Emma Bettes

Before we attended Sarah’s hypnobirthing workshop, my husband and I were both petrified of the idea of labour and birth. When we left sarah’s hypnobirthing workshop, we felt calm, knowledgeable, empowered and most importantly we felt EXCITED! Didn’t know it was possible to feel excited about the prospect of a tiny human exiting me 😆 the birth itself didn’t end up following the birth plan we created. Lots of things changed and I ended up being induced, because baby was in distress, but having a birth partner who was equipped with hypnobirthing techniques was the biggest blessing and meant we still welcomed our little girl into the world naturally.

Sarah is the best hypnobirthing teacher.

She has such a heart for every single one of her clients. She becomes more of a friend than a teacher. With baby being born at the start of lockdown, I found it quite hard to stay calm at the end of pregnancy but Sarah regularly checked in on me (virtually of course) and gave me lots of tips on things I could do to help calm and relax my mind and forget about all the scary things going on in the news. Thanks Sarah!!!

Finally, we also attended the Baby Ready workshop and learnt all about the ‘fourth trimester’. As first time parents we were clueless but once again, Sarah gave us the tools we needed and helped us feel empowered. Since baby has been born, she has continued to check on us - understanding that these are difficult and different times.

She is fab and I would highly recommend all expectant parents get in touch with her today!

30 May, 2020

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