ensure that you feel competent, confident and supported.

 Annual Membership Fee

All instructors to pay a monthly membership fee of £15 per month standing order.  For new instructors who train with us this fee becomes payable 6 months following the 2 day training. This fee is subject to an annual review and possible increase. The fee covers your website listing, access to all updated materials, the Instructor Facebook Group. Plus online training and business support from Wendy, Melissa and The LBC Team.

There is a requirement to teach The LBC exclusively.

 Other Costs

Manual and MP3 downloads per client £12 . You purchase these via the Instructor Area.

 At training or completion of coursework you will receive:

  • Access to the Complete Hypnobirthing Programme & the 3hr Hypnobirthing Workshop.
  • The LBC Instructor Certificate in order to obtain Public liability insurance. 
  • 2 Client Manuals (1 manual for Fast Track)
  • Instructor Manual
  • The LBC MP3s
  • Listing on our ‘find an instructor’ page plus your personal page on the website where you can list classes, testimonials, birth stories and create your client access.
  • Client handouts
  • Client email templates
  • The LBC Logo’s
  • You must use our logo and info on your website and social media
  • One free (New trainees only) Business Builder day (Fast Track Applicants have fee for attending)
  • Regular meetups and online trainings
  • Closed Facebook Instructor Community
  • Ongoing support from Wendy & Melissa

 You will receive the MP3 scripts but we encourage you to record the scripts in your own voice for your own clients.  We can support you in recording them.

You will be listed on The LBC website and FB page as an Instructor, you are also very welcome to create your own website, again we can support you with that.

You will be required to purchase bundles of the Client Manual.


Additional Programmes

You are welcome to purchase for an additional cost the 6 week pregnancy Relaxation Programme and/or The Positive Caesarean Workshop.


Qualified & Experienced Hypnobirthing Instructors - Fast Track Option

£150 to transfer to our programme and to receive all of The LBC materials listed above. (this does not include the Pregnancy Relaxation or Positive Caesarean Workshop which are available at an additional cost).

The annual membership fee of £10 a month is then payable from Year 2. 

You are also welcome to attend the 2 day programme as a refresher and (space permitting) at a reduced price of £150.  This would be a requirement for  inexperienced Instructors. 

What is an experienced Instructor? At least one whole year post qualification but most importantly needs to have taught and be able to show evidence of teaching a minimum of 5 couples. If this criteria cannot be met then the Instructor would need to attend the two day training at a reduced cost of £150 in addition to the £150 Fast Track fee.

Anyone wishing to Fast Track would need to contact us to arrange a Clarity Call with Wendy or Melissa before joining.

Please note Fast Track fees are non refundable..


Our Intention

Our intention is to grow and develop our supportive and flexible family of instructors around the country and globally who feel supported, inspired and capable of making a difference to women and birth. To share the belief that birth can be positive wherever and however a woman gives birth.

We want Instructor’s to feel supported and part of an inspiring community that will help them to build their business and support them with the practicalities of being a business owner.

We have a big vision for The Little Birth Company, we want to continue making a positive impact on the pregnancy’s, births and early parenting of many couples. This is our absolute passion and we will work with you to ensure that together we achieve that vision.

Working with you to support you to build a truly fantastic business.  We very much hope you would like to share this journey with us.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, would like to arrange a chat or if you would like to secure your place.

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