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Hi there,

I’m Sara, a pregnancy yoga teacher, doula and hypnobirthing instructor based in Orkney. I originally studied social anthropology at university, but rekindled my love for all things birth and baby after the birth of my firstborn.

I offer the complete hypnobirthing programme and the hypnobirthing workshop, group and 1-2-1, in a warm and nurturing environment designed to support you and your birth partner through learning the ins and out of the hypnobirthing antenatal training. I believe birth partners have a crucial role to play in labour. The knowledge in these courses will not only prepare the birthing mother or person, but prepare the birth partner so they can provide the support needed throughout labour.

We’ll delve into the birth hormones, physiology and psychology that can help birth flow with the most ease. We’ll cover the different paths birth can take and how we might enable ourselves to stay present in the decision-making process.

If you’re interested in hearing more, please get in touch with me on and chat a bit further about which programme will be best for you.

Looking forward to chatting!

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