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Hi! I am Stefanie, originally from Austria, living in Denmark now where I raise my two Viking sons together with my Portuguese hubby.

As a hypnotherapist and mindset coach for moms, I know how powerful our thoughts are and how we can use our minds to our advantage. This is how I birthed my sons, with a positive mindset, knowing I can navigate pregnancy and birth, however it happens. And it was a beautifully calm experience. So magical!

As a hypnobirthing teacher, I bring extensive knowledge about the brain and mind and combine this with the strong foundations of pregnancy and birth.
I’d love to journey with you as you let go of fears and anxiety around pregnancy and birth, as you prepare for birth and take ownership, responsibility about your body through informed decisions.

You’ll walk away from my course more confident than you were before, more knowledgeable, more relaxed, and with the tools to have a positive birth experience, for you and your baby.

You are surrounded by love and support.

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