Sarah’s approach to teaching was so nice and not at all ‘preachy’ or judgemental. This made for much better discussion and atmosphere to learn and to explore ideas, our worries and hopes for the birth (and beyond!).

Beforehand I was feeling pretty clueless and that I was simply ‘a passenger along for the ride’ – whereas now I have a clear idea about my role and our choices. I am confident in ways to support my wife. It was great to learn about the different stages of labour and birth. T

he discussions in the group were so useful in realising that other’s share similar anxieties – and Sarah provided tools and techniques for unpicking and managing each one.

It was all really enjoyable, and I know we will welcome our baby in a much more calm and knowledgeable way now. The positivity in this room is infectious. We feel so confident now in how the body and baby work together in birth. We found the other course didn’t have such an individual approach- you have really taken the time to understand our personal anxieties and these have now all but disappeared.

I found the NCT class informative. But this course has been informative AND EMPOWERING. The focus there was on pain relief options. Here, we have discussed these alongside the wide ranging toolkit of non-medical coping techniques for labour and birth in the context of understanding the natural processes and what we can do to best support those.

The relaxation element of hypnobirthing is so important. We couldn’t imagine going into the birth journey without having done this in class and at home as our homework.

18 January, 2020

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