Instructor Training Testimonials


04.09.2019 - Hayley

I did a LOT of research when it came to deciding who to train with. I really didn’t want to make a wrong move. When I found TLBC I knew immediately that it was ‘the one’. I had that same knowing feeling I’d felt when I tried my wedding dress on... it just felt right!

When I then spoke to Wendy and Melissa and heard a bit more about the company and their ideas and the support they offered it all just made sense to me.

I’m so glad that I made the choice... it’s been fab! 

Instructor is Wendy Wood

04.09.2019 - Clare

I initially trained with another Hypnobirthing provider. I loved the course but felt the materials did not represent me or my business very well. I wanted something attractive, welcoming, calming, warm and familiar. 💗🤰

Of course branding is nothing if you haven’t got the information and support to back it up. I contacted Wendy and Melissa in early 2019 to find out what TLBC was all about. It was reassuring to know the course was written by  very experienced ladies. Between them they have a resume which includes: midwife, doula, Hypnotherapist, pregnancy yoga and Hypnobirthing practitioner. I was initially blown away with the support and care given to instructors. They listened and responded to our feedback and really cared about each instructors business and clients.

The course itself is fantastic and I have had such wonderful feedback from group and private clients. Even those who initially thought it wouldn’t be for them have praised the course! 😊

It isn’t hippyish and doesn’t make false promises. This was key for me. Birth is real, it’s unpredictable, anyone promising you a pain free birth should be avoided at all costs. TLBC discusses when the journey to birth changes and I feel this is so important in preparing women and their birth partners for labour and beyond.

The relaxation scripts are beautiful 🌸 They are so calming and relaxing, I’ve definitely had a few nod off during sessions! 😴Instructors also have the option to record these themselves which I will get round to one day!

It’s important to me that I offer information to my clients which will allow them to make their own decisions. TLBC offers regular CPD training and ensures information is balanced and unbiased. 👍

The Little Birth Company is like a family. It’s so inspiring to see the wonderful things fellow instructors are doing, as midwives, doulas and Hypnobirthing practitioners. It’s women supporting women, building each other up, being a listening ear and signposting to advice or guidance. Without the support of TLBC instructors I wouldn’t be where I am today with Birth Bloom. 

Instructor is Wendy Wood

04.09.2019 - Claire

I’m a big believer in fate and when I came across the The Little Birth company it was at a time when I needed a new career path and a focus for the future. Little did I know at the time that one of the owners lived just 10 minutes from me, making training more accessible and easy to navigate with two small children. ⁣

⁣I had found such an an exciting and inspiring business and I loved the idea of these two wonderful women coming together to start a business for the benefit of women. The merge of experience from both the owners, Wendy and Melissa with their midwifery and hypnotherapy backgrounds, not to mention how supportive they are for their instructors gave them the edge and I knew they were the training providers for me. ⁣

⁣Of course, the supportive network of women they have bought together to train, the beautiful branding and the name takes a lot of beating and once they had popped into my consciousness they never went away. ⁣

Instructor is Wendy Wood

04.09.2019 - Vicky

I had been teaching hypnobirthing for 5 years with another company and I just felt that it was time for a change. 

I loved their branding and how much they were getting themselves 'out there' in front of my potential clients. 

I have also wanted to start pregnancy relaxation classes for yonks, and they had a class schedule all set up ready to go. 

I cannot wait to bring the relaxation classes to Sudbury and Haverhill in the next couple of months.

Instructor is Melissa Maloney

04.09.2019 - Helen

I did a fair bit of research on companies that provided hypnobirthing instructor training before I came across The Little Birth Company and they just stood out massively for me. I was instantly attracted to their lovely branding and the materials were just gorgeous! Beautiful branding is pointless and would mean nothing if the content was poor but thankfully, that wasn’t the case at all! The more I looked into them, I just got a really good vibe.

Their ethos struck a chord with me and they were being recommended time and time again so I sent off an enquiry email. It was evident just from those initial bits of communication that there was a massive sense of support from Wendy and Melissa (the company owners) and that between them, they had a wealth of experience and knowledge which includes midwife, doula, hypnobirthing practitioner and hypnotherapist.

I honestly haven’t looked back and absolutely love teaching the LBC programme. Its fresh, modern approach can be tailored to suit individuals needs meaning you get a bespoke course, it includes everything you could possibly want from a birth preparation course without making false promises or being even the slightest bit ‘hippyish’.

I am so glad I made the choice I did, the feedback from clients has been really positive and I am very proud to be part of a network of wonderfully supportive hypnobirthing instructors who are always there for each other. It really is like having an extended family. 

Instructor is Melissa Maloney

04.09.2019 - Kate

When I started my Hypnobirthing journey seven years ago Hypnobirthing was still very much synonymous with a certain type of birth. Natural birth, without the use of pain relief.

That birth, that ‘ideal’ birth, just is not a reality for some women. Sometimes things just happen during labour which you would not choose but that you can’t control. And Hypnobirthing has evolved with an understanding of this. Hypnobirthing is a tool to support you and help you have the best possible birth experience what ever the circumstances.

And that’s why I love The Little Birth Company. The ethos is very much in line with my own. Women should be supported, informed and empowered and the end goal should be a birth that is right for you.

Instructor is Wendy Wood

04.09.2019 - Emma

I had contacts with Melissa through a mutual friend and followed her journey over the last 15 years. I fell in love with The Little Birth Company brand and ethos. I loved that she had joined forces with a midwife (Wendy) and how that incredible partnership bought a fabulous balance to the programme that they offer. I followed their first year’s success and wanted to be a part of what they are offering to expectant parents across the Uk and beyond. This was by far the best company to join to facilitate my journey to becoming a Hypnobirthing instructor! I am loving teaching their programme and the support is limitless! Loving being part of such a special team!

Instructor is Melissa Maloney

04.09.2019 - Kirsty

For those of you who have looked into different Hypnobirthing training providers.. you will know there are loads out there...

Why did I choose The Little Birth Company??

Well.. they are awesome!!! 👌

For me it is about being INCLUSIVE... whether you want a water birth, if you have a planned caesarian, if you want a home birth or .... Whatever birth you are planning... This is YOUR birth and The Little Birth Company ensures that the Hypnobirthing training we provide will allow you to be able to use the techniques in whatever birth scenario you find yourself in 😍

Instructor is Wendy Wood

04.09.2019 - Hannah

I joined The Little Birth Company after a mere 3 months of teaching another hypnobirthing course, that I just wasn't getting on with. The Little Birth Company had only just been created and as soon as I saw the branding, their ethos and spoke with the lovely Wendy and Melissa, I knew it was where I wanted to be.

It feels like a family. Everyone is so supportive and I have met the most wonderful women who I am so proud to call my friends.

I feel like the hypnobirthing courses are me. They are modern, flexible and every single one of my clients has enjoyed the MP3s and course content, which wasn't happening before. We are given the control to teach how we want, record the MP3s ourselves and there is so much room for growth, not to mention the pregnancy relaxation and positive caesarean packages that are available too.

Having been at The Little Birth Company for over a year, I had the absolute pleasure of being asked to become their Social Media Lead and I have loved every second so far. The appreciation and team work that goes on is second to none and I cannot wait to see where things head in the future!

If you are thinking of becoming a hypnobirthing instructor, please do get in touch with us and we are more than happy to have a chat about your options!

Instructor is Wendy Wood

04.09.2019 - Lucie

So why @thelittlebirthcompany then? Well it was a no brainer really! I mean just look at that branding!


So once I had decided to go for it and train as an instructor I did my research on who I could train with and the pros and cons. I looked at all of them and decided that it was definitely one of the newer companies that I wanted to go with as they seemed much more modern and forward thinking. There were a few out there but what shone out like a beacon from TheLBC was the gorgeous branding and it was my kind of look. I was drawn in to their website and from the moment I started reading I just knew they were the one. .

Approachable, friendly, warm, kind, knowledgeable, professional....just a few words to describe Wendy and Melissa and this is also true of all my fellow instructors. .

Another thing that drew me in was the fact that the classes were inclusive of all types of birth and I wouldn't feel like I was discouraging mums who wanted an elective caesarean or were pretty sure they would like an epidural. The key was that their choices were their choices and they were informed and empowered which would then increase their chances of a positive birth. .

When I did my classes 10 years ago as an expectant mum they made me feel like I wouldn't have truly experienced a hypnobirth unless I had done it totally drug free. So because I had used a bit of gas and air in all 3 I always felt a bit like I hadn't had a perfect hypnobirth experience. The Little Birth Company changed that for me and I now know that I totally rocked hypnobirthing all 3 times even though all 3 births were different. ❤️🤘🏻💪🏻 I want my clients to have that same feeling of owning and feeling positive about the experience whether it went perfectly or took some twists and turns. .

I am so glad I trained with @thelittlebirthcompany and urge anyone thinking of training to look at their website and message them. You won't regret it! I love our community of instructors and the fact that Wendy and Melissa help us by coming up with new training ideas, tips for business, social meet ups, cpd opportunities and more 

Instructor is Wendy Wood

04.09.2019 - Azeeta

We are family 🎵 is what I always have in my head. When I originally trained something wasn’t quite right. I heard in a private group someone mention this company and I did some digging. They were new and I thought I would message Wendy to put the feeler out there. She was super lovely, totally my vibe from the get go. I moved over straight away and it was seamless and gorgeous from the get go. 


Their branding was beautiful and I really wanted a modern, holistic, evidence based, informed and creative company to be a part of which is exactly what they are. Wendy and Melissa are always there to support you and the team of instructors truly are my little birth family. We support each other through anything and the midwives in the group answer any questions really quickly and will pick up the phone in a jiffy to help. 

The course itself is powerfully brilliant. Shrouded in evidence and information and beautifully wrapped in the most euphoric and hypnotic scripts. It’s a pleasure to teach...I just love it 😍

I’ve seen the @thelittlebirthcompany hypnobirthing work before my eyes with my first ever doula client. It’s stayed with me ever since and reaffirmed why it’s so awesome ❤️


My LBC family 😘

Instructor is Melissa Maloney

04.09.2019 - Melanie

I chose to train in hypnobirthing because I believe in a woman’s ability to birth her baby, sadly most women doubt themselves due to the narrative of birth. ⁣

⁣Modern women also have a hard work and life balance going on, often running on empty, juggling many balls unable to switch off from it all. 🤹‍♀️⁣

⁣I wanted women to know their power, hypnobirthing teaches this in many ways. Providing knowledge and skills for women to feel calm and confident during their baby’s birth. 👶🏼⁣

⁣The positive effects of relaxation on humans is very well documented and the benefits are endless, when you attach this to pregnancy and childbirth it’s power is immense. 💫⁣

⁣I trained in hypnobirthing in March 2017 with another well known programme and used it many times with good results, however something left me wanting more, for me, for my clients too. 

⁣I had been following TLBC for a while, watching them grow, sensing their passion  and how their instructors and clients were responding with such positivity. 💖⁣

⁣My lovely friend and colleague Lexi @thenest confirmed how wonderful the content was when she joined and I finally decided to swap over using the fast track instructor programme. 🎟

⁣For me TLBC is current, gentle, informative, non judgemental and engaging with beautiful scripts and gorgeous branding. 🌸⁣

⁣All instructors are nurtured with care and love from Wendy and Melissa, which means we are able to be our very best. ⁣


⁣The feedback from my TLBC courses has  been nothing but positive with the outcomes for families brimming with positivity and thankfulness for choosing TLBC for their hypnobirthing course. 

Instructor is Melissa Maloney

30.05.2019 - Hana Young

I had been looking for the right hypnobirthing instructor course for a long time when I came across The Little Birth Company.

Other companies didn’t fit with my own flexible ethos on what positive birth meant.

From the start Wendy and Melissa have been supportive and put me completely at ease.

The training itself was a brilliant weekend, the materials are brilliant and I left feeling excited and ready to start.

Two months later, with the support of The Little Birth Company family (emphasis on family, the support is unreal)  my new business is booming and local mamas are benefitting from the bespoke courses. 🥰

Instructor is Melissa Maloney

11.11.2018 - Kora

I had the most wonderful weekend with @thelittlebirthcompany on the Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Instructor Course.

Very excited to start offering courses in The Mutha Hub soon. Thank you for the BEST training weekend. Kora

Instructor is Wendy Wood

10.10.2018 - Emma

Just returned from Hypnobirthing Instructor training with The Little Birth Company. They are so lovely and welcoming. I can’t wait to get started teaching my first couples. Fantastic food and venue for the course.

Our learning environment was relaxed and friendly, and I’m loving being part of this community of like minded birth professionals.  

The materials provided are beautiful, top-quality and alongside the teaching content there’s extra information on starting and developing your hypnobirthing business.

I’m also reassured that they are very active online for additional support. Emma

Instructor is Wendy Wood

09.09.2018 - Alex

I have looked into different course providers for Hypnobirthing Instructor Training over the last 2 years but never found a course I felt sits right with me … until I found “The Little Birth Company.

The course was an incredible experience, well thought through, relaxing, calm and very friendly. The course providers ticked all the boxes and the support before, during and after the course have been exemplary. The handouts for clients are so beautiful and the instructor manual is simply incredible and a massive help when teaching my clients. I adore the structure and couldn’t recommend the course higher.

Thank you so much Wendy and Melissa!!

Instructor is Melissa Maloney

15.05.2018 - Amy

I trained with another hypnobirthing method several years ago, but was finding the communication and support massively lacking.

I felt isolated and frustrated so I researched other companies and after a long thought process I decided to join LBC (having considered many others!).

I joined through their fast track option and immediately knew that this is where I belong. Wendy and Melissa are just amazing women....they actually care about their instructors and the programme they have created is just brilliant.

What I have also found wonderful is the other instructors...what an incredible bunch of inspiring women who all have so much knowledge and passion.

I wish that I'd moved years ago but I am so happy that I am now part of this amazing family.

The resources are just beautiful too and the mp3s are just so relaxing !!

Best decision ever!!

Instructor is Wendy Wood

14.05.2018 - Claire

I joined the LBC via their fast track option, I have previously trained with two other hypnobirthing organisations but was missing the sense of being part of a  community, I just felt like a tiny cog in a big wheel.  

I haven't been disappointed, Wendy and Melissa are so welcoming and being part of the LBC is like being part of a family, there is a willingness to be open and share experiences and knowledge that I really like.

As an experienced teacher I also like the flexibility in terms of how I teach.

The materials and branding are lovely and very modern.

I'm really enjoying it so far and so are my clients.

I'm so happy that I made the switch!

Instructor is Wendy Wood

13.05.2018 - Azeeta

Working for The LBC is like a dream.

I was looking for a hypnobirthing company that was heavy on communication and support for instructors, had a beautiful programme for clients and a programme I would love teaching and the LBC ticked every box.

Wendy and Melissa go above and beyond to make sure all their instructors are happy and they also ask for our feedback constantly.

What is the best thing about the LBC is that we all connect as instructors and support each other enormously.

There is only collaboration and love with this company no competition. How unique is that?

Instructor is Melissa Maloney