Sofia’s birth – a natural birth

16 Feb, 2021

Dear Kate

I just wanted to write to let you know that our daughter, Sofia, was born on Sunday 29th November.

My birth experience was very positive and I am so grateful to you and to hypnobirthing for helping me to have such a positive experience to birth my daughter naturally with no medical intervention or drugs, which was very important to me. 

Early labour started at 3am on Friday with contractions every 15 minutes, but these were very manageable and I walked, bounced on the birthing ball and listened to the relaxation music to keep me focused and relaxed. On Saturday the contractions continued every 15 minutes or so but were much stronger and so I started using the tens machine to help and took a couple of paracetamol. 

On Saturday evening at about 8pm we went to get checked at the hospital. Sofia was monitored and the midwife then said she would check to see how dilated I was but said that I would most likely have to go home as I was far too calm and that contractions were too irregular (my water hadn’t broken yet, which is what I had been waiting for). She was VERY surprised that I was 4cm dilated and in established labour and off we went to the birth centre.  I was fully dilated about an hour and a half later (another surprise for the midwife) and when I told her I felt like I needed to push she told me to do whatever felt right, which is exactly what I then did. About two hours later Sofia was born. Her head did get stuck and towards the end the midwife was suggesting taking me through to the labour ward, but that only gave me the final burst of energy needed to birth her and she came out all in one go! 

The whole way through she was monitored and her heart rate was always completely normal and showed no signs of stress. She did cry very loudly on arrival but then settled quite quickly and had 9 and then 10 on the apgar scale. 

I was so proud of myself for being able to give birth naturally and although it wasn’t an easy experience, it was tiring and at times I felt that I couldn’t go on, I did it and I know that it was because my mind stayed relaxed and focused on what I needed to do as well as listening to and allowing my body to do what it needed to do. I felt no fear or anxiety.

My husband was a tremendous help and support, reminding me to breath, using 3,2,1 relax and the calming breath exercise. The workshop we did with you was what made him feel confident enough to help me through the labour, and I’m so grateful he was there with me, keeping me going. It was an experience that I couldn’t have gone through as positively without him.

It’s a long email but I just wanted you to know how happy I am that it went as I had planned and that my recovery has been so fast.

Thank you so much. I will definitely be recommending your workshops and hypnobirthing.

All the best


Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Kate Allam


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