Thanks to Hannah, having a baby during this time was less scary and we felt as prepared as we could. Although Hannah made us feel completely prepared for the birth that we planned, we also felt prepared when the labour didn’t quite go as we expected. Although it was a quick and intense labour, I never felt scared and never thought I couldn’t do it. That’s all down to the work we put in with Hannah in her sessions, and the confidence and knowledge she gave my partner on how to guide and support me throughout the pregnancy and labour. Hannah supported us not only through the sessions but was ALWAYS available to answer any questions we had and regularly encouraged us to get in contact with her - especially as Covid was causing a lot of changes to our birth plan and our post-labour journey that we needed to adapt to in the last few weeks before the birth of our daughter. Without Hannahs help our birth story would have been very different and we will forever be grateful for her knowledge and constant encouragement.

26 April, 2020

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