5 Mar, 2022

Positive birth story Lucy

As I said goodnight to my 2-year-old son and read him a story I had no idea I would be meeting my second baby that same evening.

I started to feel cramps in my belly around 8pm and went to the toilet feeling like it was an upset stomach. I went downstairs and explained how I was feeling to my husband and in laws. I took two paracetamols for the cramps. I attempted to eat our takeaway tapas when it arrived at 8.30pm but could only eat a few mouthfuls before need to go back to the toilet. Next, I felt a trickle of water release that I couldn’t control. Yes, my waters had released walking up my in laws stairs. My husband came up to check on me and I said I think this is the start of labour. We called the hospital and explained what was happening they told me to come in or call back when my contractions were 2/3 minutes apart lasting a minute. This happened very quickly and by 9.20pm we decided to travel to the hospital the drive was about 30 minutes away and I just closed my eyes and focused on staying calm with contractions coming consistently for the whole drive. Once we arrived, we had to wait in the waiting room, but I didn’t feel comfortable having strong contractions continuously in front of strangers, so I hid in the toilet next to reception. Whilst I was in the toilet, I had a strong contraction and felt my baby/belly completely move down. I came out the toilet and said I can’t stay here waiting. I was then taken through to triage, but the midwives couldn’t do any checks on me such as take my blood pressure or check how far dilated I was because my contractions just kept coming. I sat on the floor in a squat position and waited for midwives to come back. I was then helped into the birthing suite and stopped on the way to lean on the midwife and breathe into her shoulder for a strong contraction. Once I got into the room, I was told they were running the bath and the gas and air was ready, but I didn’t make it into that part of the room. I said, ‘I need to go to the toilet’, and they asked ‘why?’ I said, ‘because I need to pooh’ the midwife then said, ‘Ok that probably means your baby is coming, don’t sit on the toilet’. I then squatted down in front of the toilet and held onto the toilet as I pushed my baby out, I could feel her coming down with each push. Her head came out and then there was a pause whilst I waited for another urge to push and then the body came out. I reached below and was passed baby by the midwife with her umbilical cord still attached to placenta inside of me. I was helped into the birthing suite to have skin to skin with baby. After this I was helped to the toilet and waited for another urge to push and birthed the placenta into a bed pan. Then my husband cut the cord and we carried on enjoying our daughter and encouraged her to feed. The midwife explained I had a small tear and I had gas and air whilst she stitched my tear. They always say the second baby comes quicker and I can totally agree with this statement now with my labour lasting 2hrs 57 minutes from first contraction. Lucy Rose Grant was born at 22:57 on 5.2.21 weighed 6lb 2oz. 

Thank you Kingston Hospital and the two midwives Becky and Georgia for making me feel safe, supported and well cared for. 

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Claire Grant

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