As a father-to-be/birthing partner, we want to support our loved ones as they go through the difficult process of labour. When my wife mentioned that she wanted to try Hypnobirthing, my mind filled with ideas of incense, yoga, and mental imaginings of fields with flowers and buttercups. How wrong I was!

From the very first session with Hannah, I was reassured that this process was going to provide us with tools and strategies to help us both get through labour. It was informative, honest, and research led, and with Hannah, a trained midwife as our coach, it was refreshing to have an honest perspective on labour. Every question asked, no matter how big or small, was met with a detailed and thorough (and professional) response and really helped us prepare - so much so, we are both (oddly) looking forward to the process.

Hannah has also been a real support, and her friendly manner, has really helped to ensure that our experience has been incredible! I am so happy I was wrong with my initial impressions and would, without any hesitation or doubt, recommend Hannah and/or hypnobirthing to anyone - fathers to be included!

18 August, 2020

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