15.07.2020 - Lucy

Hannah's advice and support throughout the course and my pregnancy has been absolutely invaluable! Having previously suffered a miscarriage we were very anxious about what to expect, but we have finished the course feeling absolutely in control and calm about our baby arriving. We feel totally prepared to deal with any eventuality and can comfortably say we are actually looking forward to the delivery of our baby, knowing we have the knowledge and tools we need to remain calm and in control! We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hannah to any expectant parents!! β€β€

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

09.07.2020 - Megan

Myself and my husband wanted to try hypnobirthing with our first baby a couple of years ago but we were both very skeptical and for the price we really weren’t keen on “wasting” that money. How wrong we were! We are both SO thankful for the opportunity to be some of Sarah’s first hypno clients. It literally couldn’t have come at a better time either, slap bang in the middle of lockdown when I was at my most unhappiest and stressed out.

She is one of the loveliest and most friendliest people we’ve ever met, even if over zoom on video chat! Her voice is instantly calming and soothing, so much so I preferred her voice to the Little Birth Company’s one. Oops!

Simply put, this course was amazing. I am one to research every little thing so there was a fair bit I already knew, although it was still great to go over everything again as a refresher. For first time parents or even those with subsequent pregnancies who perhaps had traumatic or negative experiences with their firsts, I honestly believe this course would be invaluable.

I really hope on birth day I can fully focus and stay on track with the hypnobirthing. For the last week I’ve been doing moxibustion and listening to the tracks while trying to get this baby to turn his bum around! I can’t even begin to explain how beneficial listening to the hypno tracks are during pregnancy too. It’s so relaxing and genuinely feels like it’s gearing me up to give birth again. I can’t wait! My only regret is that I didn’t do this with my first baby.

We can’t thank you enough Sarah ❀️

Instructor is Sarah Drawwater

07.07.2020 - Leanne

Never did I think that taking time for myself and my baby would result in how it makes me feel each week. I’m slightly gutted I’m coming to the end of my pregnancy relaxation course with Sarah as I look forward to it each week. I have learnt so much in such a little time. I would highly recommend πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

Instructor is Sarah Drawwater

05.07.2020 - Danielle Milbank

I would highly recommend Sarah’s coaching. She has a deep knowledge of everything surrounding birth, and her understanding of clients’ needs makes her sessions reassuring, personal and practical. What I learnt in her sessions was incredibly valuable when the time came!

Instructor is Sarah Collison

02.07.2020 - Romy

When I was pregnant lin 2018, I reached out to Hannah online, even though I live far away from where she is based, I was able to get tips and she provided me with caring and motivational words which helped me a lot right before AND after giving birth. It was a whole process for me personally, and I would recommend Hannah highly to anyone who is able to reach out to her!

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

21.06.2020 - Laura

Although I didn't have a very long established labour before I had a c section, your advice and hypnobirthing methods made it the most beautiful experience I've ever had in my life time. I had all the control over my labour pressure with the breathing techniques and audio files. You were with me the whole way through. I haven't thanked you properly but you gave me more than you could ever know. You gave me the opportunity to labour in the first place by empowering me in taking a firm stance in my clinical care that I recieved. I owe you so much πŸ˜˜

I first found out about hypnobirthing a while back from a friend who had not long had a baby. I couldn't quite get my head around hearing such a positive account... I've only heard the horror stories and the warnings everyone likes to share with you! I had never heard about someone talk about their birth in such a way. She said "she'd do it again 100 times over" if she could. Then when I found out I was pregnant, I looked straight into hypnobirthing. Personally, I think it gives back to woman what has been taken from them and by shifting away from preconceptions, you go back to the beauty of how mother nature intended it to be. I felt so empowered, so in control and confident in my own body's ability to do the job. Although there was no way around having to have a c section (which I was terrified and dead against having from my first one) I learned that if it was to happen, how to accept it and let go of the fear I held. Because of all this, there's not one part of my birth that I regret or wish it had been different. It was perfection in every way and was looked after so well at the Conquest Hospital in Hastings. The midwives and consultants fully embraced and suppprted that I was hypnobirthing and my birth plan was respected fully. I hope by me retelling my experience to any of my mummy to be friends or anyone that will listen that they can reframe birth too and have the experience they deserve and will cherish forever, as I do.


Instructor is Hannah Gerken

19.06.2020 - Dom

To be honest, I wasn’t entirely convinced when my wife suggested the idea of hypnobirthing. My wife was definitely the driver of this idea, but I’m glad she was! Having completed the course with Erin, I would recommend her and the course whole heartily.  

We found Erin’s enthusiasm and knowledge Invaluable and it’s given both of us confidence of what to expect. For me, this gave me a purpose and understanding of how to advocate on my wife’s behalf without feeling like a simple passenger.

The birth plan guidance and relaxation tools were also great, however I did manage to fall asleep listening for the first time! 

Thanks again Erin, we look forward to introducing baby!!

Instructor is Erin Fung

19.06.2020 - Tom

Having had very little experience or interest in labour and pregnancy, I highly recommend this course. For both your partner and yourself. I found it extremely helpful and prepared me for supporting my wife during labour. The course explained the best approaches, what to expect and how best to deal with any type of situation we could potentially come across. What I also really liked is that despite the name, Hypnobirthing is very logical and scientifically based which suited my learning style completely! Would highly recommend this course and Erin to any first time parents or those who have had negative experienced of labour and birth. 

Instructor is Erin Fung

19.06.2020 - Roland

Hypnobirthing has an unhelpful name. It is not hypnosis in the comic sense of people zoning out and forgetting their own name. Rather it is a relaxation technique that helps to allow the body to function as it is designed to do.

From a partner’s perspective, it allows you to help your pregnant lady find her inner strength and perform her biological function. The main techniques are breathing, creating a positive mindset and making the environment as conducive as possible to a good birth. If you like making your house nice to help your partner have a nice life, why wouldn’t you make her birth space nice to have a nice birth?

Personally I think everyone should do hypnobirthing because it is not all or nothing. Performing bits of hypnobirthing technique (good breathing, positive mindset and making a nice environment) are essentials for all births. So even if you only take away pieces from the course and regardless of the method of birth you want, it can only help you and your partner on your way to a good birth experience.

Instructor is Erin Fung

12.06.2020 - Alice

I cannot recommend Sarah enough - there are simply no words to express my gratitude toward her. She transformed the third trimester of my pregnancy through her teaching and gave me the tools to feel empowered & informed throughout the process of birthing my first baby. Although my birth didn't follow the path I had pictured, I was able to maintain a tranquil environment - feeling calm & relaxed even throughout an emergency cesarean. At one point a midwife & a doctor commented that my delivery room felt 'like a visit to the spa'! The techniques we learnt with Sarah have continued to play a role in our parenting with Bill; remaining calm and together throughout even the trickier night times! Sarah has been on hand since our course via message/text & I now tell every pregnant person I know to get in contact with her. I wish everyone would complete a birthing course with Sarah - the world would be a much happier & calmer place!

Instructor is Sarah Thomson

12.06.2020 - Olivia

We did the course with Sarah and it was brilliant. The course really enabled my husband/birth partner to be fully involved. It prepared us the best we could for birth. We learnt soo much about birth. Sarah taught us techniques we could do together to keep calm and relaxed. We practised in the run up to the birth listening to tracks. I can fully recommend this course if you are pregnant. It really helped me stay calm through labour and birth and even in stressful moments of parenthood. Thanks again Sarah.

Instructor is Sarah Thomson

08.06.2020 - Olivia

I can only begin to describe how beneficial this course has been for both myself and my birth partner.  I've gone from wanting a c-section with maximum pain relief to really understanding my options when it comes to birth and the implications that my choices can have. I previously had feelings of fear and dread when talking about a natural birth but can honestly say I'm looking forward to the birth and feel very prepared for what's in store. Now I can truly enjoy my last months of pregnancy knowing that I have a beautiful and positive birth to look forward to.   My birth partner said it was the best course he has ever done and is completely engaged with hypnobirthing. He is very clear on his role and also excited!  We cannot thank you enough for everything that you have taught us. You have completely transformed our perspectives on pregnancy and childbirth. I would love to see as many people as possible do this course, regardless of their birth choices, because the amount that you learn will fill you with so much confidence and positivity.

The virtual sessions worked very well and I don't feel that the experience suffered in anyway for not being face to face. You became a very trusted resource beyond the topics of hypnobirthing alone and we felt comfortable asking you anything. Loved the follow-up emails with bits to watch / read in between sessions. Overall, professional, knowledgeable and approachable.

Instructor is Erin Fung

07.06.2020 - Bethanna

I would absolutely recommend Hannah and her courses. She is so mindful of wanting to create resources for women and couples who are expecting a baby that promote a positive experience of birth, whatever that might look like and how to care for yourself both during pregnancy, labour and beyond.

Hannah went above and beyond in providing information for me when I was trying to decide on a birth plan (I had previously had a caearean and wanted to try for a natural bith, on top of which I had gestational diabetes), I had previously written some options off but she helped me to find resources and get educated in my options and encouraged me the whole way through.

I also did her four week relaxation course during pregnancy which was amazing and perfect thing to help focus, be mindful and relax in the lead up to my labour. Hannah was and is always available, even now that I have had my baby she still reaches out to encourage me and check that I am well. I was also lucky enough to have her be part of my aftercare in the hospital where she was brilliant in so many ways.

I wholeheartedly recommend her and her courses.

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

30.05.2020 - Emma Bettes

Before we attended Sarah’s hypnobirthing workshop, my husband and I were both petrified of the idea of labour and birth. When we left sarah’s hypnobirthing workshop, we felt calm, knowledgeable, empowered and most importantly we felt EXCITED! Didn’t know it was possible to feel excited about the prospect of a tiny human exiting me πŸ˜† the birth itself didn’t end up following the birth plan we created. Lots of things changed and I ended up being induced, because baby was in distress, but having a birth partner who was equipped with hypnobirthing techniques was the biggest blessing and meant we still welcomed our little girl into the world naturally.

Sarah is the best hypnobirthing teacher.

She has such a heart for every single one of her clients. She becomes more of a friend than a teacher. With baby being born at the start of lockdown, I found it quite hard to stay calm at the end of pregnancy but Sarah regularly checked in on me (virtually of course) and gave me lots of tips on things I could do to help calm and relax my mind and forget about all the scary things going on in the news. Thanks Sarah!!!

Finally, we also attended the Baby Ready workshop and learnt all about the ‘fourth trimester’. As first time parents we were clueless but once again, Sarah gave us the tools we needed and helped us feel empowered. Since baby has been born, she has continued to check on us - understanding that these are difficult and different times.

She is fab and I would highly recommend all expectant parents get in touch with her today!

Instructor is Sarah Collison

30.05.2020 - Rachel Greenwood

We completed Sarah's complete hypnobirthing course in March to prepare for our second baby.

We have come away with a much better understanding of the physiology of birth/ labour and the course has transformed our perception of birth as a 'medical emergency' into a powerful natural process.

From this, we have gained the confidence to embrace all options for birth and to build a birth plan that is right for us.

Sarah has also followed up with lovely messages of support and fantastic resources. I cannot recommend this course enough, especially if you are feeling nervous about birth.

Instructor is Sarah Collison

27.05.2020 - Georgia

A big thank you to you from both of us for making this such a lovely positive experience. We’ve learnt so much and can’t wait to use all the techniques when the time arrives. We are now just so excited about labour and birth and cannot wait to meet our little one. We felt we really got to know you as a person and built a great relationship with you even over zoom and you really added the personal touch with welcome gifts, birth plan cards etc. Plus being so down to earth we felt we just clicked with you! We are now huge advocates of Hypnobirthing and like I said I feel that every woman/couple should learn this as I think it makes such a huge difference to the birth experience. 

It has been so useful for us learning about the pregnancy and birthing experience. We now understand how important it is to feel in control and how to make the choices perfect for us. We now feel very excited and empowered going into this experience rather than fearful and anxious. It’s had a wonderful effect on my state of mind especially during a global pandemic! My husband also now understands how important his role is as my advocate, birthing partner and as a father and I think that’s really important. Erin was great, she was well informed, practical and supportive. We felt we created a brilliant relationship over the course of 8 weeks.Thank you so much and can’t wait to share with you how it all goes.



Instructor is Erin Fung

21.05.2020 - Satu & Rob

Me and my partner did the hypnobirthing course with Elena and we both feel much more prepared and calm! Would recommend it to anyone wanting more information regarding pregnancy and birth and they teach relaxation techniques as well. We went from nervous to excited! :)

Instructor is Elena Paparello

19.05.2020 - Jo

Jo took the Reframe Your Birth Mini course, with the aim of finding some practical ways of supporting her in a positive birth. Chester is her rainbow baby, 4th birth, and 2nd VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) and I think you'll agree that she is an absolute superwoman! She stuck with her instincts, declining induction and trusting in her body. Huge well done Jo, I am over the moon for you!


I think this was the moment where I realised just how big this baby is and how amazing the birthing body is when left to do what it needs to do.

So, my take away from this birth so far is the following:

Regular, close contractions don't always happen. My active labour contractions were 20-30 minutes apart and excruciating. I only called triage because the pain felt like labour. By the time we finished the car journey to hospital, they were on top of each other, but still irregular. I was 6cm. Baby arrived soon after. Hip rotating on knees throughout was essential for moving this baby down and out. Any other position was excruciating.

I reached transition where that familiar feeling of "I can't do this" bobbed about in my mind, but I didn't entertain it because I knew I would and had before.

A good midwife asks what position you labored your other babies in and lets you lead...despite not being able to commit to vbac continuous monitoring in the process.

A good midwife doesn't need to examine you to see how you're progressing, she can read your labour pattern and responds appropriately.

In short, I declined all methods of post date interventions, went into labour spontaneously and had a midwife who pretty much left me to it until it came to getting that big head out. Then she helped guide my way verbally with praise and encouragement. He was born with a large head circumference and hand up to his face. There were no tears because there was no panic.

The best second vbac I could ever have asked for followed by a peaceful post natal recovery where I was left to breastfeed in peace and follow my instincts.


Instructor is Hannah Gerken

19.05.2020 - Leanna Hone

So I just want to say a massive thank you to you as I really feel the hypnobirthing helped massively with what turned out to be a super quick birth!

I felt things start about 1.30 yesterday morning and at 1.50 my waters went slightly. Then I basically started having surges every 5 minutes from then! After ringing the hospital they said to come in straight away for a check as waters had gone but likely I'd have a while but by the time my mum got here for Anwen the surges had really ramped up and was very close to saying I just needed to have her at home! Mum and Carl helped me in the car which I was happy with, got to Frimley at 3.55 and had her at 4.20! Apart from 1 wobble that mum and Carl helped me through, I felt really in control and able to calm myself when the pushing started and just focused then and went with the surges.

Although he failed in the t shirt department, Carl had me visualising my beach and focusing on my breathing so I am so pleased he was able to do the course with you as well and focus me back to what I needed to do.

It was intense but I feel so so positive about this birth. The midwife at frimley was wonderful, she was just there in the background and said 'you're in control you push when you need' and I did and felt really empowered afterwards. I didnt get to experience the 'pushing surges' last time due to the epidural so it was a completely different experience and although Anwen's wasn't horrendous I look back and think what if or wish I'd done things differently whereas this time I feel so positive about the whole thing. I got to have skin to skin, delayed cord clamping and feed her on my own and it was just so lovely.

Everything feels so positive and I just hope that continues!

Thank you also for the tens machine recommendation I felt that really helped to, even if it was just a distraction!

Instructor is Heather Seward

11.05.2020 - Sarah Collison

I joined the LBC Family as an instructor via fast track having previously taught under a different hypnobirthing brand.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this decision!

Wendy, Melissa, Hannah and Dawn have been nothing but hugely welcoming, present, and supportive.

The client materials are just beautiful and so comprehensive - a really great accompaniment to the classes.

When you’ve found your tribe, you just know, and I feel super honoured to be part of this group of inspiring and loving women supporting women.

If you’re considering training to be a hypnobirthing teacher, look no further!

Instructor is Wendy Wood

11.05.2020 - Fiona

I chose to transfer fast track to The LBC because of locality and Wendy’s warm friendly personality . I knew immediately I would be supported . I love the handbook and resources, they are professional and parents love them . The LBC are all hugely supportive friendly and extremely quick to answer all questions. The LBC community is friendly encouraging and positive . Delighted I made the decision to transfer x 

Instructor is Wendy Wood

11.05.2020 - Hannah

I joined The Little Birth Company after a mere 3 months of teaching another hypnobirthing course, that I just wasn't getting on with.

The Little Birth Company had only just been created and as soon as I saw the branding, their ethos and spoke with the lovely Wendy and Melissa, I knew it was where I wanted to be.

It feels like a family. Everyone is so supportive and I have met the most wonderful women who I am so proud to call my friends. I feel like the hypnobirthing courses are me.

They are modern, flexible and every single one of my clients has enjoyed the MP3s and course content, which wasn't happening before.

We are given the control to teach how we want, record the MP3s ourselves and there is so much room for growth, not to mention the pregnancy relaxation and positive caesarean packages that are available too.

Having been with The Little Birth Company for 2 years and Social Media Lead for 1, I can wholeheartedly say that I have never felt more supported in my business and also personally.

I couldn't recommend any more highly!

Instructor is Wendy Wood

29.04.2020 - Katie and Aaron

I had already decided I wanted to do hypnobirthing when I discovered I had an underlying condition that would make me high risk - I thought this meant all was lost and there go my peaceful birth plans! Hannah was amazing at making me see this wasn't true and made sure I was informed and calm all the way. Practical information for your birth and calming guided meditations. Thanks so much Hannah - couldnt have done it without you xxx

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

29.04.2020 - Natalie

Just finished four weeks of pregnancy relaxation via Zoom and so sad it has ended. What a great four weeks it has been. Hannah is so good and really helps to prepare you for birth in the most calming way. Thanks so much Hannah! Would definitely recommend πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’›

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

29.04.2020 - Becky

Thank you so much for the sessions they have been really beneficial and I can honestly say I definitely feel I am looking forward to birthing our baby now!

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

29.04.2020 - Livi

I was induced in the end, the pessary when in at about 4:15pm and then contractions started from about and hour after. They we getting a lot stronger quite quickly but they didn’t believe me that I was in labour. About 11:30pm I said to the midwife that they were really strong and she said no you’ll be ages yet lol. So went for a bath to try and help at 1am and I said to them I feel like I need to push so I got out and my waters broke on the bathroom floor and her head was there minutes later and just about got back to my room to deliver her! Only took about 4 pushes and she was here. So I guess I had no pain relief like I want too! πŸ™ˆ but she was all worth it! I’ll just know for next time and know what to expect a bit more. Thank you again for everything β˜ΊοΈπŸ’–

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

26.04.2020 - Florence

Thanks to Hannah, having a baby during this time was less scary and we felt as prepared as we could. Although Hannah made us feel completely prepared for the birth that we planned, we also felt prepared when the labour didn’t quite go as we expected. Although it was a quick and intense labour, I never felt scared and never thought I couldn’t do it. That’s all down to the work we put in with Hannah in her sessions, and the confidence and knowledge she gave my partner on how to guide and support me throughout the pregnancy and labour. Hannah supported us not only through the sessions but was ALWAYS available to answer any questions we had and regularly encouraged us to get in contact with her - especially as Covid was causing a lot of changes to our birth plan and our post-labour journey that we needed to adapt to in the last few weeks before the birth of our daughter. Without Hannahs help our birth story would have been very different and we will forever be grateful for her knowledge and constant encouragement.

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

26.04.2020 - Harry

I realised through the sessions with Hannah that hypnobirthing was really about preparing us mentally, emotionally, physically and practically. The sessions were packed with information that helped to ease any fears we had and guide us through the latter stages of pregnancy, labour and post-labour too. I also realised that I had a role during labour and I wasn’t necessarily surplus to requirements. I felt even closer to my birth partner and was in awe of what she (and we) achieved.

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

21.04.2020 - Alice & Tom

Thanks to Hannah, my husband and I went into our sons labour with full confidence and with the right knowledge. She gave us information and reassurance to what to expect, and to expect the unexpected! Her aura was so gentle and peaceful, plus she really knew her field of expertise! I never heard of Hypnobirthing and recommend it to any new parents to be. Especially with Hannah! Fortunately we were able to see Hannah hours after our son was born, as she was working on a shift, so pleased she got to meet baby Edward. We can’t thank her enough for putting us both at ease and making us excited for the labour itself rather than dreading it xx

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

21.04.2020 - Ellie & Tom

My husband and I feel fully prepared after a fantastic session with Hannah. She was brilliant; she personalised the session to our needs and was helpful, knowledgeable and supportive. We are excited for our birth experience and feel confident in dealing with whatever path it takes. Thank you Hannah!

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

21.04.2020 - Caroline & Adam

As soon as we attended Hannah's introductory session we felt more positive about the birth. We booked a course after that and had a couple of private sessions. Hannah was very flexible to fit in with what we needed. She gave us loads of information and resources to help during the pregnancy and labour. I was able to stay relaxed for labour and ended up having a natural water birth. My husband and I went to normal ante natal classes too but the hypnobirthing felt more positive and gave us a different perspective. Would recommend to all pregnant ladies 

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

21.04.2020 - Caz & James

Hannah has been amazing and so patient with me over the last 8 months. I couldn't have got through this pregnancy without her. Still waiting for baby to arrive (less than a week until due date😬) but I feel so much calmer and more positive about the birth than when I first found out I was pregnant. I can honestly say this is down to the support and knowledge from Hannah. Even my partner is surprised at how much he has learnt through the sessions and being able to do this from the comfort of your own home is an added bonus! Thank you so much for everything! I couldn't recommend you enough! Everyone needs a Hannah throughout their pregnancy! πŸ₯°

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

21.04.2020 - Daniella

I would 100% recommend Hannah! I had a 1:1 relaxation session, I was a little nervous to begin with but she made me feel really relaxed straight away and I feel like the breathing techniques will be very helpful in labour, practicing them made me feel really calm and I will definitely be practicing every day. Hannah has also gone that little bit further after our session to send me photos and links to help me out further! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!! xxx

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

16.04.2020 - Michael Cordova

We took part in the Baby Ready workshop and found it very useful, plenty of practical tips and great recommendations. She is very easy going and knowledgeable, highly recommend attending if you can.

Instructor is Sarah Collison

16.04.2020 - Caroline Basden

My husband and I recently attended Sarah's fantastic hypnobirthing course. As 3rd time parents but hypnobirthing novices we found the content very interesting and helpful.

We had our 1st session in Sarah's lovely home but the subsequent sessions on Zoom due to the Coronavirus lockdown- Sarah has been super flexible and done all she can to help us relax in these tough circumstances.

A big thank you to Sarah and I look forward to sharing my positive birth experience in a couple of months time!

Instructor is Sarah Collison

15.04.2020 - Elizabeth Aitkens

We highly recommend Sarah. This was so worthwhile, I did have my doubts but prepared it doesn't work overnight. The one to one really is worth it as you have that time and privacy.

We instantly felt a calmness and positivity with her which I loved. I have never talked openly about birth fear and certainly past fears which Sarah very gently smoothed over in our sessions.

We now feel ready to meet our girl, I just wish i could have Sarah in the delivery room but I certainly have my hypnobirthing tools at the ready.

Cannot thank you enough Sarah.

Instructor is Sarah Collison

14.04.2020 - Erin Fung

I completed the Hypnobirthing Instructor training in January this year. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years and never had the guts to just take that leap and do it.

I’m so glad that I chose The Little Birth Company to train with!

Wendy and Melissa are fantastic teachers, and the community they’ve built within the instructor community is invaluable.

There’s a real sense of family amongst their instructors. It’s really helpful to have others who you can bounce ideas off of as well as ask questions or get support.

The course itself was brilliant. Just the right level of self learning and distance learning, and the face to face day was a brilliant way to finish up the training.

The Zoom sessions were a perfect way to train when you have small children, and it fitted round family so I didn’t have to stress about how to parent and train.

The course content and materials set me up perfectly to start teaching, so much so that I wasn’t nervous at all about teaching my first couple. I’d recommend training with The Little Birth Company to anyone, as well as recommending the course content to any pregnant couple.


Instructor is Wendy Wood

11.04.2020 - Zoe Dudding

Sarah has given us tips, tricks and techniques to help us achieve a mindful birth wherever and whenever it takes place.

I feel equipped with new knowledge and skills to ensure that my birth is as calm as possible, and given the current pandemic and uncertainties surrounding it, this has felt more important than ever.

Thank you Sarah, we can’t wait to meet our baby boy - bring on the birth!!

Instructor is Sarah Collison

09.04.2020 - Lily & Daisy

We completed our Hypnobirthing classes with Hannah a couple of weeks ago. I was lucky enough to sit in with my Sister who is expecting her first baby very soon. Hannah is such a calming & beautiful woman. So patient with our many questions! We learnt so much, such invaluable information not just for birth but for everyday life too! As my sisters birthing partner I learnt so much about how I can best support my sister which for me was so helpful & absolutely priceless infomation.

Thank you so much Hannah! So grateful for our time with you & being in your calming presence xxx

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

09.04.2020 - Zoe Paxton

After trying really hard to persuade my less than willing husband, I finally managed to convince him to attend a 1:1 hypnobirthing workshop with Sarah @ Happy Births Hypnobirthing Berkshire.

He is so glad we did. Sarah is so supportive, making sure you have everything you need to feel confident, calm and prepared for birth. We are pregnant with our first baby and I can honestly say I am very much looking forward to the birth with the tools we have learnt in the workshop. My husband feels really part of the process and knows exactly how he can help me during labour.

Sarah is always on hand to help with any questions. Her home set up is so welcoming, the perfect environment for this course.

Thank you Sarah

Instructor is Sarah Collison

20.03.2020 - Kaz Tulley

I came to Sarah's "Baby Ready" workshop feeling daunted and worried about certain aspects of what life with a newborn will be like - namely the lack of sleep! I left feeling much better and reassured that there is no right or wrong way to do things. The simple idea that properly relaxing can be just as beneficial as actually sleeping gave me confidence! I really enjoyed the session, it was full of useful tips and recommendations, and I particularly liked the relaxation part. I can see how building calm and relaxation into daily life is so important for life with a new baby. The pace of the class perfectly suited the group and I was really grateful of the opportunity to ask questions and take our time covering the topics that were most important to us. Sarah has created a really calm and relaxing atmosphere and is very reassuring about any concerns. Her easy-nature and knowledge made it a really enjoyable experience.

Instructor is Sarah Collison

20.03.2020 - Brian Green

Thank you Sarah for such a great session and for welcoming us into such a homely and comfortable setting. It was great spending the afternoon with you being able to talk frankly and openly abouut our concerns and worries. I honestly now feel relaxed and ready to have our baby!! We had already completed an NCT course, but that was a large group with little 1:1 support - whereas your session was much more intimate and being able to have these discussions in a smaller group certainly helped us to feel more informed and confident. Being able to deep-dive into certain topics without feeling like we are disrupting a schedule was brill. I really enjoyed the relaxation element! We're really grateful of the follow-up support too - it really shows that you care so much about your clients' experiences and happiness! I'll definitely reccommend this 'Baby Ready' session to friends and family, it was so beneficial.

Instructor is Sarah Collison

15.03.2020 - Kathryn

We had 4 sessions with Erin. We found the course content so informative helping us to prepare for the birth of our first child in the summer. Erin is both professional and personable and really knows her stuff.

I feel confident and excited for our journey but also prepared and informed. The course materials have been a great addition, I’m feeling calmer and more in control after listening to the MP3’s and I know it’s benefiting me the baby and my husband.

I would highly recommend Erins services!

Instructor is Erin Fung

12.03.2020 - Faye Newton

I arrived at the Mulberry Centre at 4pm already 5cm dilated just through breathing through my surges. Went straight to the birthing pool and within 1 hour and 17 minutes Ada was born. 

I managed to go to the toilet, did not vomit and I did not have the shakes (like my 1st labour). 


Thank you for your help and support, I really do think the Hypnobirthing helped me achieve my goal of another waterbirth. 


Faye 😁

Instructor is Heather Seward

21.01.2020 - Lisa

Hi Nina, 

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for Saturday. It was so incredibly helpful and you are just amazing! We have been talking lots more about baby and both feel so much more excited about our new little member :) 
I have been practicing the relaxations, affirmations and breathing. 
Thank you so much again! 

Instructor is Nina Alawo

20.01.2020 - Amy Major

We really cannot thank you enough for the support of your wonderful course. I truly feel that you equipped us with so much knowledge and choices in the run up to Claudia's arrival. We could not have predicted CTG monitoring, stirrups and a midwife shouting PUSH in my ear, but it was in so many ways very positive. You were so easy to talk to and made us feel so welcome in your lovely home. Thank you for everything and wishing you all the best for your business and your lovely family.

Instructor is Emma Cornish

18.01.2020 - Niamh Hemensley Smith

This course with Sarah was a complete game-changer. Before meeting her I was honestly feeling scared. I thought birth could only be medically driven and I was totally unaware of my choices. 

But she made us feel so empowered and listened to, no question was too silly! I enjoyed each session and learned so much.

Now I feel prepared, aware that I can have a calm birth, and definitely feeling less inclined to opt for medical intervention. I have faith in my baby and my ability to do this.

The MP3s were so helpful in learning to quickly zone out and I loved learning the breathing techniques, I can’t wait to use these on the day!

Everything about Sarah as a teacher, and the venue, was all great :)

Instructor is Sarah Collison

18.01.2020 - Jamie Hemensley Smith

I couldn’t be more pleased that we did this course! I’ve gone from feeling unprepared, ill-informed, and totally concerned for the wellbeing of my wife and baby, to now feeling VERY informed, better prepared, and totally understanding of my role, the process, the tools and options available to us. We actually have lots more control over things that I realised – options to say yes or no. The sessions have really given us such a good opportunity to focus on preparing for birth as something we will be able to enjoy and embrace. The relaxations were great too.

Instructor is Sarah Collison

18.01.2020 - Bill

Sarah’s approach to teaching was so nice and not at all ‘preachy’ or judgemental. This made for much better discussion and atmosphere to learn and to explore ideas, our worries and hopes for the birth (and beyond!).

Beforehand I was feeling pretty clueless and that I was simply ‘a passenger along for the ride’ – whereas now I have a clear idea about my role and our choices. I am confident in ways to support my wife. It was great to learn about the different stages of labour and birth. T

he discussions in the group were so useful in realising that other’s share similar anxieties – and Sarah provided tools and techniques for unpicking and managing each one.

It was all really enjoyable, and I know we will welcome our baby in a much more calm and knowledgeable way now. The positivity in this room is infectious. We feel so confident now in how the body and baby work together in birth. We found the other course didn’t have such an individual approach- you have really taken the time to understand our personal anxieties and these have now all but disappeared.

I found the NCT class informative. But this course has been informative AND EMPOWERING. The focus there was on pain relief options. Here, we have discussed these alongside the wide ranging toolkit of non-medical coping techniques for labour and birth in the context of understanding the natural processes and what we can do to best support those.

The relaxation element of hypnobirthing is so important. We couldn’t imagine going into the birth journey without having done this in class and at home as our homework.

Instructor is Sarah Collison

18.01.2020 - Laura Bailey

Just wanted to say a massive thank you from Bill and I for the course - the classes were really great.

Sarah created such a wonderful, positive & relaxing environment where we felt so comfortable to ask questions.

The session was absolutely spot on for us - informative, reassuring, realistic and perfectly paced. The structure to the topics covered in day 1 and day 2 (we did a two day course) was very logical and manageable.

Very excited by our goody bags too, thank you Sarah!!

Before the course it’s true to say I was feeling really nervous, and that labour was something to ‘get through’. I did not feel knowledgeable at all.

I’ve since had a complete change in mindset!! I feel so informed now, and calm and positive about labour itself. Knowing that I have options has given me lots more confidence, and the faith I have in myself has grown massively.

It was so helpful that Sarah signposted extra reading and ways to access support so we can read up more on certain aspects if we’d like to.

The class setting is perfect, wonderfully relaxing.  I’d definitely recommend this hypnobirthing course to any pregnant friends – in fact I already have!

Instructor is Sarah Collison

05.01.2020 - Mrs V Neighbour

Why I chose hypnobirthing
I have always had a deep-rooted fear of pregnancy and childbirth, no doubt fostered through some of the negative stories I had been exposed to as a child and in the years since. I also manage a phobia of vomiting; my sister suffered from dreadful morning sickness, so I was really concerned I would be the same (I wasn’t - I wasted so much time worrying about something that didn’t happen!). The theory of hypnobirthing resonated with me; much of it seems similar to how you might approach a sporting event. I have run one marathon (never again!) and I used visualisation, positive mantras (“just keep running, just keep running” :) ) and breathing exercises to stay calm at the start of the run. I was also keen to learn as much as possible about the physiology of birth; I’m definitely one of those people that wants to know exactly what’s happening - forewarned is forearmed! I hate to not be in control (refer you back to the vomiting phobia!) and felt that hypnobithing could help me remain calm and focussed. In truth, part of me felt that anything that could help was worth a shot…! We chose Emma partly because she had been a midwife previously, so she was able to give us the detailed insight we were looking for. 
How hypnobirthing helped me
Emma and the Little Birth Company gave me the confidence and tools to approach birth positively. We had hoped to be able to have our baby at the Cotswold Birth Centre, party because I had dreaded the drive to the JR (it can take us over an hour and a half if the traffic is bad). This hope unravelled fairly rapidly at 41 weeks, when I was told I would need to be induced because I had indicators of pre-eclampsia. Emma had encouraged us to plan for this, so even as every one of my preferences (midwife-led unit, pool birth, no induction…) fell by the wayside, I was able to remain calm and focus on the elements that my husband and I could control. Using the techniques we had been taught, my husband and I were able to have a truly positive birth experience - despite it not looking anything like the birth I had hoped for. 

One of the biggest benefits of the Little Birth Company was that my husband felt actively involved in the preparation and process of birth. So much of pregnancy is mama-focussed (rightly so!), that partners can feel sidelined. Attending this course with my husband was something where we were both equally involved; his thoughts and fears were just as important as mine. We approached birth as a team and I think this was one of the main reasons it was such a positive experience for us both.

Emma was so much more than a hypnobirthing instructor; she genuinely cared and even spent 45 minutes on the phone chatting through our induction options the evening before I was admitted. I cannot recommend her enough; she became an integral part of our birth preparation and we are so glad that we found her.

Instructor is Emma Cornish

11.12.2019 - Mrs B Walton

Emma looked after me throughout my pregnancy and was a fantastic support.
Emma has a serene and calm approach amongst a wealth of knowledge and experience. In brilliant hands with Emma and can’t recommend her highly enough!

Instructor is Emma Cornish

10.12.2019 - Mrs R Liu

The biggest fear for me with pregnancy was definitely the labour aspect . I have heard horror stories/ negative comments so I was keen to try and address my fears.

I had several people recommend Emma Cornish’s hypnobirthing course which led me to undertake the full course with her. I felt the course was extremely useful in helping to change my mindset with labour and taught me techiques I could use to help me cope during the time. In addition, I thought the relaxation classes on a Monday worked well alongside the course to reinforce the positive mindset and keep me feeling chilled.

I actually ended up having an emergency c section, however I was still able to use all the techniques taught to me to help keep me calm and making the experience a positive one!

Emma is brilliant, so calm and kind, I felt very comfortable around her. I am so very glad to have done the course and can honestly say by the end of the course I was not afraid of labour. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone with doubts about labour/birth!

Instructor is Emma Cornish

04.12.2019 - Mrs N Saul

I was recommended Emma's class by a friend of mine and can honestly say it was the best thing I did in my pregnancy.
This was my first baby and I had no idea what to expect. Emma welcomed my partner and I in to her home and taught us everything we needed to know about hypnobirthing, pregnancy and labour. I went from being a nervous wreck to a positive empowered woman and I was excited to give birth! My labour didn't go as planned but that didn't stop me from feeling in control and positive from start to finish, even through a few tears.
I spent a whole 9 sessions with Emma with the hypnobirthing class, followed by the breathing and relaxation classes. I was adamant I would give birth in Emma's front room as I felt so comfortable and supported by her. I'm sad I no longer can attend her classes but we are going to be over very soon for lots of little baby cuddles! xxx

Instructor is Emma Cornish

28.11.2019 - Mrs K Lockyer

I had the most wonderful experience with Emma and her relaxation classes whilst I was pregnant. They really soothed, relaxed and created a feeling of positivity. The classes were small and set in the warmth of Emma’s house. All this gave me confidence to birth my second baby. with a quick labour at Cotswold Birth Centre I was able to birth my baby my way with consistent positive mantras going through my mind. I would recommend these classes especially with Emma who has been supportive the entire way through. An added bonus is the hot drinks and biscuits whilst we have a chit chat at the end of each session. This is a class I already miss now I’ve had my little one. Thank you so much Emma Cornish it was wonderful and something I’ll always remember. Xx

Instructor is Emma Cornish

26.11.2019 - E&T

You were absolutely wonderful!
I have felt a real sense of peace and confidence since our meeting. You have really changed my perspective about the birth and I feel much more knowledgeable and prepared. It has also had a wonderful effect on 'T', giving him a sense of his role, purpose and stepping into his power as my birthing partner - which in turn gives me such a security and safety. 
Thankyou so much, we are both incredibly greatful.
Thankyou also for the wealth of information in the emails and booklet. We are in process of reading over everything again.  
3hour Birth Workshop - November 2019

Instructor is Emma Randall-Milne

23.11.2019 - Baby Daegan

Fiona - We can’t thank you enough for your support and guidance over the last few months. We have learnt so much from you and feel so prepared for parenthood! Thank you for everything.

Instructor is Fiona Richmond

10.11.2019 - Mr L Fisher

My wife and I can’t recommend Emma enough to any expecting parents. We had plenty of ups and downs in our pregnancy, with many choices apparently ‘taken away’ from us but Emma’s coaching prepared us beyond anything we could have imagined. Thank you so much for being part of our journey Emma - Anna and I both love you loads! Say hello to Audrey Angela Fisher born 10/10/19, weighing 7lbs and 3oz xx


Instructor is Emma Cornish

07.11.2019 - Emma and Neil

We loved the sessions with Heather. Not only did they relax us on the evenings in question, they put our minds at ease the closer we got to the big day and the birth of our twins. We did end up having some difficult and frightening moments during the birth but we worked as a team and used our breath and the hypnobirthing techniques throughout and this made the whole process more calm and enjoyable.

Instructor is Heather Seward

17.10.2019 - Terri

My partner and I signed up for 8 hours of 1-1 hypnobirthing. We loved the sessions in our home and even the dog would be chilled by the end of the sessions!
I was excited about the birth and felt like it was a challenge I was ready for. When the time finally arrived I played my music, got into the birth pool with pretend candles lit and after just 6 hours of labour and just 3 contractions/pushes my baby was born 8lb6 happy and healthy. The midwives commented on how quickly the labour progressed being my first time and many said I should have the next at home!
It was such a beautiful and happy birth with no screaming, fear or worrying. I look back with so much love and can’t wait to do it again in the future.
Helen was brilliant, like a non judgmental friend, talking through everything in a matter of fact yet humorous way. I would recommend to anyone!

Instructor is Helen Johnson

17.10.2019 - Lu

My husband and I have just finished a 1:1 hypnobirthing course with Helen and were very impressed. Excellent value for money, some great tools for childbirth and beyond, and Helen was a wonderful teacher. We were both surprised how quickly we took to the hypnobirthing scripts and can see how it will help us in labour. You get some great MP3s to practice with and a book that gives you all of the information you need for the course. Helen does the session in your home so you don't get as embarrassed practising and can feel properly relaxed. We will update you on how labour goes but for now we're very happy with the service Helen provided and would recommend to anyone thinking about hypnobirthing that they try this out. It isn't woo, it's just a great way to take back some self-control and help yourself to manage pain by way of relaxation techniques that work

Instructor is Helen Johnson

07.10.2019 - Stephanie

Natalie is a wonderful person, with such an amazingly calming influence, she has a huge amount of passion for women and their birth experience. Natalie helped me to feel empowered and in control of the birth I felt would be right for me. I was extremely apprehensive ahead of giving birth however Natalie gave me such confidence in addition to sheer pride to be a woman who can birth a baby into this world! I felt so energised and positive about the birth of our baby and it was largely down to Natalie. I could not recommend Natalie and her hypnobirthing programme enough, she eliminated any fear for me and reminded me that giving birth is so natural and should be embraced and celebrated. Natalie also has a fantastic memory and every small detail shared with her she remembered, and really made me feel supported. Thank you so much Natalie, you are an absolute pleasure! Xxx

Instructor is Natalie Stringer

04.10.2019 - Natalie M

We have just had our final hypnobirthing session with Kirsty. We feel much more equipped and “in the know” about what is going to happen and how to get through it in the best possible way for us and our baby! We are so excited to meet our baby and looking forward to the whole process...thank you for all your help and knowledge xxx

Instructor is Kirsty Wilkinson

02.10.2019 - Baby Jude

Doing Hypnobirthing with Fiona was by far one of the best choices I made throughout my whole pregnancy. To say that I was terrified of child birth is an understatement, I was an absolute nervous wreck and genuinely didn’t think I would be able to give birth.

Fiona is very kind, calm and personable, going at my pace with patience. When it came to it I actually really enjoyed my birth and especially towards the end, when all that I’d learned came into full use. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it and how well I coped whilst using all the techniques I’d learnt with Fiona.

For me having a bikini wax was a lot more painful than giving birth and I put that down to Hypnobirthing and Fiona. Thank you so much Fiona! I’ll definitely be coming back when I have baby no.2 to get me mentally ready.

Instructor is Fiona Richmond

24.09.2019 - Eleanor & Rickey

We were so lucky to have the expertise, guidance and calming influence of Hannah in the lead up to our birth.

I was impressed that she responded so promptly to my initial enquiry about offering support with hypnobirthing and was grateful to her for her flexibility in offering a range of different times to set up a 3-hour appointment in our home to discuss this with us.

In the event, because our baby was in a breech position, Hannah kindly offered to split the workshop into two halves, the first discussing hypnobirthing and creating a positive birth experience with the second to be adapted to the outcome of further scans and procedures at the hospital.

Despite having an ECV, our baby didn’t turn so we were informed we would need to have a caesarean. Hannah then spent the second session putting our minds at ease about what to expect from a caesarean and also answering our questions about our birth plan and breastfeeding.

Not only was she supportive during the two face to face sessions, Hannah also provided additional advice and signposting via email and demonstrated a genuine desire to be there to offer further guidance should we need it going forwards.

We can’t thank Hannah enough for being such a positive part of our journey towards becoming parents for the first time!

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

24.09.2019 - Zarah & Nick

Hannah was amazing during our hypnobirthing course and has fully prepared us for any eventuality that may happen when I go into labour, after having a traumatic first labour Hannah was exactly what I needed to feel in control and confident for it this time round.
Hannah was always easy to talk to, prepared for our sessions and able to answer any questions we had in regards to pregnancy and labour.
I am so grateful to have been able to do this course and highly recommend it to anyone.

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

22.09.2019 - Mrs N Bannister

I was recommended to Emma by our midwife at the Cotswold Birth Centre.
My husband and I weren’t sure what to expect but a Emma came highly recommended so we thought we would give it a go...
We are so glad we did. Emma gave us a new perspective and some excellent techniques for the “main event”.
I ended up having my 1st baby in the comfort of my own home (unplanned) and only a 5 hours labour and I truly believe this is down to the fact that I was able to relax myself enough using the hypnobirthing techniques Emma has taught us.
My husband and I highly recommend Emma.
(She also provides posh coffee and cookies!)


Instructor is Emma Cornish

05.09.2019 - Mrs E McGurk

I had heard about Hypnobirthing from a few friends but I had no idea how it would affect my outlook on pregnancy and labour. Emma was truly amazing throughout our journey. She was so kind and supportive and even though my labour was complicated (due to waters breaking early) I was able to keep calm and make rational decisions about what we wanted to happen. Protecting my space was a big focus during our sessions and Emma really helped us to work out what we wanted to have during labour and help us create a brilliant birth plan. If there is one thing I would now recommend to friends who are expecting it would be to go and see Emma and book into her amazing course.

Mrs E Jones 

Instructor is Emma Cornish

04.09.2019 - Hayley

I did a LOT of research when it came to deciding who to train with. I really didn’t want to make a wrong move. When I found TLBC I knew immediately that it was ‘the one’. I had that same knowing feeling I’d felt when I tried my wedding dress on... it just felt right!

When I then spoke to Wendy and Melissa and heard a bit more about the company and their ideas and the support they offered it all just made sense to me.

I’m so glad that I made the choice... it’s been fab! 

Instructor is Wendy Wood

04.09.2019 - Clare

I initially trained with another Hypnobirthing provider. I loved the course but felt the materials did not represent me or my business very well. I wanted something attractive, welcoming, calming, warm and familiar. πŸ’—πŸ€°

Of course branding is nothing if you haven’t got the information and support to back it up. I contacted Wendy and Melissa in early 2019 to find out what TLBC was all about. It was reassuring to know the course was written by  very experienced ladies. Between them they have a resume which includes: midwife, doula, Hypnotherapist, pregnancy yoga and Hypnobirthing practitioner. I was initially blown away with the support and care given to instructors. They listened and responded to our feedback and really cared about each instructors business and clients.

The course itself is fantastic and I have had such wonderful feedback from group and private clients. Even those who initially thought it wouldn’t be for them have praised the course! 😊

It isn’t hippyish and doesn’t make false promises. This was key for me. Birth is real, it’s unpredictable, anyone promising you a pain free birth should be avoided at all costs. TLBC discusses when the journey to birth changes and I feel this is so important in preparing women and their birth partners for labour and beyond.

The relaxation scripts are beautiful 🌸 They are so calming and relaxing, I’ve definitely had a few nod off during sessions! 😴Instructors also have the option to record these themselves which I will get round to one day!

It’s important to me that I offer information to my clients which will allow them to make their own decisions. TLBC offers regular CPD training and ensures information is balanced and unbiased. πŸ‘

The Little Birth Company is like a family. It’s so inspiring to see the wonderful things fellow instructors are doing, as midwives, doulas and Hypnobirthing practitioners. It’s women supporting women, building each other up, being a listening ear and signposting to advice or guidance. Without the support of TLBC instructors I wouldn’t be where I am today with Birth Bloom. 

Instructor is Wendy Wood

04.09.2019 - Claire

I’m a big believer in fate and when I came across the The Little Birth company it was at a time when I needed a new career path and a focus for the future. Little did I know at the time that one of the owners lived just 10 minutes from me, making training more accessible and easy to navigate with two small children. ⁣

⁣I had found such an an exciting and inspiring business and I loved the idea of these two wonderful women coming together to start a business for the benefit of women. The merge of experience from both the owners, Wendy and Melissa with their midwifery and hypnotherapy backgrounds, not to mention how supportive they are for their instructors gave them the edge and I knew they were the training providers for me. ⁣

⁣Of course, the supportive network of women they have bought together to train, the beautiful branding and the name takes a lot of beating and once they had popped into my consciousness they never went away. ⁣

Instructor is Wendy Wood

04.09.2019 - Vicky

I had been teaching hypnobirthing for 5 years with another company and I just felt that it was time for a change. 

I loved their branding and how much they were getting themselves 'out there' in front of my potential clients. 

I have also wanted to start pregnancy relaxation classes for yonks, and they had a class schedule all set up ready to go. 

I cannot wait to bring the relaxation classes to Sudbury and Haverhill in the next couple of months.

Instructor is Melissa Maloney

04.09.2019 - Helen

I did a fair bit of research on companies that provided hypnobirthing instructor training before I came across The Little Birth Company and they just stood out massively for me. I was instantly attracted to their lovely branding and the materials were just gorgeous! Beautiful branding is pointless and would mean nothing if the content was poor but thankfully, that wasn’t the case at all! The more I looked into them, I just got a really good vibe.

Their ethos struck a chord with me and they were being recommended time and time again so I sent off an enquiry email. It was evident just from those initial bits of communication that there was a massive sense of support from Wendy and Melissa (the company owners) and that between them, they had a wealth of experience and knowledge which includes midwife, doula, hypnobirthing practitioner and hypnotherapist.

I honestly haven’t looked back and absolutely love teaching the LBC programme. Its fresh, modern approach can be tailored to suit individuals needs meaning you get a bespoke course, it includes everything you could possibly want from a birth preparation course without making false promises or being even the slightest bit ‘hippyish’.

I am so glad I made the choice I did, the feedback from clients has been really positive and I am very proud to be part of a network of wonderfully supportive hypnobirthing instructors who are always there for each other. It really is like having an extended family. 

Instructor is Melissa Maloney

04.09.2019 - Kate

When I started my Hypnobirthing journey seven years ago Hypnobirthing was still very much synonymous with a certain type of birth. Natural birth, without the use of pain relief.

That birth, that ‘ideal’ birth, just is not a reality for some women. Sometimes things just happen during labour which you would not choose but that you can’t control. And Hypnobirthing has evolved with an understanding of this. Hypnobirthing is a tool to support you and help you have the best possible birth experience what ever the circumstances.

And that’s why I love The Little Birth Company. The ethos is very much in line with my own. Women should be supported, informed and empowered and the end goal should be a birth that is right for you.

Instructor is Wendy Wood

04.09.2019 - Emma

I had contacts with Melissa through a mutual friend and followed her journey over the last 15 years. I fell in love with The Little Birth Company brand and ethos. I loved that she had joined forces with a midwife (Wendy) and how that incredible partnership bought a fabulous balance to the programme that they offer. I followed their first year’s success and wanted to be a part of what they are offering to expectant parents across the Uk and beyond. This was by far the best company to join to facilitate my journey to becoming a Hypnobirthing instructor! I am loving teaching their programme and the support is limitless! Loving being part of such a special team!

Instructor is Melissa Maloney

04.09.2019 - Kirsty

For those of you who have looked into different Hypnobirthing training providers.. you will know there are loads out there...

Why did I choose The Little Birth Company??

Well.. they are awesome!!! πŸ‘Œ

For me it is about being INCLUSIVE... whether you want a water birth, if you have a planned caesarian, if you want a home birth or .... Whatever birth you are planning... This is YOUR birth and The Little Birth Company ensures that the Hypnobirthing training we provide will allow you to be able to use the techniques in whatever birth scenario you find yourself in 😍

Instructor is Wendy Wood

04.09.2019 - Hannah

I joined The Little Birth Company after a mere 3 months of teaching another hypnobirthing course, that I just wasn't getting on with. The Little Birth Company had only just been created and as soon as I saw the branding, their ethos and spoke with the lovely Wendy and Melissa, I knew it was where I wanted to be.

It feels like a family. Everyone is so supportive and I have met the most wonderful women who I am so proud to call my friends.

I feel like the hypnobirthing courses are me. They are modern, flexible and every single one of my clients has enjoyed the MP3s and course content, which wasn't happening before. We are given the control to teach how we want, record the MP3s ourselves and there is so much room for growth, not to mention the pregnancy relaxation and positive caesarean packages that are available too.

Having been at The Little Birth Company for over a year, I had the absolute pleasure of being asked to become their Social Media Lead and I have loved every second so far. The appreciation and team work that goes on is second to none and I cannot wait to see where things head in the future!

If you are thinking of becoming a hypnobirthing instructor, please do get in touch with us and we are more than happy to have a chat about your options!

Instructor is Wendy Wood

04.09.2019 - Lucie

So why @thelittlebirthcompany then? Well it was a no brainer really! I mean just look at that branding!


So once I had decided to go for it and train as an instructor I did my research on who I could train with and the pros and cons. I looked at all of them and decided that it was definitely one of the newer companies that I wanted to go with as they seemed much more modern and forward thinking. There were a few out there but what shone out like a beacon from TheLBC was the gorgeous branding and it was my kind of look. I was drawn in to their website and from the moment I started reading I just knew they were the one. .

Approachable, friendly, warm, kind, knowledgeable, professional....just a few words to describe Wendy and Melissa and this is also true of all my fellow instructors. .

Another thing that drew me in was the fact that the classes were inclusive of all types of birth and I wouldn't feel like I was discouraging mums who wanted an elective caesarean or were pretty sure they would like an epidural. The key was that their choices were their choices and they were informed and empowered which would then increase their chances of a positive birth. .

When I did my classes 10 years ago as an expectant mum they made me feel like I wouldn't have truly experienced a hypnobirth unless I had done it totally drug free. So because I had used a bit of gas and air in all 3 I always felt a bit like I hadn't had a perfect hypnobirth experience. The Little Birth Company changed that for me and I now know that I totally rocked hypnobirthing all 3 times even though all 3 births were different. ❀️🀘🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻 I want my clients to have that same feeling of owning and feeling positive about the experience whether it went perfectly or took some twists and turns. .

I am so glad I trained with @thelittlebirthcompany and urge anyone thinking of training to look at their website and message them. You won't regret it! I love our community of instructors and the fact that Wendy and Melissa help us by coming up with new training ideas, tips for business, social meet ups, cpd opportunities and more 

Instructor is Wendy Wood

04.09.2019 - Azeeta

We are family 🎡 is what I always have in my head. When I originally trained something wasn’t quite right. I heard in a private group someone mention this company and I did some digging. They were new and I thought I would message Wendy to put the feeler out there. She was super lovely, totally my vibe from the get go. I moved over straight away and it was seamless and gorgeous from the get go. 


Their branding was beautiful and I really wanted a modern, holistic, evidence based, informed and creative company to be a part of which is exactly what they are. Wendy and Melissa are always there to support you and the team of instructors truly are my little birth family. We support each other through anything and the midwives in the group answer any questions really quickly and will pick up the phone in a jiffy to help. 

The course itself is powerfully brilliant. Shrouded in evidence and information and beautifully wrapped in the most euphoric and hypnotic scripts. It’s a pleasure to teach...I just love it 😍

I’ve seen the @thelittlebirthcompany hypnobirthing work before my eyes with my first ever doula client. It’s stayed with me ever since and reaffirmed why it’s so awesome ❀️


My LBC family 😘

Instructor is Melissa Maloney

04.09.2019 - Melanie

I chose to train in hypnobirthing because I believe in a woman’s ability to birth her baby, sadly most women doubt themselves due to the narrative of birth. ⁣

⁣Modern women also have a hard work and life balance going on, often running on empty, juggling many balls unable to switch off from it all. 🀹‍♀️⁣

⁣I wanted women to know their power, hypnobirthing teaches this in many ways. Providing knowledge and skills for women to feel calm and confident during their baby’s birth. πŸ‘ΆπŸΌβ£

⁣The positive effects of relaxation on humans is very well documented and the benefits are endless, when you attach this to pregnancy and childbirth it’s power is immense. πŸ’«β£

⁣I trained in hypnobirthing in March 2017 with another well known programme and used it many times with good results, however something left me wanting more, for me, for my clients too. 

⁣I had been following TLBC for a while, watching them grow, sensing their passion  and how their instructors and clients were responding with such positivity. πŸ’–β£

⁣My lovely friend and colleague Lexi @thenest confirmed how wonderful the content was when she joined and I finally decided to swap over using the fast track instructor programme. 🎟

⁣For me TLBC is current, gentle, informative, non judgemental and engaging with beautiful scripts and gorgeous branding. 🌸⁣

⁣All instructors are nurtured with care and love from Wendy and Melissa, which means we are able to be our very best. ⁣


⁣The feedback from my TLBC courses has  been nothing but positive with the outcomes for families brimming with positivity and thankfulness for choosing TLBC for their hypnobirthing course. 

Instructor is Melissa Maloney

04.09.2019 - Lauren

"Hi Kate. The hypnobirthing proved so so so helpful, both during preparation of birth and during. In fact I gave birth whilst the tracks were playing in the background. Hearing the affirmations between my contractions helped so so much, and gave me the confidence I needed.The breathing techniques also helped.

I just wanted to thank you so much for the classes. I honestly don't think I would have had such a quick and relatively calm birth without the techniques I learned through hypnobirthing. I honestly would recommend it to anyone! It gave me the confidence in my body that I needed. Thank you!" 

Instructor is Kate Allam

04.09.2019 - Carina

"Hi Kate,I just wanted to say a massive thank you!!! Hypnobirthing helped me so much and gave me the best birth experience. After listening to your MP3s every day in the lead up to birth I know they helped me stay so calm and focused and not lose sight of my goals. Every midwife commented on how well I managed the process and the pain and respected that we were hypnobirthing. I felt empowered, confident and in control throughout.  

It's the best thing I did while pregnant and I loved my birth experience. I have a super content and relaxed baby too. His heart rate during birth never went up - he was so happy and relaxed and still is now he's in the outside world. Thank you again!!!" 

Instructor is Kate Allam

04.09.2019 - Gayathri

"I just wanted to write to let you know that my birth experience was very positive and I am so grateful to you and to hypnobirthing for helping me to have such a positive experience to birth my daughter naturally with no medical intervention or drugs, which was very important to me.

I was so proud of myself for being able to give birth naturally and I know that it was because my mind stayed relaxed and focused on what I needed to do as well as listening to and allowing my body to do what it needed to do. I felt no fear or anxiety.

Thank you so much and I will definitely be recommending your workshops!" 

Instructor is Kate Allam

03.09.2019 - Charlie Beard

Having finished the classes I now feel very relaxed and empowered about the natural process of labour and birth. Before the course I was feeling excited yet nervous.

The best aspects of the sessions were learning the relaxation techniques, seeing/hearing positive birth stories, gaining confidence to be able to question our midwives/doctors and some particular tools to help with this too.

The course venue was really relaxing, and I’ll definitely be recommending Happy Births to friends and colleagues in future.

Instructor is Sarah Collison

03.09.2019 - Dominique

Before the course I felt anxious about labour and birth - overwhelmed, and a bit lost, and knew I wanted to do something about this. Now having completed the course I feel calm, relaxed, intrigued and empowered.

Birth is natural and not only do I now know I CAN I do it, I WANT to do it! Birth is beautiful.

My favourite parts of the course were learning about the physiology of birth, and watching and discussing the positive birth videos. Sarah’s honesty and personal experiences made it a positive birth feel real and achievable.

During the classes I felt I could really relax and be honest. The lovely environment felt so calm, safe and homely. Sarah was lovely and we couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.

Instructor is Sarah Collison

20.07.2019 - Kristelle & Ollie

Hannah was amazing! We feel fully prepared since doing the course with her. She was very professional and so easy to talk to. We felt very much at ease discussing the birth with her and she answered all our silly questions. Thank you Hannah  X

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

18.07.2019 - Chelsea & Harry

I cannot thank Hannah enough for all she has done! Childhood friends- she has supported me throughout my whole pregnancy. With only 8 weeks to go I feel so at ease with the whole experience to come. 
The hypnobirthing is 100% something to consider, every session is different and you fully understand what’s going on! You can discuss and plan your birthing plan without feeling judged or guided to do something your not comfortable with. 
All options are provided to yourself with photos and demonstrations so your fully involved & living the moment. 
Hannah is an amazingly talented woman and I wouldn’t want anyone else going through this experience with myself & my partner.

For all you anxious Mumma’s out there, please give Hannah a message because it’s an amazing opportunity you would hate to miss out on and the best thing about it is your partner is also involved within the whole session! 

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

16.07.2019 - Raquel - The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme

We were really lucky to have Nuria next to us for our first baby, born in October.

We did a hypnobirthing course with Nuria and found the information and tools really helpful to prepare ourselves for birth. I found her to be a great listener and provided us individualised care and support, which helped me to feel calmer and more confident. I could look at labour and birth without fears and in a much more positive way.

Furthermore, I am really appreciated her massage during the labour and her dedication after labour, helping me with the breastfeeding and receiving support in the first weeks after our baby was born.

I am truly grateful for her dedication and I highly recommend her services to everyone!

Instructor is Nuria Pozas

15.07.2019 - Amani - Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

Nuria is excellent. I would highly recommend her as a doula. She is knowledgeable in the field and is capable of offering enormous support for the whole family.

We had relaxations sessions at home on a weekly basis, along with esssntial oils, candles, music and meditiation. Each session had its own theme which kept me looking forward to them.

The sessions followed a structured program. Nuria was always ready to answer all my questions and was very generous with me, giving me all the resources that I need. I wish her the best in her journey and would recommend her to all my best friends in Reading.

Instructor is Nuria Pozas

30.06.2019 - Rachel

It was a slightly late decision to book a hypnobirthing course (the last class was after my due date!) but I wanted to have some new tools and techniques for the birth of my second child. I was drawn to the course Natalie taught as it focused on the right birth for you. Natalie and the course were both brilliant and I'm very proud to have a positive birth story to share. Thank you Natalie! – Rachel

Instructor is Natalie Stringer

24.06.2019 - Leon - The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme

I was a bit skeptical about the hypnobirthing class, however during the first session Nuria put my concerns at ease. She has a calm presence and the classes are entertaining and there's lots of info to understand the physiology of birth, which is truly helpful on the actual day! I also took away a few tools to better support my wife during labour. By the end of the course, we were both much more relaxed and positive. Thanks Nuria!

Instructor is Nuria Pozas

20.06.2019 - Szabina and Mark

I was very scared of giving birth and learnt hypnobirthing as a way to try to feel more confident. It really worked - I had a more empowering birth experience than I thought was possible.Thanks to Sarah, who instantly makes you feel welcome, relaxed and at ease.

She’s such a great professional, who truly enjoys what she does, and continuously training and updating her knowledge to be the best she can be.

Thank you so much Sarah, I can’t speak highly enough of you and your service! x

Instructor is Sarah Collison

01.06.2019 - Jack Wallis

As a Dad-to-be, I was feeling a little worried about the process and my role. Now, having taken the course with Sarah, I now feel a lot calmer, knowing what to expect.

I now know how I can keep myself calm, and how to help keep Laura relaxed throughout the whole process.  

I really enjoyed the breathing techniques, and the detailed explanations about each part of labour, and what to do during each stage.

The classes are held in a very calming, comfortable location.

Sarah is a friendly and calm teacher; she was very helpful with explaining different experiences.

Instructor is Sarah Collison

01.06.2019 - Laura Wallis

Thanks Sarah for all your help and advice. The course was amazing, I feel so much more relaxed, positive and ready for giving birth than I thought was possible. We learnt so much, from the science behind it all, to the techniques to stay calm and have a more positive experience. We thoroughly recommend the course to anyone feeling anxious or apprehensive about giving birth.

Before taking the course with Sarah, I was feeling scared about labour and birth. Like I wouldn’t be able to cope and like it was not going to be smooth, and it was going to be stressful.

After the hypnobirthing classes, I am now feeling SO much better! Much calmer, and much more informed about what’s going to happen, and my choices. I really feel like I could have a nice, calm and positive experience.

My favourite part was learning the breathing techniques to stay relaxed. I also enjoyed all of the information and science. The course content was much more based in science than I expected and I really like this!

The venue was so nice and calm venue – with comfy cushions and fab cake! Sarah is a fab teacher! Very knowledgeable, calm and helpful. There was no judgement at all about anything I said (which was a worry I had before coming). I’ll definitely be recommending Sarah and Happy Births to pregnant friends, family and colleagues.

Instructor is Sarah Collison

30.05.2019 - Hana Young

I had been looking for the right hypnobirthing instructor course for a long time when I came across The Little Birth Company.

Other companies didn’t fit with my own flexible ethos on what positive birth meant.

From the start Wendy and Melissa have been supportive and put me completely at ease.

The training itself was a brilliant weekend, the materials are brilliant and I left feeling excited and ready to start.

Two months later, with the support of The Little Birth Company family (emphasis on family, the support is unreal)  my new business is booming and local mamas are benefitting from the bespoke courses. πŸ₯°

Instructor is Melissa Maloney

15.05.2019 - Hayley Southern

We can’t thank Sarah enough for her wise words, knowledge and helpfulness which made us feel so at ease and comfortable ready for our baby’s birth. Sarah has provided a course full of different techniques, learning styles and loads of wonderful information. We have enjoyed every session.

Before starting the course, I felt a little nervous about giving birth. I was excited about meeting baby but knew full well that before getting to meet baby I would be going through an experience I’ve never known. I wasn’t sure of the ins and outs of birth, and only have ever heard horror stories, or have seen one born every minute (which looks painful).

Having finished the course, wow, I feel totally different. I feel now like I have a great understanding about what my body will be doing at each stage of labour. Sarah guided us through the breathing techniques. I’ve since been testing them out in day-to-day life, whenever a stressful moment pops up, and testing them out in my happy place. It has really opened my eyes to the power of breathing. I feel like I’ll be able to stay calm and really focus on breathing this baby out!

I feel very relaxed now and so excited for the day to come to meet baby but more importantly know I can give it my best, using all the tools from the course. It feels great to know that I have the best support from James, who now understands his role on the day to make it as smooth as can be.

Discussions we had after watching the various birth videos were so useful - to see and talk about different births happening in different places (but all very calm, relaxed and positive) really opened our minds to the idea that no matter what may arise on the day everything we have learnt in hypnobirthing can be put into practice.

Instructor is Sarah Collison

15.05.2019 - James Tyrell

Thank you very much for the hypnobirthing course. We feel so much more ready for our baby’s calm and positive birth thanks to you, and we have enjoyed every second of the classes.

Instructor is Sarah Collison

14.05.2019 - Amy

I cannot recommend Hannah enough. My birth wasn’t how I planned at all infact nothing was to plan. If you asked me to sum it up in one word. Empowering is definitely the best I can think off. Even when everything goes how it shouldn’t your body and mind copes as your safety for your baby is such a natural desire. I wanted this calm therapeutic birth and ended up with none of it and being rushed into theatre but either way there is no right or wrong way. I still had the calm, in control and safe birth I wanted and got a beautiful happy healthy baby. Thank you so much xx

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

10.05.2019 - Hannah & Tom

We loved hypnobirthing with Hannah! She's extremely knowledgeable and a great person to talk through any thoughts or concerns with. We learnt a lot and finished the course feeling much clearer and confident about the options available. She has a very calming presence and we found ourselves really looking forward to each meeting - especially the lovely guided relaxation at the end. I'm so glad and grateful we had the chance to begin our journey as parents in such a positive way and would recommend it to anyone.

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

05.05.2019 - Hamah & Ben

I would absolutely recommend Hannah. This was our second baby and so we wanted an antenatal and hypnobirthing refresher, having done something similar three years ago. Hannah came to our house, which was great, and the whole session made us feel really prepared, focused and empowered. I’m sure the longer courses would be even more beneficial but this worked perfectly for us in later pregnancy. We really utilised all the course materials and relaxations in the run up to labour, too. Thank so much Hannah!

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

01.05.2019 - Janie Abraham Reid

My husband and I were of course excited to be pregnant but very nervous about what to expect at the birth - it all seemed to be very medicalised, and hospital was not my favourite place! On the recommendation of a friend we booked a private course with Sarah and it was amazing!!

Hypnobirthing is much more common sense and science-based than I expected, and we both loved the weekly class time to focus on the baby and learn about what my body was doing and what it would be doing on the big day.

The guided relaxations were so peaceful, even my sometimes-anxious husband left each class walking on air and feeling very calm! And then it was great to build on this by listening to the same tracks together at home.

The class environment was such a safe space to discuss my birth wishes and options, and I gained so much more confidence in being able to articulate what I wanted. I am now planning a home birth, as now we understand that labour and birth happens best where you feel most relaxed and safe, and for me that place is the familiar, and so the first choice is our home. The Royal Berkshire Hospital team of homebirth midwives have been so encouraging.

We are so grateful to Sarah for giving us the boost to explore this option and are feeling so prepared and calm about everything now! The hypnobirthing course was the best money we have spent in pregnancy, hands down. Thank you Sarah.

Instructor is Sarah Collison

01.05.2019 - Gareth Reid

I really enjoyed these classes. Now I completely understand what is happening to my wife’s body, and have a good idea of what happens during labour.
I know tools and techniques to support my wife, we have practiced these lots so come our baby’s big day they will be familiar and relaxing.
Sarah was a great teacher and support to us, helping out with things via email between sessions and not minding my silly questions!

Instructor is Sarah Collison

01.05.2019 - Galinie Zisimopoulou

My wonderful friend Sarah is such a calm, collected but at the same time confident mum who is using her personal experiences of hypnobirthing and parenthood in order to help future parents and couples as they are currently going through the amazing but yet mildly “terrifying” birthing journey!

Trusting her through your journey will be one of the best things you will do to help you relax around birth preparation and more. Any couples will be lucky to have her support, guidance and help throughout their pregnancy and birthing experience.

Instructor is Sarah Collison

24.04.2019 - Amy

Feeling very positive and excited for birth having gone to Joanna’s hypnobirthing course. Lots of facts and discussion about what will actually happen and feel so much more clued up and calmer. Excellent experience!


Instructor is Joanna McIntyre

20.04.2019 - Lauren

During my pregnancy I booked onto a 4 week hypnobirthing course with Joanna where we had arranged to do the classes at my parents house, it was the best experience in giving myself and my birthing partners (partner and mum) the knowledge and skills to help me through my labor when the time came. It was especially good that we could arrange it within my family home as my partner is quite shy and would have felt out of his comfort zone if we where in a class full of strangers. It was very personal experience and well worth it. 
Joanna is very knowledgeable and passionate about all things birth and empowering woman in making the right informed choices for themselves. Any questions or doubts that I or my birthing partners had where answered confidentiality πŸ’œ xxx

Instructor is Joanna McIntyre

04.04.2019 - Charlie

Hypnobirthing with Joanna was one of the best things that I did as it helped to focus on what I wanted for the birth of my baby and also helped me to relax and feel in control
of the decisions I was making. When it came to the birth of my baby I used the techniques Joanna went through with me and created my birthing space which helped with the positive birthing of my baby even when the birth did not go as planned. The support and advice Joanna gave me was invaluable and I am so thankful to have had her throughout my pregnancy and after the birth of my son xxx

Instructor is Joanna McIntyre

04.04.2019 - Sophie & Simon

My partner and I have had a great time with Hannah doing the full Hypnobirthing Course. This has really prepared us for the birth of our first baby and empowered us to cope with whatever happens and remain calm.

Personally I now feel excited, ready and know I am capable! 

Hannah is so passionate in what she does and it really comes across. She is so knowledgeable and wise beyond her years. She made each session personal to our needs/feelings and went above and beyond. 

Thank you so much.

We would highly recommend doing one of Hannah's courses. 

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

08.03.2019 - Jenna

I attended Joanna’s Pregnancy relaxation classes for 6 weeks and can not recommend them enough! I was terrified at the thought of giving birth and after only my first class I left feeling empowered and ensured that I could do this, better than that...I was built to do this! Her classes were a fantastic space for me to unwind, gain valuable knowledge and confidence in myself and my ability to bring my little boy safely and lovingly into this world. Since my relaxation classes have ended I’ve felt a huge gap in my weekly activities and truly miss Joanna’s calm and reassuring company! I have now booked her hypnobirthing class and will be starting her aquanatal classes this coming week!

Thank you for having such a positive influence on my first pregnancy experience!

Instructor is Joanna McIntyre

06.03.2019 - Mrs A Querelle

Emma was amazing at the birth if my 3rd child. I had 2 births that had needed intervention and was determined for that not to happen again. Emma listened and planned with me before hand and thanks to her I had the birth that I wanted. She was amazing and calm during labour and it was a great experience, I only wish she had been there for all 3 of them.

Instructor is Emma Cornish

04.03.2019 - Sarah & Pod

What a lovely afternoon Ive had with the wonderful Hannah from @reframingbirth on her 'Reframe your birth mini course' which I won at Christmas. We chatted for 2.5 hours covering all aspects of hypnobirthing, relaxation, breathing, how my body works and birth choices to name a few topics. Combined with the knowledge I had already got from The Positive Birth Book and Hannah's website, I feel totally prepared for any eventually when it comes to our big day. It's such a lovely feeling knowing she is on hand to help me with any questions or support I might need going forward and I feel honoured to have my own personal midwife and new friend to share this magical experience with. I would highly recommend anyone to get in touch with her, especially if you have any fears or concerns about birth. Birth is not something to be afraid of but sometimes we just need that bit or reassurance and support. Thanks so much Hannah X X X X 

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

03.03.2019 - Natasha

I am so glad I booked up hypnobirthing classes with Natalie. It was a fairly last minute decision of mine to decide to want to learn more about tools and techniques to help me through the labouring process. Natalie was super accommodating, being due very soon herself, and fitted my husband and I in for private classes over 2 weeks to ensure we could complete the course in advance to her having her little one!
During the sessions I not only felt that I learnt techniques that could help during birth, but also more information about pregnancy, labour and my own body in general. Natalie created such a calm and relaxed environment that I found my husband and I were also able to open up and address alot of our questions, concerns and decisions regarding what we both wanted related to birth in an open and free from judgement environment. Our discussions often extended long into the night following Natalie's sessions - I don't think we would of even thought of some of the points raised without her.
Having welcomed my son into the world via emergency caesarean in January, I can honestly say, despite nothing going to plan and having an alternative to my ideal birth, I was able to employ some of the techniques learnt even in the high alert situation we found ourselves in.
Thank you doesn't quite cut it! – Natasha

Instructor is Natalie Stringer

02.03.2019 - Sam

I attended Joanna's pregnancy relaxation course and highly recommend. I found it such a valuable space to discuss, learn and most importantly relax. The breathing techniques, guided relaxation and visualisation have helped me to prepare for birth and complimented my weekly pregnancy yoga class too. thank you Joanna! great knowledge and a lovely relaxed, positive approach.

Instructor is Joanna McIntyre

25.02.2019 - Laura

I had the pleasure of attending Joanna’s relaxation in pregnancy course and care of the newborn workshop.

I would highly recommend both. Joanna has a lovely calming, compassionate manor. She made it easy to ask questions and put myself and my husband at ease. I will look out for her classes in the future

Instructor is Joanna McIntyre

12.02.2019 - Sam

Tonight I had the pleasure of talking to Hannah from @reframingbirth about breastfeeding. She offered some great tips and advice for a beginner such as myself! We discussed all sorts from positive affirmations and relaxation to how to express and store breast milk. I have found it very educational and hopefully it’ll be a big help to me when Lottie is here now that I know more about what is happening and how to breastfeed. Hannah also specialises in hypnobirthing sessions too which I think is an amazing way to get into the right mindset ready for labour!

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

11.02.2019 - Mrs Y Harrison

Emma played a hugely import role during the birth of my first son. Despite a difficult birth, Emma’s presence was undeniably reassuring. She has a wealth of knowledge, took amazing care of me, explained what was happening to my body and gave me the support I needed. In short, Emma is one in a million!


Instructor is Emma Cornish

10.02.2019 - Jo

I found Natalie through a google search of hypnobirthing courses in Sevenoaks. Once I saw some of her videos and blogs I booked the course with much excitement but with no idea what to expect. My husband especially had no idea and was not initially sure if going along to the courses would be beneficial as he would not be labouring himself. After our first session we were both absolutely blown away with hypnobirthing and our hesitance turned into pure excitement for labour. Natalie was so excited herself it was hard not to be too!! But we learned all about how labour is a real team effort and has really shown us as a couple some amazing tools we can use to have the birth we want. I couldn’t recommend Natalie more, she was so brilliant and it’s obvious how much passion she has for teaching us how birth can be amazing xxx – Jo.

Instructor is Natalie Stringer

09.02.2019 - Miss L Hathaway

Emma, helped my partner and I all throughout our pregnancy. She gave me invaluable advice and was the most supportive woman ever. I would highly recommend Emma to share a part in your pregnancy x

Instructor is Emma Cornish

03.02.2019 - Mrs P Payne

Emma was my doula for my second child, who is now 7. She was incredible! Calm, reassuring, patient, encouraging. I highly recommend her services. My son still has a special connection with her, he’s always been told that she was a special lady who helped mummy when he arrived and that she was there at the very start of his life. they share a lovely bond. Thank you so much Emma!

Instructor is Emma Cornish

01.02.2019 - Mrs L Twomey

Emma helped my son into the world 14 years ago, she was calm, cheerful and so encouraging. Her in depth knowledge was very reassuring, she had answers for all my questions and stopped my husband flapping! I would highly recommend her to anyone. Laura Twomey


Instructor is Emma Cornish

20.01.2019 - Kirsty

A massive thank you to Hannah, I have so enjoyed this course. Hannah is very supportive, informative, calm, approachable and welcoming. She was super patient with me, and helped sort out any fears I have. Hannah always answered any questions and nothing was off limits! She also didn’t laugh or make me feel silly when I had daft questions. I feel so much more prepared and happy with any choices that I need to make in this journey. I would 100% recommend Hannah and this hypnobirth course to anyone. As a first time mummy it’s been amazing! THANK YOU SO MUCH. πŸ’•

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

03.01.2019 - Catherine

I'm so happy I chose Hannah for my Anternatal class during my pregnancy. Hannah is an excellent teacher and made it very easy to understand the unknown for a first time mum to be and makes you feel reassured during a very anxious time. 
Even when I was in hospital at 39 weeks due to hyperemesis and I was due to be induced, I emailed Hannah for reassurance and after several emails forth and back, she then went out of her way to come visit me on the ward and put me at ease during a very anxious and stressful time. I can't thank you enough for the support you gave me. 
You are amazing!!! 

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

16.12.2018 - Louise

After having a previous birth with no idea what was coming and feeling like everything was being decided for me, seeing Hannah has made me feel extremely positive about my next birth next month. Very professional friendly, calming and helpful. I’m looking forward to using what I have learnt for my home birth in January. My other half, also birthing partner, said he felt like he learnt a lot more than he expected as he wasn’t sure what to expect. Thank you again Hannah!!

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

12.12.2018 - Kirsten

Joanna's hypnobirthing course was brilliant for me and allowed me to have the positive birth that we planned. She came to my house weekly and we discussed what to expect during labour, how to remain calm and focussed to allow my body to do what it should naturally. She gave me relaxation tracks to listen to which really helped me to relax during pregnancy while also ensuring my subconscious was preparing for birth. As a result of this course I had a positive natural pool birth which was quick, calm and well planned.

If it wasn't for Joanna's hypnobirthing course then I wouldn't have had such a positive birth. I highly recommend this to anyone who is considering hypnobirthing.

Instructor is Joanna McIntyre

02.12.2018 - Franki & Ant

I can't recommend Hannah for her hypnobirthing course enough. We went for the Skype course due to my husband working funny shifts and it was a lovely relaxed way to learn all Hannah had to teach us whilst still feeling personal. Hannah is very friendly and always willing to help with any questions you have, I had a few! When it came time for me to put all that hypnobirthing knowledge into action it really helped and I managed to use only hypnobirthing techniques as pain relief and also used BRAINS when we needed it afterwards making my birth exactly what I had hoped it would be.It also really helped my husband prepare for his role as birth partner and during my labour he was incredible, he was very sceptical to start with, Hannah worked her magic on him and totally got him on board and now he's a total convert.

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

11.11.2018 - Kora

I had the most wonderful weekend with @thelittlebirthcompany on the Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Instructor Course.

Very excited to start offering courses in The Mutha Hub soon. Thank you for the BEST training weekend. Kora

Instructor is Wendy Wood

01.11.2018 - Meryl

I absolutely loved the hypnobirthing course we attended. The classes were split into really manageable pieces and I felt that the course length was just right to ensure sure time to practice and take it all in. There were also lots of really lovely goodies to help prepare you for the baby.
The place where the classes are held is really lovely and nice and central with parking which is great.
Most importantly - Natalie is a wonderful teacher; incredibly sweet and helpful. She passed on loads of really helpful tips not just on hypnobirthing and is a wonderful resource even after the course has finished. She also has a great voice for hypnobirthing 😊 – Meryl

Instructor is Natalie Stringer

24.10.2018 - Florence

We chose to take our hypnobirthing classes with Natalie at Equilibrium Birthing because we really resonated with Natalie's personal story on her website and her outlook on the birthing experience, we chose to do this even though we lived an hour away! It was the best decision we made, as even though our birth didn't go to plan we had the most incredibly magical hypnobirth, and our son was born calm, relaxed and ready. We still keep in touch with Natalie, and would absolutely recommend her to anyone and everyone, she is truly an amazing teacher and we know we wouldn't have had the amazing experience we had, birthing our son, had we not taken our hypnobirthing classes with Natalie. Thank you so much for everything :) – Florence

Instructor is Natalie Stringer

10.10.2018 - Emma

Just returned from Hypnobirthing Instructor training with The Little Birth Company. They are so lovely and welcoming. I can’t wait to get started teaching my first couples. Fantastic food and venue for the course.

Our learning environment was relaxed and friendly, and I’m loving being part of this community of like minded birth professionals.  

The materials provided are beautiful, top-quality and alongside the teaching content there’s extra information on starting and developing your hypnobirthing business.

I’m also reassured that they are very active online for additional support. Emma

Instructor is Wendy Wood

20.09.2018 - Amy & Craig

It's very weird, like at the time, the skills you shared with me weren't in my mind but especially when they were asking me to relax to put the spinal on, I knew how to breathe to relax the most, and went to my little pool in my mind to get me through the hustle and bustle of getting prepped for the surgery. Very different to how I imagined having to use those skills but so effective nonetheless xxx

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

09.09.2018 - Jo

My vbac with Percy was so intense it was traumatizing. So I approached Hannah about preparing for this one with some hypnobirthing. I could not have managed such fast-paced, intense contractions again without those breathing methods. Plus my relaxation guides really helped me to put my past traumatic births behind me and focus on this one anew. Hypnobirthing...it works!

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

09.09.2018 - Alex

I have looked into different course providers for Hypnobirthing Instructor Training over the last 2 years but never found a course I felt sits right with me … until I found “The Little Birth Company.

The course was an incredible experience, well thought through, relaxing, calm and very friendly. The course providers ticked all the boxes and the support before, during and after the course have been exemplary. The handouts for clients are so beautiful and the instructor manual is simply incredible and a massive help when teaching my clients. I adore the structure and couldn’t recommend the course higher.

Thank you so much Wendy and Melissa!!

Instructor is Melissa Maloney

09.08.2018 - Tillie

Thinking about giving birth is really overwhelming and can be scary, but Hannah explains it all in such a way that it removes the fear and makes you feel fully empowered. Talking through every scenario as well as learning the Hypno birthing techniques allowed me have the confidence communicate exactly what I needed and wanted throughout my pregnancy, birth and postnatal care, from health professionals to family.thank you so much for helping me in the lead up to my second child's birth. I was more scared this time round than last but having Hannah on my team pretty much diminished the fear.

Instructor is Hannah Gerken

15.05.2018 - Amy

I trained with another hypnobirthing method several years ago, but was finding the communication and support massively lacking.

I felt isolated and frustrated so I researched other companies and after a long thought process I decided to join LBC (having considered many others!).

I joined through their fast track option and immediately knew that this is where I belong. Wendy and Melissa are just amazing women....they actually care about their instructors and the programme they have created is just brilliant.

What I have also found wonderful is the other instructors...what an incredible bunch of inspiring women who all have so much knowledge and passion.

I wish that I'd moved years ago but I am so happy that I am now part of this amazing family.

The resources are just beautiful too and the mp3s are just so relaxing !!

Best decision ever!!

Instructor is Wendy Wood

14.05.2018 - Claire

I joined the LBC via their fast track option, I have previously trained with two other hypnobirthing organisations but was missing the sense of being part of a  community, I just felt like a tiny cog in a big wheel.  

I haven't been disappointed, Wendy and Melissa are so welcoming and being part of the LBC is like being part of a family, there is a willingness to be open and share experiences and knowledge that I really like.

As an experienced teacher I also like the flexibility in terms of how I teach.

The materials and branding are lovely and very modern.

I'm really enjoying it so far and so are my clients.

I'm so happy that I made the switch!

Instructor is Wendy Wood

13.05.2018 - Azeeta

Working for The LBC is like a dream.

I was looking for a hypnobirthing company that was heavy on communication and support for instructors, had a beautiful programme for clients and a programme I would love teaching and the LBC ticked every box.

Wendy and Melissa go above and beyond to make sure all their instructors are happy and they also ask for our feedback constantly.

What is the best thing about the LBC is that we all connect as instructors and support each other enormously.

There is only collaboration and love with this company no competition. How unique is that?

Instructor is Melissa Maloney

27.03.2018 - Lorraine

My husband and I met Natalie for our hypnobirthing programme during week 26 of my pregnancy.
On arriving at her beautiful cottage we were made to feel extremely welcome and relaxed and both immediately felt excited about the journey we were about to embark on.

Natalie took the time to get to know us both as a couple and each of us as individuals during the classes which made the experience feel really personal. She shared her own birth story with us and we both enjoyed hearing how wonderful and calm it was.... something you don’t hear very often, if at all!

Natalie taught us amazing relaxation techniques, which we have both found ourselves using in our every day lives and she explained, in detail, the physiology of birth which helped us both to understand and prepare for the upcoming arrival of our baby.
We have been able to write a simple but detailed birth plan with Natalie’s support and feel confident and prepared for all the possible scenarios and how to take control of any unplanned situations that may arise when the big event takes place.

We would like to thank Natalie for sharing with us an amazing programme and look forward to sharing our birth story with other hypno birthers very soon!

Lorraine & Paul

Instructor is Natalie Stringer

19.03.2018 - Jennifer

My husband and I attended Natalie’s group classes in February and we feel so prepared and confident now in the run up to our baby’s birth (Due in May.)
Learning all about our mind/body connection has allowed us to realise that how I feel about the birth going forward, will influence what happens on the day. We had no idea about how powerful the mind was!
Attending these classes were a wonderful way for us to relax and spend precious time together talking about what we want for our baby’s birth and they really helped us to decide what our birth preferences were.
We are now looking forward to the birth so much and are not anxious in the slightest! We can’t wait for the day to come.
I cannot recommend Natalie enough for her gentle nature, amazing knowledge and genuine interest in each and every one of us as individuals. – Jennifer

Instructor is Natalie Stringer