Baby Jude

Doing Hypnobirthing with Fiona was by far one of the best choices I made throughout my whole pregnancy. To say that I was terrified of child birth is an understatement, I was an absolute nervous wreck and genuinely didn’t think I would be able to give birth.

Fiona is very kind, calm and personable, going at my pace with patience. When it came to it I actually really enjoyed my birth and especially towards the end, when all that I’d learned came into full use. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it and how well I coped whilst using all the techniques I’d learnt with Fiona.

For me having a bikini wax was a lot more painful than giving birth and I put that down to Hypnobirthing and Fiona. Thank you so much Fiona! I’ll definitely be coming back when I have baby no.2 to get me mentally ready.

02 October, 2019

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