Joanna and Harry

21 Aug, 2021

Birth report for Harry,  12th August 2021

I had a show at exactly 38 weeks I had never had this before due to two previous inductions and long hospital stays; I felt so excited when this happened that soon we’d meet out baby but equally knew in my head it want going to happen right away.

I experienced early labour contractions every day and with this came a huge influx of emotions but used the breathing techniques, breathing recordings, positive affirmations and yoga positions to remain calm. The latent phase lasted 5 days but I knew it wasn’t time to go to hospital yet.

I decided to start to harvest colostrum and my waters broke at home at 38+3, I knew it was time to go and meet this little one and had everything ready and a plan in place to look after Freddie and Issy, I had the best afternoon with them laughing and dancing around the house and a smooth bathtime/bedtime so gave them a big kiss and got a taxi to the hospital where I met my husband. The driver was amazing and so excited for me and we sang songs together from the radio on the short journey!

I went to the birth suite but unfortunately had meconium in my waters and had to be transferred to the delivery suite, I was disappointed and fear began to set in about an emergency c section but I plugged into Jo’s recordings and wouldn’t let my fear take over.

I was seen by a triage nurse at 10pm and put on fetal monitoring in a bay due to the meconium, again constantly listening to positive affirmations and music I’d prepared. The contractions were getting stronger and I began to feel I needed some drugs but my husband assured me I could do it and not to give in yet.

Things from this point happened exceptionally fast, I went from 1cm to the head crowning in 22mins and barely made it to the delivery suite! The midwives were utterly out of the world and kept assuring me I could do this and was so close!

I felt the babies head crowning and knew that I was so close and then suddenly out he came and was out straight on to me, we didn’t know the gender and they let my husband tell me, which is what he wanted and felt a part of the journey! I couldn’t believe I had done it without any drugs or interventions and literally felt like I’d won an Olympic medal, the euphoria I felt is something I’ll never forget.

My husband cut the cord for the first time and felt very much a part of it all! As requested they waited until the placenta stopped pulsing to cut it (I had no idea about this before Jo teaching me) and then had 2 hours of skin to skin before they even weighed him. I had a good look at the placenta fascinated by what it had done for me and my baby over the last 9 months.

The nurses then tidied up and turned the lights down and left us to it for a few hours where we remained skin to skin and had a feed.

Harry Oliver Francis Hanks was born at 38+3 on 12th August 2021 at 11:14pm, he has two overwhelmingly beautiful and excited siblings who have been nothing but incredible and we are overwhelmed by their love for their new brother.

We cannot thank Jo enough for her guidance in this journey, our last but very positive pregnancy and birth.

I cannot recommend Jo’s delivery of this course more highly to all mums to be, beit first time of 3rd time.

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Joanna Saville