IVF Hypnobirth

6 Jun, 2021

I gave birth to my lovely daughter on her IVF due date of 14th October having had hypnobirthing classes with Helen in my home.  The labour went quicker than we expected with contractions starting at 530am and a babe in arms by not long after 2pm. Hypnobirthing helped me to breathe through those early contractions making them manageable. As they built it got harder but I couldn’t really use the gas and air as they came so hard and fast that I couldn’t get it into my mouth or keep it there – it was more hassle than it was worth so I really drew on my hypnobirthing lessons to not panic and to breathe the pain out. I then gave birth in water with no pain relief at all, including no gas and air, and instead relied on music and hypnobirthing which my partner helped me with during the birth.

Just wanted to come on and update as my previous review was pre birth and now I can absolutely say that the course helped me and was worth doing 🙂

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Helen Johnson

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