Hayley Southern

We can’t thank Sarah enough for her wise words, knowledge and helpfulness which made us feel so at ease and comfortable ready for our baby’s birth. Sarah has provided a course full of different techniques, learning styles and loads of wonderful information. We have enjoyed every session.

Before starting the course, I felt a little nervous about giving birth. I was excited about meeting baby but knew full well that before getting to meet baby I would be going through an experience I’ve never known. I wasn’t sure of the ins and outs of birth, and only have ever heard horror stories, or have seen one born every minute (which looks painful).

Having finished the course, wow, I feel totally different. I feel now like I have a great understanding about what my body will be doing at each stage of labour. Sarah guided us through the breathing techniques. I’ve since been testing them out in day-to-day life, whenever a stressful moment pops up, and testing them out in my happy place. It has really opened my eyes to the power of breathing. I feel like I’ll be able to stay calm and really focus on breathing this baby out!

I feel very relaxed now and so excited for the day to come to meet baby but more importantly know I can give it my best, using all the tools from the course. It feels great to know that I have the best support from James, who now understands his role on the day to make it as smooth as can be.

Discussions we had after watching the various birth videos were so useful - to see and talk about different births happening in different places (but all very calm, relaxed and positive) really opened our minds to the idea that no matter what may arise on the day everything we have learnt in hypnobirthing can be put into practice.

15 May, 2019

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