The Birth of Max

In January 2020 I met Claire at at Positive Birthing group and made a decision to ask her to come along to our house where she would share her knowledge, techniques and passion about Hypnobirthing with my mum, husband and I for the next 4 weeks. She helped me get to a point where I knew anything was possible for our birth.

Throughout the beginning stages and very scary time of the Covid-19 pandemic Claire continued to check in with me to ensure I continued in a calm state of mind- something I will be forever grateful for.

As my baby was breech, and after careful consideration I went for a ECV, supported by Frances. Dr Basken who turned our baby, did so in the most beautiful way. She was totally in the zone and it looked as though she was holding my baby. The procedure was a success and he remained head engaged throughout.

Sunday 19th April 2020... I had such a lovely day, I got up in the morning and whilst getting ready thought I’d take a photo of my bump, as I hadn’t taken one throughout. I was in the sun with the boys playing games, watching them water fight and generally just feeling quite calm throughout the day. At 7pm following dinner I felt a sharp tightening of my tummy but nothing that gave me any indication this was the beginning of labour. I began my evening ritual of a long hot bath, candles and audiobook - 'Your Baby, Your Birth'. This lovely book is filled with lots of empowering language and stories that helped grow my inner warrior.

After tucking my boys up in bed I climbed into bed myself feeling different...the difference was a knowing that this was the beginning...something I didn’t share with my husband at first. I instinctively knew to just begin this sense of calm, using all the techniques I’ve learned during the Hypnobirthing training. At 11:30pm the surges became a bit stronger and I said to my Husband, I’m in labour! I stayed in bed breathing through each surge and at 12:30am I felt my waters pop!!
I phoned into the hospital to let them know as they would then let the Homebirth team know. Paula phoned at 1am and at 1:20am she arrived at my home, alongside my Mum, who was also there to support my birth.

My husband and eldest son began to fill the Birthing Pool up, while I stayed in my bedroom breathing through each surge. The surges were coming every 3-4 mins but the minute in between was giving me enough of a rest to gain my composure.

At 3am I went into the pool surrounded by my Husband, eldest son, Mum and my two angels Frances and Paula!

Throughout the labour they very discreetly listened in on our baby who was calm, and the reassurance from this knowledge gave me the determination to keep breathing through each surge. I felt calm and full of purpose during each stage of labour. I was so focused on my mind, breath and safe arrival of my baby that I didn’t feel the need to interrupt the flow for drugs. At 3:20am, and during transition I considered for a second I couldn’t go on, and without saying anything Frances said very calmly and gently you’ve had your show and I took that as “your baby is nearly here”. She also said your body knows what to do...and at that my body began to push and my babies head was here. With another push our beautiful and perfect little boy arrived at 3:30am. I caught him and pulled him onto my chest, where within minutes he was breast crawling to be fed! This moment was an extreme endorphin rush, something so memorable and beautiful! We all just enjoyed the next 15 mins or so before my husband and eldest boy, cut the cord!

To be at home in the comfort of my own surroundings, feeling calm and in control has to be the most empowering feeling I’ve ever had!
Max George Douglas weighed in at a healthy 8lb 3oz and has brought our family together.

There are no words to describe the gratitude I feel for the love and care I’ve received from Frances and Paula. They will hold a special place in our families life forever more.

My Mum was by my side supporting and encouraging me throughout which gave me the strength in my mind to never question my capabilities. She was my strength.

My Husband and son ensured the environment was perfect and safe, and there teamwork to make it all happen allowed me to concentrate of giving birth to our angel.
This experience has changed our life’s and we will all be forever grateful.

20 August, 2020

The Instructor for this birth was

Instructor Claire  Johnston

Claire Johnston

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