I’m a big believer in fate and when I came across the The Little Birth company it was at a time when I needed a new career path and a focus for the future. Little did I know at the time that one of the owners lived just 10 minutes from me, making training more accessible and easy to navigate with two small children. ⁣

⁣I had found such an an exciting and inspiring business and I loved the idea of these two wonderful women coming together to start a business for the benefit of women. The merge of experience from both the owners, Wendy and Melissa with their midwifery and hypnotherapy backgrounds, not to mention how supportive they are for their instructors gave them the edge and I knew they were the training providers for me. ⁣

⁣Of course, the supportive network of women they have bought together to train, the beautiful branding and the name takes a lot of beating and once they had popped into my consciousness they never went away. ⁣

04 September, 2019

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