The Birth Story of Harriet

Breech Birth - May 2019...

12 November, 2019


Albie's birth

Hi Kate, Where do I start, what an amazing birth experience I have had!

04 September, 2019


The Birth of Dean - June 2019

Due date came and went, me and my husband Chris planned a “date day” to keep us busy, as we knew it would be unlikely that our baby would arrive on his due date.

11 August, 2019


The Birth of Harvey - August 2019

Hey Wendy Harvey James Giles, born at 6:38am after a 90 minutes active labour. They couldn’t believe how quick I went from 4cm to 10cm.

11 August, 2019

IMG_8084 2.JPG

The Birth of Georgia - June 2019

Baby Georgia was born this morning, at home (unintentionally 🙈)......

11 June, 2019

Kirsten's Birth

IIt was a very calm and positive birth just like we had planned. The Hypnobirthing allowed me to stay focused and in control.

28 December, 2018


Lauren & Dave – Birth Story

Hey Wendy so as you know I had to take a different route to meeting my baby on Friday this is what happened…

06 December, 2018


Sharney & Nat – Birth Story

Thank you for everything you taught us...

05 December, 2018


Dominique & Nick – Birth Story

A whirlwind of a night!

05 December, 2018

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Happy 9th Birthday Charlie – Birth Story

So 9yrs ago tomorrow at 11.47am the most incredible life changing moment happened, I became a Mummy.

23 November, 2018


The Birth of Thea Ivy – Birth Story

Hi there! I just wanted to thank you both for your online course! The reading material was so interesting and it definitely helped me have a different perspective on birth!

06 September, 2018


The Birth of Alfie – Wendy’s Birth Story

So this is my own (Wendy’s) birth story, as a Midwife, Doula and Hypnobirthing Practitioner the pressure was on! I felt an expectation from those around me and also myself to have the perfect birth… to practice what I preach!

16 March, 2018


Becky & Will – Birth Story

Will and I are delighted to let you know that Benjamin George Micklethwaite arrived at 2:21am on Wednesday morning, weighing 7lb 10oz and we are so in love!

16 March, 2018


Natasha & Matt – April 2017

I felt like a freakin’ rockstar!

16 March, 2018


Chloe & Matthew – April 2017

My due date had passed and there were no signs of baby arriving

16 March, 2018


Alex & Jason – May 2017

Phoebe Rose, was born at home in a birth pool

16 March, 2018


Allie & Tom – May 2017

Bess Alicia Lawrence was born at 8:27pm on 23th May weighing 7lbs 14oz

16 March, 2018


Kelly & Chris – May 2017

We were brought together by a diamond of a friend and we just got each other

16 March, 2018


Amie & Martin – July 2017

It was a new moon, which we hadn’t realised

16 March, 2018


Lynn & Rich – January 2018

Leo Arthur Rowley weighed in at 8lb 2 1/2 ounces

09 February, 2018


Gemma & Chris – January 2018

I managed to use the hypnobirthing techniques all the way

05 February, 2018


Natalie & Steve – September 2017

After a complicated and traumatic first birth, followed by a week in hospital/ on neonatal we wanted to give ourselves…

04 September, 2017