LGBTQ+ Peer Support Lead

Meet Caroline

Hi, I’m Caroline. I started my training journey with The Little Birth Company in 2020 after a lifelong passion for pregnancy and birth. Alongside Hypnobirthing, I am a practising social worker with eight years’ experience supporting children and their families.  In between work and developing my hypnobirthing business, I love spending time with family and friends, talking far too much about TV/audible/podcast recommendations… and living/loving life with my soon-to-be wife Fern.

In striving to be a fully inclusive practitioner, I am continuously adapting my own approach to reflect the varying needs of my clients. For this reason, I feel proud to work with the Little Birth Company who are committed to growing a community where diverse families and instructors feel safe, represented and respected. I am excited to take forward my new role of LGBT+ Peer Support Lead. My hope is to share the skills and knowledge I have gained through lived experience and through my ongoing learning in order to provide instructors with a meaningful awareness of the issues facing LGBT+ families in the context of birth and parenthood.

I hold the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to feel positive, empowered and informed with regards to issues concerning fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond. Relevant and purposeful antenatal education should therefore be inclusive and accessible. By highlighting LGBT+ issues within the context of birth and parenthood, I hope to increase awareness and understanding of different types of families beyond the usual heteronormative narrative.

It is my aim to create a space for instructors to continue our learning in a supportive environment where we can keep ‘doing the work’ together and explore on an ongoing basis what this means for our practise.

It is truly a privilege to be on this journey as a member of The Little Birth Company team.  I hope that together we continue to learn and grow while building a community that welcomes all types of families and parents – making sure there is space for everyone.