Hypnobirthing Training in the NHS


We are so excited to share The Little Birth Company (The LBC) Hypnobirthing Instructor Training.  We are passionate about offering a comprehensive, supportive and engaging training programme.

We offer a full, practical and fun programme that will equip the Midwives within your Trust to deliver a Complete Hypnobirthing and Birth Preparation Programme.

Our programme offers a supportive, friendly and inclusive programme that focuses on great support for its instructors and a wonderful programme that supports all women and all birth’s.  We believe that Hypnobirthing can support any birth, it is about a positive birth not a perfect birth.

We currently have about 80 wonderful instructors across the UK and Globally many of whom are Midwives and we are very proud to be the Hypnobirthing provider for the Royal Surrey County Hospital Maternity Unit.  

We have two different options for the training. We can offer a specific training purely for your own Midwives, there must be at least 4 Midwives and you would need to be able to provide a training venue, we can then offer a 10% discount off the total training cost.

Alternatively you can send the Midwives to one of our existing trainings across the UK, there is no minimum amount of Midwives you can send in this case. You can find our next training dates here.

If you would like a copy of our Information Booklet for Hypnobirthing Training within the NHS then contact us now.