We are family 🎵 is what I always have in my head. When I originally trained something wasn’t quite right. I heard in a private group someone mention this company and I did some digging. They were new and I thought I would message Wendy to put the feeler out there. She was super lovely, totally my vibe from the get go. I moved over straight away and it was seamless and gorgeous from the get go. 


Their branding was beautiful and I really wanted a modern, holistic, evidence based, informed and creative company to be a part of which is exactly what they are. Wendy and Melissa are always there to support you and the team of instructors truly are my little birth family. We support each other through anything and the midwives in the group answer any questions really quickly and will pick up the phone in a jiffy to help. 

The course itself is powerfully brilliant. Shrouded in evidence and information and beautifully wrapped in the most euphoric and hypnotic scripts. It’s a pleasure to teach...I just love it 😍

I’ve seen the @thelittlebirthcompany hypnobirthing work before my eyes with my first ever doula client. It’s stayed with me ever since and reaffirmed why it’s so awesome ❤️


My LBC family 😘

04 September, 2019

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