19 Dec, 2018

Positive Induction/Gestational Diabetes/Small baby.

“Hi lovely,hope you are well. All went well. They started me on the hormone drip and I dilated so quickly they were all shocked. Just gas and air and that worked brilliantly. We are so blessed xx Will definitly book in for a massage in the next two weeks. Ps. I had the playlist you recommended playing from start to finish I also used your breathing techniques that we used in your breathe class and George was amazing with acupressure points. If I didn’t have him applying pressure for every contraction the pain would be so much worse. I can’t thank you enough x”

When I receive messages like this my heart melts with love and joy. Marie totally rocked her birth! Do you know why? It wasn’t easy from the start she had gestational diabetes, they had a scan at 37 weeks where the technician told them something that could change their lives forever (the were very wrong and luckily a consultant walked in and did an accurate scan) and then her mind was completely rocked by what the technician had said. She came to my relaxation for birth class and she walked away so empowered and ready. She then came back to me for a massage but we chatted about what happened at the scan and how to turn things around now and move forward. Well…baby arrived not long after that session and you can see from above she didn’t let it falter her. Power of the mind body connection, power of her partner being her anchor and the ultimate power of being an amazing woman.
P.s. the playlist she used in her birth was not hypnobirthing music but the playlist I use when I massage my clients. So far that’s two ladies in two months who have given birth to that playlist

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Christine Azeeta Nielsen

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