19 May, 2020

Thought I’d let you know how it all went as I’ve got a chance to have a soak in the bath while Anwen and Carl watch Seren. Anwen is totally in love and excited about her new baby sister and won’t leave her side, keeps telling us to be careful lol!

So I just want to say a massive thank you to you as I really feel the hypnobirthing helped massively with what turned out to be a super quick birth!

I felt things start about 1.30 yesterday morning and at 1.50 my waters went slightly. Then I basically started having surges every 5 minutes from then! After ringing the hospital they said to come in straight away for a check as waters had gone but likely I’d have a while but by the time my mum got here for Anwen the surges had really ramped up and was very close to saying I just needed to have her at home! Mum and Carl helped me in the car which I was happy with, got to Frimley at 3.55 and had her at 4.20! Apart from 1 wobble that mum and Carl helped me through, I felt really in control and able to calm myself when the pushing started and just focused then and went with the surges.

Although he failed in the t shirt department, Carl had me visualising my beach and focusing on my breathing so I am so pleased he was able to do the course with you as well and focus me back to what I needed to do.

It was intense but I feel so so positive about this birth. The midwife at frimley was wonderful, she was just there in the background and said ‘you’re in control you push when you need’ and I did and felt really empowered afterwards. I didnt get to experience the ‘pushing surges’ last time due to the epidural so it was a completely different experience and although Anwen’s wasn’t horrendous I look back and think what if or wish I’d done things differently whereas this time I feel so positive about the whole thing. I got to have skin to skin, delayed cord clamping and feed her on my own and it was just so lovely.

Everything feels so positive and I just hope that continues!

Thank you also for the tens machine recommendation I felt that really helped to, even if it was just a distraction!

I’m happy to pop a picture and review on your pages or for you to copy and paste this as I can’t rave enough about all your help! Carl will also do one!

Hope you are all keeping well and hopefully see you soon

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Heather Seward


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