The Birth of William Acer Savage

Michelle and Paul did the 3-hour hypnobirthing workshop via Zoom to prepare for the birth of their second baby.

17 October, 2020


The Birth of Everly

I'm looking forward to my next labour! I believe my story is such a positive one because of Hypnobirthing, not only how to manage 'pain' during labour, but because it gave me the confidence and belief in my own body to birth my baby 💗

15 September, 2020

Janis + Family

Happy Hypnobirthers

10 September, 2020


A very fast labour, but still with a sense of control and a lot of positivity - I felt invincible


24 August, 2020

The Birth of Max

Homebirth in Covid19

20 August, 2020

The Birth of Logan

My first labour was long and I wanted to do everything I could to avoid that this time round. I needed an episiotomy and really felt like I'd been hit by a bus afterwards.

20 August, 2020

Stacey's Birth Experience

There's no way my baby’s very early arrival would have been so perfect, so calm if we hadn’t had Hypnobirthing classes.

20 August, 2020

Kathleen's Birth Story

I had been on the phone to my mum and dad early evening on the 20th and towards the end of the call I mentioned I had some discomfort in my back, I didn’t think anything of it as I often have back ache however little did I know this was the start of Michael’s arrival.

20 August, 2020

The Birth of Ada

I recognised at one point that I was in the transition stage. Danny was brilliant with the positive encouragement and before I knew it my body was pushing my baby out.

20 August, 2020


The Birth of Henry

Positive Induction Story!

18 August, 2020


Positive Unplanned Caesarean - Sian's Story

I have always been adamant if I were to have a baby I would want a home birth. Since losing my dad as a teenager hospitals and medical situations have made me especially anxious, how I ended up married to a paramedic is beyond me!

18 August, 2020


A Wonderful Homebirth

Choosing to birth at home was the best decision I have ever made and have been on cloud nine since.

14 August, 2020

The birth of Elodie

Kathryn and Dominic are first time parents who completed the full hypnobirthing course with me in February

06 August, 2020


Hypnobirthing Workshop

Happy Hypnobirthers

08 July, 2020


Hannah + family

Happy Hypnobirthers

08 July, 2020

The birth of Ziggy

Tom and Georgia were first time parents and took the complete hypnobirthing course with me

07 July, 2020

Zoe and Sam5.jpg

Amazing pain-relief-free Frimley water birth for first time mama Zoe

For anyone worried about having a baby during Covid- yes it is uncertain times but we as women have all we need to birth our baby’s safely. Everyone should learn Hypnobirthing - it is fantastic and I don’t think I would have had such a positive experience without it.

13 June, 2020


Beautiful home birth for first time mum Zoe

Many more couples are considering a home birth at this time (of a global pandemic). Zoe and Jake’s story shows how calm, peaceful and super empowering this can be! “I have never felt so strong and quite honestly, so proud of myself. It was more than I could have ever wished for, a peaceful at-home birth, with no interventions and no pain relief.”

04 June, 2020


The most calm and in control birth for first time mum Laura

I was able to enjoy the most magical birth experience and I just wish every woman was as informed as I was so that they too can enjoy this incredible, empowering and natural experience for their births.

30 May, 2020


A Calm Second Birth

I honestly can’t believe how different this was to my first labour.

29 May, 2020

Positive Birth Story - Tash's Homebirth

It couldn’t have been more perfect if I’d tried! My midwives were amazing, my birth partner was fab and Freddie is just perfect!

24 May, 2020


Positive Birth in a Pandemic - The Birth of Seren

Leanna gave birth in the Mulberry Suite at Frimley Park Hospital.

19 May, 2020


A Positive Induction - The Birth of Teddy

Chelsea had some twists and turns during her labour, but she still had a positive experience.

19 May, 2020

A Planned Caesarean with Twins - The Birth of Maisie and Delilah

Hypnobirthing works for planned caesareans, too!

19 May, 2020


An Unplanned Caesarean - The Birth of Arthur

A change of plan, well navigated using hypnobirthing.

19 May, 2020

Tillie's Birth Story

took several baths in the early stages of labour (I love water) and put the hypnobirthing recordings on to 'get into the zone'.

19 May, 2020


Waterbirth During A Pandemic - The Birth of Hugo

Daisy shows that if you put your mind to it, you CAN do it!

29 April, 2020

Emma Bettes2.jpg

When the journey to birth changes - Emma and Graham

"There is not one single thing on my birth plan that happened the way I had wanted it to – but having a birth partner who was equipped with multiple tools through hypnobirthing, meant that I can still look back at the birth of my baby and feel overwhelmed with love and joy."

09 April, 2020


Positive Birth During Covid-19: Alison's Story

I arrived at midday on Wednesday to go to the Covid 19 isolation maternity ward to be induced...

09 April, 2020

Baby Huxley.jpg

"The birth I never even thought was possible" - Baby Huxley

Absolutely THRILLED for my awesome clients Niamh and Jamie, check this out for a positive birth!

20 March, 2020


The Birth Story of Harriet

Breech Birth - May 2019...

12 November, 2019


Baby Matilda's birth - 'eventful' yet calm and in control

How inspiring is Laura and Jack’s story of their first baby’s birth? Things certainly didn’t go ‘to plan’ yet Laura was incredible at remaining calm and positive throughout some potentially concerning events. Jack was a star in reminding Laura of all the hypnobirthing techniques they’d learned. Well done you two, and welcome beautiful Matilda.

23 October, 2019


Hayley & James' super speedy and empowering birth

First time parents Hayley and James’ amazing account of their baby’s quick and empowering entrance into the world at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, but very almost in the car on the way there!

10 September, 2019


Albie's birth

Hi Kate, Where do I start, what an amazing birth experience I have had!

04 September, 2019


The Birth of Dean - June 2019

Due date came and went, me and my husband Chris planned a “date day” to keep us busy, as we knew it would be unlikely that our baby would arrive on his due date.

11 August, 2019


The Birth of Harvey - August 2019

Hey Wendy Harvey James Giles, born at 6:38am after a 90 minutes active labour. They couldn’t believe how quick I went from 4cm to 10cm.

11 August, 2019

Screenshot 2020-01-31 at 11.24.32.png

Birth story of Freddie

A positive experience with syntocinon.

21 June, 2019

IMG_8084 2.JPG

The Birth of Georgia - June 2019

Baby Georgia was born this morning, at home (unintentionally 🙈)......

11 June, 2019

Screenshot 2020-01-31 at 11.35.10.png

The birth of Jack

Positive birth with an assisted delivery.

01 May, 2019

Sarah Noah bec.jpeg

Sarah's own birth story - baby Noah

Read all about why I fell in love with hypnobirthing and how it helped me have the natural healthy home birth I dreamed about!

26 January, 2019

Kirsten's Birth

IIt was a very calm and positive birth just like we had planned. The Hypnobirthing allowed me to stay focused and in control.

28 December, 2018

Screenshot 2020-01-31 at 11.27.47.png

Birth story of Tommy

Christmas day baby!

25 December, 2018

Screenshot 2020-01-31 at 11.32.17.png

Marie's first baby

Positive gestational diabetes story.

19 December, 2018

Screenshot 2020-01-31 at 11.29.41.png

The birth of Ruby

Long latent phase to fast active stage.

12 December, 2018


Lauren & Dave – Birth Story

Hey Wendy so as you know I had to take a different route to meeting my baby on Friday this is what happened…

06 December, 2018


Sharney & Nat – Birth Story

Thank you for everything you taught us...

05 December, 2018


Dominique & Nick – Birth Story

A whirlwind of a night!

05 December, 2018

IMG_6696-3-e1542994676826 (1).jpg

Happy 9th Birthday Charlie – Birth Story

So 9yrs ago tomorrow at 11.47am the most incredible life changing moment happened, I became a Mummy.

23 November, 2018

Screenshot 2020-01-31 at 11.33.49.png

The birth of Jaxon

Positive caesarean!

20 November, 2018


The Birth of Thea Ivy – Birth Story

Hi there! I just wanted to thank you both for your online course! The reading material was so interesting and it definitely helped me have a different perspective on birth!

06 September, 2018


The Birth of Alfie – Wendy’s Birth Story

So this is my own (Wendy’s) birth story, as a Midwife, Doula and Hypnobirthing Practitioner the pressure was on! I felt an expectation from those around me and also myself to have the perfect birth… to practice what I preach!

16 March, 2018


Becky & Will – Birth Story

Will and I are delighted to let you know that Benjamin George Micklethwaite arrived at 2:21am on Wednesday morning, weighing 7lb 10oz and we are so in love!

16 March, 2018


Natasha & Matt – April 2017

I felt like a freakin’ rockstar!

16 March, 2018


Chloe & Matthew – April 2017

My due date had passed and there were no signs of baby arriving

16 March, 2018


Alex & Jason – May 2017

Phoebe Rose, was born at home in a birth pool

16 March, 2018


Allie & Tom – May 2017

Bess Alicia Lawrence was born at 8:27pm on 23th May weighing 7lbs 14oz

16 March, 2018


Kelly & Chris – May 2017

We were brought together by a diamond of a friend and we just got each other

16 March, 2018


Amie & Martin – July 2017

It was a new moon, which we hadn’t realised

16 March, 2018


Lynn & Rich – January 2018

Leo Arthur Rowley weighed in at 8lb 2 1/2 ounces

09 February, 2018


Gemma & Chris – January 2018

I managed to use the hypnobirthing techniques all the way

05 February, 2018


Natalie & Steve – September 2017

After a complicated and traumatic first birth, followed by a week in hospital/ on neonatal we wanted to give ourselves…

04 September, 2017