"The birth I never even thought was possible" - Baby Huxley

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Baby Huxley born on Monday at 10.44am. The birth was amazing, it was exactly how I had played it out in my head, I just can’t believe it.

I woke up at 3am with lower back pain so I decided to get a hot water bottle and try and go back to sleep. By 5am I was having surges every 5 minutes and started to get uncomfortable. I used my breathing techniques, ran a bath and listened to my positive affirmations MP3.

My husband was still asleep and I had an urge to be on my own and focus, so I went into the spare room and continued breathing through the surges which were more intense and coming every 4 minutes. At 7.30am I woke my husband up and we decided to start making our way in to the hospital.

I played birth affirmations on the way there and carried on using breathing and visualisation techniques to get through the surges which were very intense by that point.

When we arrived I allowed them to examine me as I felt the baby would be here soon. I was already 8 cm dilated.

I got straight on gas & air and was then transferred to the rushey midwife lead birthing unit. Jamie was able to guide my through the breathing and be everything I needed.

We kept playing the birth affirmations on repeat. Baby Huxley was born in the birthing pool just an hour and 40 minutes after we arrived.

I reached down into the water and scooped him up exactly the same way I had imagined it every day in the months previously.

The midwifes could not believe how calm I was and suggested a home birth next time.

Before doing the hypnobirthing class with Sarah I was frightened at the thought of giving birth, and convinced I would opt for a medically-led birth with as much pain relief as possible.

Doing the course completely changed my prospective and I made the decision to try for a water birth with only gas and air.

Every night I spent five minutes imagining my perfect birth and I listened to the hypnobirthing MP3’s two months in the lead up to the birth.

Sarah was amazing and offered lots of support even after we had finished our classes.

I don’t believe I would have had the same experience had we not attended I honestly can’t thank her enough for enabling me to have the birth I never even thought was possible.

We are in love.


20 March, 2020

The Instructor for this birth was

Instructor Sarah  Collison

Sarah Collison

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